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Schooling Opportunities

2021 Loch Moy Farm Greatest Holiday Spirit Award

janelle stewart derby 2021

Rider Janelle Stewart riding High Resolution  Photo credit: Maya Kuntze

2021 Loch Moy Farm Greatest Holiday Spirit Award

Pixel (High Resolution) is a 2008 OTTB. He's Jockey Club registered as Formidable Image and raced 7 times with a grand total earnings of $2,120. He placed 3rd once but had no real desire or talent for racing, and usually finished at the back of the pack. A friend of a friend got him right off the track so he wouldn't go to auction or questionable places and mostly trail rode him until I purchased him in 2015. Since then we have played in local hunter & jumper shows and have been eventing at Beginner Novice. He is part leased to an adult amateur at our farm and last winter we used him to tow us around on a sled when we had enough snow, among all his other adventures. 

Pixel will do almost anything for treats and most of all is willing to put up with my habit of dressing him up for the holidays- he was a very good sport about being the Peppermint Pony for the Donation Derby! I think he genuinely enjoys the attention & was paid well in carrots for all his efforts.


Schooling on the Competition Course

October 10-16

Intro and Starter jumps will be on the competition course as well!

To sign up, please TEXT only (no email requests).

Text 301-514-0111 with your preferred date and time, and the names of all riders. Then wait for your confirmation to come from us with instructions. Thank you!



FEH Jump Chute Clinic

The clinic is open to horses that are 3 and 4 years of age and are currently competing in the USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) series.

This Clinic is intended to be an introduction for young horses to practice free-jumping in a jump chute. The setup will be similar to the chute that will be used in USEAEast Coast Future Event Horse Championship being held at Loch Moy Farm September 16 - 17, 2022.

Something new this year. We will have 2 different options for the jump chute.

Option 1 - Jump Chute Familiarization - 15 minute slot ($40). Includes 2 in-hand through the jump chute as well as 2 jump rounds through the chute. For the horse that has done some jump chute clinics but just needs to be familiar with the jump chute that will be used for the FEH East Coast Championship.

Option 2 - Full Training - 30 minute slot ($80). Horse will practice trot, canter and free jumping through the chute. For the horse that has not done a jump chute clinic or it has been a while.

Free-jumping is a wonderful way to evaluate the potential of a young horse over fences. It is also an effective and positive way to introduce a young horse to jumping without the guidance or distraction of a rider. Not only is free-jumping good for young horses, it is also beneficial for mature horses to keep them quick on their feet and to remind them how to take care of themselves when needed.

Please upload a VALID coggins and LMF waiver on the UPLOAD COGGINS/SIGN WAIVER links on the home page of This waiver will be valid for all of the competition year and coggins will be good until it expires.

Want to Audit? Anyone may audit for $25. This is a great learning experience!

On-line Entry

2022 Winter XDerby Series

Type: Cross Derby

ATTENTION! The January XDerby is CANCELED. Refunds less the $10 office fee will be issued.


XDerby Refunds: Through late closing day - refund less a $10 office fee. After late closing - no refunds, credits or transfers. If there is a wait list, full refunds will be issued to any scratch whose spot can be filled off the wait list.

Show Date Closing Date   Online Entry 

January 8-9/15-16, 2022

12/31/2021   CANCELED
March 5-6, 2022 2/25/2022   ONLINE ENTRY

Description of MDHT Cross XDerby courses:
All rings will have cross country obstacles you would find on a typical competition course with show jump obstacles mixed in. The objective is to establish a rhythm over solid jumps in reliable consistent footing. Optimum times will be posted on day of XDerby. Logs/xrails through Modified. Schooling session before each division to school over the competition jumps beforehand. We will be starting with Logs/xrails and moving up so as to allow competitors to "move up" if desired. $105/round (includes schooling session) $35 for Logs/xrails (March only)

 Level Jumping Efforts Course Length (appx) Speed*
 Logs / Small Cross Rails*** 10 - 12**  TBA  250 mpm (can be led)
 Elementary (2' - 2'3") 12 - 15**  TBA 300 mpm
 Beginner Novice (2'7" max) 15 - 18**  TBA  325 mpm*
 Novice (2'11" max) 20 - 22**  TBA  350 mpm*
 Training (3'3" max) 22+**  TBA  375 mpm*
 Modified (3'5" max) 23+**  TBA  400 mpm*

*The XDerby speeds are slightly higher than regular SJ to incorporate a better flow over the cross country jumps.
** Subject to change


Schedule and Order of Go



The MDHT XDerby will follow USEF rules for Cross Country dress and tack. All Riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmet, protective vests, and medical armband. Willful delay will be enforced. Competitors may enter more than one level but would be expected not to enter their horses less than one level below which they are currently competing. No coaching during competition, but highly encouraged in our schooling sessions.

