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Social Distancing? Socially Distant? Loch Moy Farm is open for schooling of all disciplines! We have a derby course and grass cross country course, a stadium course, and two dressage arenas (standard and small), a gallop track and riding trails as well as indoor schooling.

You can ride your horse while still maintaining your distance - a healthy outlet!  We have made the decision to be open every day and continue schooling at Loch Moy Farm to keep riders fit and ready for when the 2021 competition season resumes.

  1. Although we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE QUARANTINE for the next 14-21 days, we understand that horses and riders have to be exercised. Please take all precautions when in public (including at the barn).
  2. Loch Moy Farm has researched the attendance for our past schooling opportunities (2007 - 2019) and we have not had any schooling days with more than 30 riders on grounds at one time. This means the projected number of attendants should be below Governor Hogan's prohibition on gatherings of more than 50 people.
  3. Please follow the instructions below. No physical contact need be made at the office. We are REQUIRING that all riders make an appointment by text at 301-514-0111, and indicate if your coggins and release have been uploaded to our website. You MUST upload your paperwork prior to arrival.
  4. Should ANY changes in state and/or county regulations be made, we will adhere to them.abreast of schedule and policy changes at and and our Facebook pages/Instagram.

Payment and sign up can be made through:

1) Venmo   @carolyn-mackintosh


2) PayPal (add $5.00 to all fees) on AND text 301-514-0111 with the schooling options you would like:


  • Derby Course+XC Schooling Course: $60*
  • Stadium Schooling: $35
  • Dressage Schooling (small and standard arenas): $35
  • Gallop Track: $30
  • River Trail/Hacking: $30**
  • Companion Horse/In-Hand Horse: $30
  • Indoor Arena Schooling: $30

* Gallop Track included in XC fee

** River Trail/Hacking included in all fees

You MAY NOT pay in person. Text 301-514-0111 if you’d like to use a schooling pass or voucher for payment.

We will be tracking everyone entering the facility. Again, you MUST text 301-514-0111 to make an appointment. Absolutely no unannounced arrivals will be tolerated.

If you are still with us... THANK YOU FOR READING ALL OF THIS!!!!  We appreciate your ongoing support.

Sincerely,  Loch Moy Farm

Pay Online for XC Schooling

Pay Online for XC Schooling $65 ($85 for Competition Course WHEN OPEN)

XC Schooling
Rider Name & Horse Name

Pay Online for Misc Fees or Logo Wear (add $5)

What are you Paying For?

Venmo also accepted!

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