Times & Entry Stats

HCS, USA Saddlery MDHT Starter (September)

Adamstown, MD

9/14/2019 to 9/15/2019

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 09/12/2019 05:32 PM

Attention Stablers/XC Schoolers! The cross country schooling course will be closed from 12:30 to 2:30 on Saturday for the YEH/NEH competition. You will be able to school the YEH course afterwards, in addition to what is usually out on the course.

COURSE MAPS for all levels are at MyCourseWalk.com Courses are open for walking starting Friday (the 13th!!)

VOLUNTEERS: We are short on volunteers for this weekend! If you know of anyone who could use a schooling pass and some MDHT swag, please let them know. Sign up at EventingVolunteers.com. In addition to a pass and swag, volunteers get a continental breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner. We have chairs, umbrellas, bugspray and sunscreen. All you need to bring is your wonderful self!

PARKING: Parking assistance will be provided by Madison Fields on Saturday and Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding Program on Sunday. Both of these local charities focus on the therapeutic benefits of interacting with and riding horses. Donations are key to their success!

TIP NUMBERS are due midnight Thursday (as in, going into Friday). This is the list of the numbers we have received. Email horse, rider, division and TIP number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Abramcheck, Carla Perla Dubh N-B Sun 10:12 am Sun 12:31 pm Sun 12:19 pm
Abrams, Luba Huey BNSA-A Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:06 am Sat 10:54 am
Abrams, Ron The Godfather ELM-A Sat 09:36 am Sat 12:38 pm Sat 12:26 pm
Anderson, Emma Zeus JBNSA-A Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:10 pm Sat 11:58 am
Applegate, Tara Harlequin BN-A Sun 11:36 am Sun 01:55 pm Sun 01:43 pm
Astorino, Bethany A Horse NC      
Atkinson, Kathleen Rosemont Drive ELM-C Sat 11:42 am Sat 01:58 pm Sat 01:46 pm
Auxt, Piper Fit of Passion JINTRO Sat 01:12 pm Sat 03:26 pm Sat 03:14 pm
Aydelotte, Jessica Godiva T-B Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:17 am Sun 11:05 am
Baker, Edward Chesapeake Nightfall T-A Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:19 am Sun 11:07 am
Barbour, Lainey Mill Reef Affair (Bravo) JBNSA-A Sat 09:42 am Sat 11:38 am Sat 11:26 am
Barnhart , Ashton Betty Boop BNSA-C Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:24 am Sat 10:12 am
Beach, Dawn Master Magician T-A Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:01 am Sun 10:49 am
Beamish, Julia True Blue BNSA-C Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:58 am Sat 10:46 am
Beamish, Julia Flame of Truth M Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:29 am Sun 10:17 am
Beaumont, Isabella Worth the Wait JBNSA-B Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:40 am Sat 11:28 am
Beaumont, Isabella Will James JELM-B Sat 12:42 pm Sat 02:26 pm Sat 02:14 pm
Belden, Brooke Tough Enough ELM-B Sat 11:36 am Sat 01:56 pm Sat 01:44 pm
Benjamin , Kate Duck Duck Goose JBNSA-A Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:42 am Sat 11:30 am
Benton, Anna Shea Ballet JBN-A Sun 01:06 pm Sun 02:45 pm Sun 02:33 pm
Bimonte, Jessica Goody Two Shoes M Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:31 am Sun 10:19 am
Bivens, Dana Archimedes T-A Sun 08:42 am Sun 11:09 am Sun 10:57 am
Borchert, Morgan Carousel's Carry Me Home BN-A Sun 11:06 am Sun 01:35 pm Sun 01:23 pm
Bradshaw, Brittany Tilt-A-Whirl XC   Sun 11:33 am  
Bradshaw, Brittany Tilt-A-Whirl CT-M Sun 09:00 am   Sun 10:25 am
Brinsfield, Diana Crystal View ELM-A Sat 09:54 am Sat 12:44 pm Sat 12:32 pm
Briscoe, Alexa Zempat N-A Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:35 pm Sun 12:23 pm
Brokaw, Kimberly Milton ELM-C Sat 11:06 am Sat 01:22 pm Sat 01:10 pm
Brokaw, Kimberly Carrick Diamond Johnny BN-B Sun 11:12 am Sun 01:45 pm Sun 01:33 pm
Brooks, Jocelyn Perpetual Optimism SJ     Sun 01:45 pm
