• The instructors/coach must show positive leadership, good sportsmanship and demonstrate a supportive attitude towards all competitors, volunteers, judges, officials and show management/staff. Any infraction of the aforementioned qualities will lead to the coach's immediate disqualification*.
  • Instructors/coaches must This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.that they would like to participate in this program. They must do this BEFORE the date of the first MDHT event in which their students are competing. Once they are registered, they are entered for the series. Only one instructor/coach may register with MDHT as the instructor/coach of a specific competitor.
  • Each Instructor/Coach is responsible for emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their list of students competing at each event and what level so that we may calculate their points.  Reminder emails will be sent out but would prefer the lists prior to the events.  Please also have your students list you as their instructor on their entry form.
  • If an instructor/coach has not signed up for the series before the series begins, competitor points earned by that instructor/coach's competitor at MDHT competitions earlier in 2017 will not be counted. In order to receive points, the instructor/coach must be on the premises for the entire duration of his or her student's 3 phases of competition.
  • Points can only be accrued for amateur riders, no professional rider points will count towards this award.

 Point system is as follows:

1st place - 10 points

2nd place - 8 points 

3rd place - 6 points

4th place - 5 points

5th place - 4 points

6th place - 3 points

7th place - 2 points

8th place - 1 point


Points will be combined for the three (3) 2017 MDHT USEA Recognized Events (not including FEH and YEH) and the six (6) 2017 MDHT Starter Trials.  *Instructors/Coaches must comply with all rules stated above in order to be eligible for prize money.

$1000 Instructor/coach with the highest number of points

$500 Instructor/coach with the second highest number of points

$250 Instructor/coach with the third highest number of points

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2018 IRP Participants

andyarmstrongAndy Armstrong
Bascule/Armstrong Equestrian

phyllisPhyllis Dawson Windchase Farm

dianegroveDiane Grove
Cadence Stables

kerryhealyKerri Healy (photo AK Dragoo)

Chiantel Beaumont
Burning Benjamins

Ashley Christian
Woodland Horse Center

Sally Cousins
Sally Cousins Eventing

yvonneYvonne Lucas
Red Moon Eventing

laurenLauren Oyarzo
B2 Eventing

glendaGlenda Player
Playland Equestrian

Monica Fiss
Windswept Stables

Robin Petrasek
Talbut Run Equestrian

Megan Pappler
Bit O Woods Eventing

michelleMichele Wellman
By Chance Farm

AstaAsta Repenning
Cremona Farm

nicolemallottNicole Smith
Welsh Run Stables

natalieNatalie Hollis
Destination Eventing

Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid Eventing

Katherine Rizzo
Forward Motion Training

Kay Pfaff
Cool Breeze Equine, LLC


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