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Schooling Opportunities

Stephen Bradley Memorial Day XC Clinic @ Loch Moy Farm!


Join Stephen Bradley for cross-country schooling at Loch Moy Farm, home of The Maryland Horse Trials. This clinic will be held on the COMPETITION course, which has jumps ranging in levels from Elementary all the way through Intermediate including water, ditches and banks for all levels. This is the perfect opportunity to get a lesson from one of our area's best on one of our area's best competition courses.

COST: $100 directly to Stephen Bradley, plus $75 MDHT schooling fee

NOTE: ALL riders must pay the haul-in/schooling fee and sign a LMF waiver BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR HORSE OFF OF THE TRAILER.

5/27/19   enter on-line

Max Corcoran Clinic


Max Corcoran has a wealth of knowledge and is considered one of the foremost experts on horse management in the world. She continues to groom at events on a freelance basis, and also works as an event organizer for competitions such as The Fork Horse Trials at Tryon and the Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event. She started out as a member of the O'Connor Event team, working alongside Karen and David O'Connor for 11 years, managing their barn. While working with the O'Connors she traveled to the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, and numerous CCIs all over North America and Europe. After leaving the O'Connors, Corcoran also worked as a freelance groom and has served as stable manager for the Canadian and Venezuelan Equestrian Teams. In 2019 she will begin serving as USEA President Elect.

This first unmounted clinic (in a series of 3) will include: Good Program (power point); Conditioning for Horse & Rider; Tack - fitting and correct use; Grooming Basics (what to have in your grooming box/barn, etc). Lunch is included in the price of the clinic. Tentative time will be 9 am to 1 pm.


5/27/19 enter on-line
6/10/19 enter on-line
8/24/19 enter on-line




2019 Cross Derby Winner - Bella Craft

My name is Isabella Craft and I am 13 years old and have been riding since I was 6 years old. I have had three ponies and got my first horse “Sam” in October of 2016. I have only been eventing with Sam for about 8 months. I am so happy to have won the Year-End Derby Award. I really appreciate all my competitors who have pushed me to do my best. We travel over two hours to get to Loch Moy and it is well worth the drive. The owners, staff, and volunteers make Loch Moy a great place to school, compete, or just come to watch and get a bite to eat. I look forward to a great season ahead.


MDHT Cross Derby Team and Individual Series Winners

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and competitors who participated in the MDHT Cross Derby Series this winter. We are pleased to announce our winners for the season!

The February Team Winners were Royal Chaos: Heather Adams & Cold Spell, Brianna Sine & Color Coded, Nicole Smith & Royal United's Chancellor, and Hope Adams & A Fleet Spirit.

The March Team Winners are Ashland Equestrian: Crystal Sorrenti & Money is Due, Amanda Cousins & Art Imitates Life, and Bailey Wilson & Leap of Faith.

The Cross Derby Series Team Winnders are Royal Chaos: Brianna Sine & Color Coded, Nicole Smith & Royal United's Chancellor, Hope Adams & A Fleet Spirit, Britni Riffe and Girls Image, and Heather Adams & Cold Spell.

Our Individual Cross Derby Series Winners are:

  • 1st place - Isabella Craft and Maracato (Sam) (28 points, 6 overall penalties)
  • 2nd place - Brianna Sine and Color Coded (28 points, 10 overall penalties)
  • 3rd place - Izzy Lenk and Ghost (28 points, 18 overall penalties)
  • 4th place - Thomas Vilmer and Justice (26 points)
  • 5th place - Penelope Roesler and Candy Caper (22 points)

Congratulations to everyone!

Cross Derby Series

2019 MDHT Cross Derby Series

Show Date Closing Date Snow Date
January 5, 2019 December 28, 2018 January 6
February 2, 2019 January 25, 2019 February 3
March 9 - 10, 2019 February 25, 2019  

Description of MDHT Cross Derby courses: All rings will have cross country obstacles you would find on a typical competition course with show jump obstacles mixed in. The objective is to establish a rhythm over solid jumps in reliable consistent footing. Optimum times will be posted on day of derby. Poles/xrails through Modified. Schooling session before each division to school over the competition jumps beforehand. We will be starting with Poles/xrails and moving up so as to allow competitors to "move up" if desired. $85/round (includes schooling session) $35 for Poles/xrails.

Poles/Xrails*** 10 - 12 ** obstacles at 200 mpm* (can be led)
Elementary (2' - 2'3") 12 - 15** obstacles @ 275 mpm*
Beginner Novice (2'7" max) 15 - 18** obstacles @ 325 mpm*
Novice (2'11" max) 20 - 22** obstacles at 350 mpm*
Training (3'3" max) 22+** obstacles at 375 mpm*
Modified (3'5" max) 23+** obstacles at 400 mpm*

*The derby speeds are slightly lower than regular XC to incorporate a better flow over the cross country jumps.
** Subject to change
*** Same rider/horse combination cannot enter into a higher division.