Brooks, Jocelyn Perpetual Optimism SJ     Sun 01:57 pm
Brunkow, Savannah Starlight JELM-A Sat 11:36 am Sat 01:54 pm Sat 01:42 pm
Brunkow, Stephanie Luckisback DSG Sun 11:18 am    
Brunkow, Stephanie Luckisback DSG Sun 11:48 am    
Bushman, Anna Start Snapping JELM-A Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:30 pm Sat 01:18 pm
Campion, Sarah Samson BN-A Sun 11:30 am Sun 01:51 pm Sun 01:39 pm
Caple, Jill Take Three INTRO Sat 01:12 pm Sat 03:24 pm Sat 03:12 pm
Carl, Ariel Andy ELM-C Sat 11:36 am Sat 01:52 pm Sat 01:40 pm
Carl, Felicity Malibu JELM-A Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:12 pm Sat 01:00 pm
Carlson, Laura CiCi CT-BNS Sat 10:36 am   Sat 12:00 pm
Carter, Kylie Jinx JBNSA-A Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:26 am Sat 11:14 am
Carusi, Ashley Native River JN Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:45 pm Sun 12:33 pm
Carvalho, Kristen Bombero BNSA-C Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:20 am Sat 10:08 am
Catlett, Mary-Cooke Luck of the Draw T-B Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:29 am Sun 11:17 am
Cecil, Samantha Confederate Silver JINTRO Sat 12:36 pm Sat 03:02 pm Sat 02:50 pm
Chandra, Valerie Abaleen ELM-A Sat 10:06 am Sat 12:48 pm Sat 12:36 pm
Chorosinski, Katherine Winston BN-B Sun 10:48 am Sun 01:29 pm Sun 01:17 pm
Chubb, Alison Missed Him ELM-C Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:10 pm Sat 12:58 pm
Church, Sharon ruffan's run BN-A Sun 11:18 am Sun 01:43 pm Sun 01:31 pm
Clendaniel, Sara Bella N-A Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:41 pm Sun 12:29 pm
Cloran, Devenie Freark BNSA-A Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:30 am Sat 10:18 am
Conroy, Holly Braveheart Romeo N-B Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:01 pm Sun 11:49 am
Cornue, Suzannah Karerra ELM-A Sat 10:36 am Sat 12:56 pm Sat 12:44 pm
Cornue, Suzannah Karerra BN-B Sun 11:18 am Sun 01:49 pm Sun 01:37 pm
Courson, Andrea Itsy Bitsy Betty N-B Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:07 pm Sun 11:55 am
Cowles, K.C. Alexander N-C Sun 10:18 am Sun 12:43 pm Sun 12:31 pm
Crosby, Caitlyn Book of Eli JBN-B Sun 01:06 pm Sun 02:47 pm Sun 02:35 pm
Cunningham, Jennifer Troycen (Owen) BN-B Sun 10:42 am Sun 01:25 pm Sun 01:13 pm
Davis, Alicia Little Bay Corvette BN-B Sun 10:54 am Sun 01:33 pm Sun 01:21 pm
Davis, Emmilie Steeling Kisses JELM-A Sat 11:00 am Sat 01:18 pm Sat 01:06 pm
Davis, Gabbie Sorry Not Sorry T-B Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:25 am Sun 11:13 am
Davis, Susan Halftime Show N-A Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:17 pm Sun 12:05 pm
Dear, Ashley Winning Cool Colors BNSA-B Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:22 am Sat 10:10 am
Denner, Ashley Luxy JINTRO Sat 12:48 pm Sat 03:10 pm Sat 02:58 pm
Digney, Whitney Puzzle Master BNSA-B Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:08 am Sat 10:56 am
Doering, Nicole Worth the Whiskey INTRO Sat 01:30 pm Sat 03:36 pm Sat 03:24 pm
Domino, Katie Galacticalyobvious ELM-A Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:54 pm Sat 12:42 pm
Drengwitz, Rebecca Dawson Creek ELM-C Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:28 pm Sat 01:16 pm
Duda, Katelyn More Ways Than One T-A Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:05 am Sun 10:53 am
Dunst, Madylin Noblesse Oblige JBN-B Sun 12:54 pm Sun 02:39 pm Sun 02:27 pm
Egan, Kim High Street ELM-B Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:50 pm Sat 01:38 pm
Egan, Kim Madeline BN-A Sun 11:24 am Sun 01:47 pm Sun 01:35 pm
Ehlers, Christine Untethered BNSA-B Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:44 am Sat 10:32 am
Ellis, Shannon Royal Alyance N-C Sun 10:12 am Sun 12:39 pm Sun 12:27 pm
Eskeland, Charlotte Vanity Hallmarks Patty "Patty" JINTRO Sat 12:42 pm Sat 03:06 pm Sat 02:54 pm
Estes , Kelsey Shauna JBNSA-B Sat 10:12 am Sat 11:56 am Sat 11:44 am
Felker, Sandy Benjamin Button N-B Sun 10:18 am Sun 12:37 pm Sun 12:25 pm
