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2018 Fall Starter Series Results
(results of competitors completing all 3 fall starter events)

1 Tammy Murphy riding Killian
2 Isabella Beaumont riding Worth the Wait
2 Mikayla Meek riding East of Heaven
4 Tanya Furman riding Sovereign’s Gold
4 Suzanne Konefal riding CMA Posso Volare
6 Heidi Wardle riding Cold Spice
7 Sophia Morales riding Kahlua
8 Bridgette Ringley riding Doc
8 Julianna Simon riding Flashy Miss
10 Sydney Moss riding Dance for Megan
11 Alexandra Busse riding Phoenix
12 Alyssa Bortner riding Little Big Town
12 Malia Gibert riding Wave Acide
12 Meredith Ingram riding Smoke
15 Catherine Mosko riding Logan
16 Blaine Orris riding Eli
17 Rose Leeger riding Bentley

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