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This is the final lis of riders qualified for the November 2-3 series championships. If you have any questions or corrections, emails us at

The rules for qualifying are:

-The same horse/rider combination must compete in at least 3 starters throughout the year, and must
place 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the starters, at the same level. The level the rider qualifies at will
be their Championship level. Combined Tests do not count towards qualifying placings, but do count toward the
number of starters.


Last Name First Name Horse Level Qualified
Anderson Emma Zeus BN
Baker Edward Chesapeake Nightfall N
Beach Dawn Extreme Velocity 2 M
Beaumont Charlotte SugarBear INTRO
Beaumont Isabella Worth the Wait BN
Beaumont Isabella Will James ELM
Brunkow Savannah Starlight ELM
Carl Felicity Malibu ELM
Chorosinski Katherine Winston BN
Clendaniel Sara Bella BN
Doering Nicole Worth the Whiskey INTRO
Estes Kelsey Shauna BN
Garagusi Charlotte Justice For All ELM
Golus Emma Pajama Party BN
Grant Liberty Timber INTRO
Harris Olivia Strawberry Wine ELM
Hershey London Elektra BN
Kane Sarah Koda BN
Lafleur-Lovegrove Judith Ciao Bella BN
Levering Alex Swizzle M
McGrath Tracey Mizz Indy Cat T
McLean Cara Rain On My Heart N
Miller Alyssa Devon Divine BN
Nalls Raegan Mmm Possibilities BN
Pierson Whitney Supernova BN
Ratliff Merrilyn Keeper of the Stars ELM
Renzetti Annie Luna N
Rizzo Katherine PIPER N
Roby Mary Wily Trickster BN
Smith Lisa #CantBeTobias (aka Toby) ELM
Spicknall Cassidy Lyric ELM
Stanlaske Noah Chesterland T
Turner Zoey Ballerina Girl ELM
Waters George Scott An American Girl N
Wyatt Lily Bento Box BN
Zolet Caitlin Kynynmont's Cassidy N

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