There will be an audible signal to start. Fall of horse or rider during jumping phase is immediate elimination and you must leave the course.

  • Knock Down – 10 points
  • 1st Refusal – 10 points
  • 2nd Refusal – 20 points
  • 3rd refusal – 30 points
  • Fall of Competitor or Horse – Elimination
  • 4 Refusals on Whole Course – Elimination
  • Skipping or missing a fence – Elimination
  • Willful Delay, as defined by USEF rules – 8 points
  • A circle between fences will count as a refusal. A circle before Fence 1 after crossing the flags is allowed but will count against time. Crossing start flags a second time in this instance only is permitted if space is required.
  • Exceeding time limit – Elimination
  • Leaving course (arena) – Elimination
  • Not going through start or finish flags – Elimination
  • Unauthorized assistance - Elimination
  • Combinations numbered "AB" will be as per Stadium Rules, i.e., if "B" is refused, "A" must be re-jumped on second presentation.
Time Penalties Table  
 1 to 10 seconds under OPT – 1 point/sec 1 to 10 seconds over OPT – 2 points/sec 
 11 to 20 seconds under OPT – 2 points/sec  11 to 20 seconds over OPT – 4 points/sec
 21 or more seconds under OPT – 3 points/sec  21 or more seconds over OPT – 6 points/sec
  • Optimum time (OPT) and course length will be posted for each division.
  • Time starts/ends when horse and rider go through the start/finish flags.
  • Any actions/events involving horse, rider or other persons not laid out herein are understood to be be governed by the 2020 USEF eventing rules.
  • We schedule at 2-minute intervals but please be ready before your time in case we move along faster.
  • 8 Ribbons per division (Prizes for 1st - 3rd)
  • Scoring: Penalties in jumping are added to the time penalties to determine placing for each division. Closest to optimum time with lowest jump and time penalties wins. Ties are broken by lowest jump penalties or, if jump penalties are equal, by being closest to optimum time without going over.

Please note - unsportsmanlike conduct directed towards anyone at any time will result in removal from the competition and show grounds. This applies to competitors, parents/guardians, and coaches.

Entry Policies

  • XDerby Refund Policy: Through closing day - full refund. Through late closing day - credit for next event, less a $25 change fee. After late closing - no refunds or credits. If there is a wait list, full refunds or credits will be issued to any scratch whose spot can be filled off the wait list.
  • Payment should be made by credit card on Compete Easy App when entering any event.
  • Any returned check for extra rounds or other activities will be subject to a $50 returned check fee – no exceptions.
  • We must RECEIVE your entry and payment by closing date. Entries submitted or paid for after closing will pay a $25 late fee, if space is available. Compete Easy does not allow you to submit incomplete entries.
  • LIMITED SPACE available. Sign up early! Our XDerbies frequently fill BEFORE the closing date!
    • We will be restricting the sizes for each schooling and division.
  • A schooling period will be offered before each division. There will be a short arena familiarization before the Logs/Crossrails division.
  • Extra "day of" rounds, if space allows, will be run HC and cost $70. Check in with the starter, then pay in the office. HC Logs/Cross Rails are $25.
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles of any kind allowed on course.
  • Print pinny numbers from Compete Easy app. Please bring a pinny holder.
  • Ride times will be posted through the Compete Easy app.
    • You will get a schedule with the time you will be allowed on the grounds. When your ride is over you can get results in real-time on your phone. Download the COMPETE EASY app.
  • Ribbons will be self serve.
  • Vet and Farrier will be on call.
  • Current Negative Coggins required with entry form. We do not keep coggins on file unless uploaded on website or added to Compete Easy rider profile.
  • Loch Moy Farm Liability Waiver (below) required with entry form. We do not keep waivers on file unless uploaded on website or added to Compete Easy rider profile.
  • NO unleashed dogs. Unleashed dogs will incur $100 fine and competitor elimination.
  • In the interest of horse and rider welfare and safety, the weather forecast will be taken into account at or after the closing date. A sufficiently unfavorable forecast will cancel the event.