Ferrin, Anna Tucker's Paradise JBNSA-A Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:46 am Sat 11:34 am
Foose, Zoe Sky's The Limit JBNSA-B Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:32 am Sat 11:20 am
Frascione, Nikki Shenandoah Tricks ELM-B Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:38 pm Sat 01:26 pm
Garagusi, Charlotte Justice For All JELM-B Sat 01:00 pm Sat 02:32 pm Sat 02:20 pm
Gardner, Berkley Chillie JBN-A Sun 12:48 pm Sun 02:33 pm Sun 02:21 pm
Garland, Evelyn Blueball Grey JBNSA Sat 09:12 am Sat 11:04 am Sat 10:52 am
Garofalo, Suzanne Livvy N-A Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:23 pm Sun 12:11 pm
Gilbert, Cynthia Cyber Criminal BNSA-A Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:48 am Sat 10:36 am
Gill, Janice Venetian Cat BNSA-C Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:28 am Sat 10:16 am
Gillard, Ellenor Dusen DSG Sat 01:30 pm    
Gillard, Ellenor Dusen DSG Sat 01:54 pm    
Given, Paige Flybyboy BNSA-C Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:46 am Sat 10:34 am
Golus, Emma Pajama Party JELM-B Sat 12:54 pm Sat 02:30 pm Sat 02:18 pm
Gonzalez, Sarah Rockstar BNSA-B Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:32 am Sat 10:20 am
Grubb, Holly Carousel’s Big Red N-A Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:29 pm Sun 12:17 pm
Gruber, Elizabeth Elsie Otter ELM-A Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:52 pm Sat 12:40 pm
Gustavus, Kyra Tudor Prince JBNSA-B Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:44 am Sat 11:32 am
Hagen, Ainsley Risque S JN Sun 11:00 am Sun 12:55 pm Sun 12:43 pm
Hamilton, Lauren Max's Painted Moon BNSA-C Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:08 am Sat 09:56 am
Hamilton, Lauren Truthful Saint T-B Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:03 am Sun 10:51 am
Harris, Olivia Strawberry Wine JELM-B Sat 12:36 pm Sat 02:24 pm Sat 02:12 pm
Harvey, Katura Fuego INTRO Sat 12:42 pm Sat 03:04 pm Sat 02:52 pm
Haught, Skyler Cup of Joe XC   Sat 12:32 pm  
Hawkins, Hannah Autopilot BNSA-A Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:36 am Sat 10:24 am
Hawkins, Hannah Cavalier Rockstar M Sun 08:54 am Sun 10:35 am Sun 10:23 am
Hayes, Emma Dorito Cooler Ranch JELM-A Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:36 pm Sat 01:24 pm
Henry, Anna Avon JELM-A Sat 11:42 am Sat 02:00 pm Sat 01:48 pm
Hershey, London Elektra JBN-A Sun 12:54 pm Sun 02:37 pm Sun 02:25 pm
Hinshaw, Hope Sheer Luck JN Sun 11:06 am Sun 12:57 pm Sun 12:45 pm
Huber, Alexandria Willy Wonka BNSA-C Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:34 am Sat 10:22 am
Huber, Madison Count Dracula JBN-A Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:21 pm Sun 02:09 pm
Hunter, Madison Jack Sparrow ELM-A Sat 09:48 am Sat 12:42 pm Sat 12:30 pm
Hyduke, Kaitlyn Domus R JBNSA-B Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:08 pm Sat 11:56 am
Jenkins, Ava A Lane JBN-A Sun 12:42 pm Sun 02:29 pm Sun 02:17 pm
Jensen, Ella Hey Mikey JBNSA-B Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:28 am Sat 11:16 am
Jones, Wendy Devon Ridge Dalwhinnie INTRO Sat 12:48 pm Sat 03:08 pm Sat 02:56 pm
Kane, Sarah koda N-A Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:05 pm Sun 11:53 am
Kasper, Avery Double Dutch JN Sun 10:42 am Sun 12:49 pm Sun 12:37 pm
Kelleher, Maureen Pernicious ELM-B Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:44 pm Sat 01:32 pm
Kiff, Laura Bellkis N-C Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:15 pm Sun 12:03 pm
King, Katie I am dynamite INTRO Sat 01:36 pm Sat 03:38 pm Sat 03:26 pm
Kitchen, Avery Hit the Jackpot JELM-A Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:42 pm Sat 01:30 pm
Klawitter, Ellen Jimmy Choo T-B Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:07 am Sun 10:55 am
Klein, Peyton Davinci T-B Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:21 am Sun 11:09 am
Korey, Julia West Eighth Street BNSA-B Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:06 am Sat 09:54 am
