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Pace and Steeplechase Practice Clinic with Kelley Williams

Gain experience riding over terrain and over fences at cross country speeds from Elementary through Preliminary levels. This clinic is designed to help riders gain a feel of the appropriate cross country speed for their level of competition and then to incorporate steeplechase style fences in order to develop the ability to safely navigate jumps at that speed.

BONUS FEATURE!!!!!! Heading toward a fall Classic Format 3 day event? Or maybe you just want your horse to come off cross country feeling a little fitter. We will take a little time at each clinic to discuss a fitness plan for the summer and fall for you and your horse, with the opportunity to touch base and adjust as necessary at each future clinic.

This clinic is part of a series. Other clinics 6/24, 7/28, and 9/30.

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USEA FEH Jump Chute & Handler Clinic

Sept. 21, 2018:  Clinician Martin Douzant  

The clinic is open to horses of all ages, but precedence will be given to horses that are 3 years of age and are currently competing in the USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) series.

This Clinic is intended to be an introduction for young horses to practice free-jumping in a jump chute. The setup will be similar to the chute that will be used in USEA Future Event Horse Competitions.

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