Rules: The MDHT Derby will follow the USEA/USEF Jumping phase rules. USEF rules for Cross Country dress and tack will be followed. All Riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmet, protective vests, and medical armband. Willful delay will be enforced. Competitors may enter more than one level but would be expected not to enter their horses less than one level below which they are currently competing. No coaching during competition, but highly encouraged in our schooling sessions.

There will be an audible signal to start. Fall of horse or rider during jumping phase is immediate elimination and you must leave the course.

Knock Down -- 4 points
1st Refusal -- 4 points
2nd Refusal at same fence -- 8 points
3rd refusal same fence – Elimination
Fall of Competitor -- Elimination
Fall of Horse -- Elimination
4 Refusals on Whole Course – Elimination
Skipping or missing a fence - Elimination
Circle will count as a refusal (unless before first jump)
Time Penalty – 1 Per Second Under Optimum Time; 2 Per Second Over Optimum Time
Willful Delay, as defined by USEA rules - 8 points
Leaving course (arena) -- Elimination
Combinations numbered "AB" will be as per Stadium Rules, i.e., if "B" is refused, "A" must be re-jumped on second presentation.

Riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and body protector as well as a medical armband.

Scoring: Penalties in jumping are added to determine placing for each division. Closest to optimum time and lowest score wins. Ties will be broken by the better time
8 Ribbons per division

All horses must have a current negative Coggins submitted with entry.
Closing Date: Entries must be received by the Sunday prior to the event day

  • LIMITED SPACE available. Sign up early!
  • Schooling periods will be offered before each division. Schedule to be posted in advance.
  • $25 late fee will be charged after closing date. BUT entries sent after closing may not be accepted if no room.
  • A competitor may pay $85 and sign up for EXTRA Derby rounds on the day of the show IF space is available. Check in with the starter, then pay in the office.
  • Competition Cancellation – No refund.
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles of any kind allowed on course.
  • We will issue paper pinnies, please bring pinny holder
  • $50 returned check fee.
  • NO unleashed dogs. Unleashed dogs will incur $100 fine and competitor elimination.
  • Ride times & schooling schedule will be posted on the THURSDAY before the show at:
  • Vet and Farrier will be on call.
  • Current Negative Coggins required with entry form. We do not keep coggins on file unless uploaded on website
  • Loch Moy Farm Liability Waiver (below) required with entry form. We do not keep waivers on file unless uploaded on website.
  • USEA Educational Activities Waiver required with entry as this is considered to be an educational activity.
  • In the interest of horse and rider welfare and safety, the weather forecast will be taken into account at or after the closing date. An inclement forecast may cancel the event.

Download Entry Form     Enter Online via EventClinics     Enter Online via EventEntries

Cross Country Schooling at Loch Moy Farm

Schooling at its best!! From Nov - March XC schooling is available on 8 acres of Cross Country obstacles on all weather footing, including ditches, banks and water, as well as the regular xc schooling course.

  • Water, Banks, Ditches for all levels.
  • Wonderful open areas.
  • Cost is $50 ($75 for competition course WHEN OPEN for schooling) per horse and rider combination.
  • Elementary - Intermediate levels.

Our cross country schooling course is open for schooling, by appointment. We have many elementary and beginner novice jumps, in addition to novice, training and preliminary, as well as intermediate portables. Please call 301-514-0111 to reserve a time and day.

Ground conditions sometimes dictate the use of studs. We strongly suggest you bring them along and check footing prior to beginning your schooling.

The COMPETITION COURSE will be CLOSED for schooling until after the July CIC*/** events.

Download Waiver/Rules

Rules for ALL Cross Country Schooling

Call 301-514-0111 to make an appointment to XC school:

  • All signed forms and checks must be in Red lockbox/ mailbox BEFOREyou take your horse off the trailer, or you will be excused from the course!
  • Riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and body protector.
  • A medical armband is recommended.
  • Riders may NOT school alone
  • Please write coggins date and accession number on the release .
  • Releases and a registration form are available by clicking the buttons at the top of this page (will open a pdf form you can print and sign to bring with you).
  • The cost is $75 per horse and rider combination for the competition course (limited) or $50 per horse and rider combination for the schooling course.
  • New marked meter / mile plus Gallop track is $25, included in schooling course fee of $50.
  • Make checks payable to "Loch Moy Farm, LLC."
  • Porta potty available on the grounds. Bring water for you and your horse.

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