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Winter Cross Derby Team standings through 12/8/19. Click the link to download. Rules are below.Email to report mistakes.

New teams can still be added for the January 4 derby. Teams must participate in at least 2 of the 3 winter derbies to be eligible for the team competition.

pdf2019/2020 Winter Derby Team Competition Standings - December (corrected 12/17)

Team Series Award Rules

• Teams are made up of three or four riders.
• If three riders, all scores count toward the team score.
• If four riders, the highest score is dropped.
• Riders may ride multiple horses for one team.
• Horse substitutions are allowed in the event of lameness, etc. Notify secretary of change
in advance.
• A rider’s elimination does not eliminate the team, but that rider will automatically be
assigned 100 penalty points.
• The top team gets prizes, including your names engraved on a perpetual trophy.
• Team must participate in at least two of the three cross derbies. The two lowest team
scores of the series will be tallied for the series award.
• Scores will be based on penalty points. Lowest total penalty points wins.
• Logs/Crossrails Division is not eligible for team points.

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