In the interest of horse and rider welfare and safety, the weather forecast will be taken into account at or after the closing date. A sufficiently unfavorable forecast will cancel the event.  If Loch Moy Farm cancels the event, a full refund will be given through Compete Easy.

Winter XDerby Series Awards

Individual Series Awards

The top 3 riders with the least accumulated points will win special prizes at the end of the series (December 5-6, January 8-9, March 5-6).

  • Riders must ride in at least two XDerbies.
  • Same horse and rider combination.
  • Can do different divisions.
  • Only one round per weekend counts toward scoring
  • Logs/Crossrails Division is not eligible for points.
  • Highest cumulative score wins.
  • Scoring calculation: Total penalties will be subtract from 100 for each round. For example: A rider who accumulates 10 total penalties during their round will have a score of 90 for that weekend's derby.
  • Eliminations, falls, no-shows, etc. earn zero points. Penalties of more than 100 will also earn zero points.

Team Series Awards

  • Compete as part of a team for a chance to win additional prizes.
  • Teams are made up of three or four riders.
  • If three riders, all scores count toward the team score.
  • If four riders, the lowest score is dropped.
  • Riders may ride multiple horses for one team.
  • Horse substitutions are allowed in the event of lameness, etc. Notify secretary of change in advance.
  • A rider’s elimination does not eliminate the team.
  • The top team gets prizes, including your names engraved on a perpetual trophy.
  • Team must participate in at least two XDerbies.
  • Scoring is the same as for Individual Series Awards. Highest cumulative score wins.
  • Logs/Crossrails Division is not eligible for team points.

Schooling Opportunities at Loch Moy Farm

Loch Moy Farm is open for schooling of all disciplines! We have a derby course (open from November through March), a grass cross country course, a stadium course, and two dressage arenas (standard and small), a gallop track and riding trails as well as indoor schooling.

  1. We are REQUIRING that all riders make an appointment by text at 301-514-0111. Please text Carolyn at 301-514-0111 when you are on your way to come school! Please send, in advance, a complete rider list and how they are paying. Payment must occur before coming on to property.

  2. Indicate if your coggins and release have been uploaded to our website. You MUST upload your paperwork prior to arrival.
  3. Parking is behind the 4 board fense. If your group has more than 2 trailers, please park on the grass lot past the pond down below. Easy access to the hack path up to the XC field.
  4. Should ANY changes in state and/or county regulations be made, we will adhere to them. Abreast of schedule and policy changes at and and our Facebook pages/Instagram.

Payment and sign up can be made through:

1) Venmo   @carolyn-mackintosh


2) PayPal (add $5.00 to all fees) on AND text 301-514-0111 with the schooling options you would like:


  • Derby Course + front XC Schooling Course: $60*
  • Stadium Schooling: $40
  • Dressage Schooling (small and standard arenas): $35
  • Gallop Track: $30
  • River Trail/Hacking: $30**
  • Companion Horse/In-Hand Horse: $30
  • Indoor Arena Schooling: $30

* Gallop Track included in XC fee

** River Trail/Hacking included in all fees

Payment must be made before coming on property. Text 301-514-0111 if you’d like to use a schooling pass or voucher for payment.

We will be tracking everyone entering the facility. Again, you MUST text 301-514-0111 to make an appointment. Absolutely no unannounced arrivals will be tolerated.

If you are still with us... THANK YOU FOR READING ALL OF THIS!!!!  We appreciate your ongoing support.

Loch Moy Farm

Pick Your Test/Pick Your Time Dressage Show

March 26, 2022

Dressage tests $35 each and Fix-a-Test rounds are $50 each.

Loch Moy Farm is offering schooling dressage shows that afford competitors the chance to ride any test at any available time of day. Riders use an online form to select their tests, their ride times, and to submit paperwork and payment. The earlier one signs up, the more likely that preferred time slots are still open. Entry forms are now available!

Enter Online

Times & Entry Stats

Pay Online for XC Schooling

Pay Online for XC Schooling $65 ($85 for Competition Course WHEN OPEN) plus $5

XC Schooling
Rider Name & Horse Name

Pay Online for Misc Fees or Logo Wear (add $5)

What are you Paying For?

Venmo also accepted!

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