Kosofsky, Alexa Above All Else JELM-B Sat 01:06 pm Sat 02:34 pm Sat 02:22 pm
Kreider, Karen Wapz Voodoo T-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:31 am Sun 11:19 am
Kriss Parker, Jocelyn Open Road T-B Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:59 am Sun 10:47 am
Kriss Parker, Jocelyn Roman Attitude BN-A Sun 11:42 am Sun 02:01 pm Sun 01:49 pm
Kuntz, Brittany Vapor Viper ELM-C Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:40 pm Sat 01:28 pm
Lafleur-Lovegrove, Judith Ciao Bella BNSA-B Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:50 am Sat 10:38 am
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo N-B Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:25 pm Sun 12:13 pm
Leeds, Hannah Waverly CT-BN Sun 11:42 am   Sun 01:53 pm
Leigh, Addison Birch JBNSA-B Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:04 pm Sat 11:52 am
Lenk, Izzy George 43 JBNSA-A Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:02 pm Sat 11:50 am
Leslie, Caroline Max Amore ELM-B Sat 11:48 am Sat 02:06 pm Sat 01:54 pm
Levering, Alex Swizzle M Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:33 am Sun 10:21 am
Lintereur, Azaree High Expectations ELM-B Sat 11:06 am Sat 01:32 pm Sat 01:20 pm
Linton, Ellie Count JBNSA-A Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:34 am Sat 11:22 am
Lokken, Claire Miss Believer NC      
Long, Lauren Mosby's Scout ELM-A Sat 09:42 am Sat 12:40 pm Sat 12:28 pm
Luke, Keiko Sidney JBNSA Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:20 am Sat 11:08 am
Malloy, Amanda Maybe Tomorrow ELM-B Sat 10:48 am Sat 01:08 pm Sat 12:56 pm
Mansfield, Angela Amazing Grace ELM-A Sat 09:30 am Sat 12:36 pm Sat 12:24 pm
Markley, Madison Walhalla BNSA-B Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:12 am Sat 10:00 am
Martin, Hailey Mikey Likes It JBNSA-A Sat 10:12 am Sat 11:58 am Sat 11:46 am
Martin, Lisa Barlo ELM-B Sat 11:00 am Sat 01:26 pm Sat 01:14 pm
McCool, Diane Bluegrass Fox Trot BNSA-A Sat 08:54 am Sat 11:00 am Sat 10:48 am
McCool, Diane The Doc Is In T-A Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:27 am Sun 11:15 am
McCormack, Sandy Rain Colony N-A Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:11 pm Sun 11:59 am
McElwain, Claire Que Sera Sera ELM-B Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:20 pm Sat 01:08 pm
McFarland, Katie Mardi Gras JBNSA-B Sat 09:42 am Sat 11:36 am Sat 11:24 am
McGuinness, Kiley Swan By The Road T-A Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:23 am Sun 11:11 am
McKee, Jennifer Flaming Hot Cheeto INTRO Sat 01:24 pm Sat 03:32 pm Sat 03:20 pm
McLean, Cara Rain On My Heart N-C Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:09 pm Sun 11:57 am
McLinden, Katherine Touch of Coco N-C Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:33 pm Sun 12:21 pm
McQueen, Anya Riley JBNSA-A Sat 10:06 am Sat 11:54 am Sat 11:42 am
Meistrich, Annaliese SharpNPretty JN Sun 10:48 am Sun 12:51 pm Sun 12:39 pm
Might, Courtney Unlawfuls Image BN-A Sun 10:48 am Sun 01:23 pm Sun 01:11 pm
Miller, Cierra Denis the Menace JBNSA-B Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:48 am Sat 11:36 am
Miller, Cierra Lady of Mischief JBN-A Sun 12:36 pm Sun 02:25 pm Sun 02:13 pm
Miller, Lara Naughty By Nature N-C Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:03 pm Sun 11:51 am
Miller, Victoria Murphy ELM-A Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:34 pm Sat 12:22 pm
Miller, Victoria Belle INTRO Sat 01:42 pm Sat 03:40 pm Sat 03:28 pm
Mitchell-King, Skylar Artie JINTRO Sat 01:06 pm Sat 03:22 pm Sat 03:10 pm
Monique, Grant-Olsson Bijoux JBNSA-A Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:50 am Sat 11:38 am
Morales, Sophia Jet JN Sun 11:12 am Sun 12:59 pm Sun 12:47 pm
Moritz, Magdalen Gizmo CT-IN Sat 01:48 pm   Sat 03:36 pm
Morris, Sabrina There s No Dispute BNSA-C Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:10 am Sat 10:58 am
Morris, Sabrina Uncle Shaggy CT-IN Sat 01:30 pm   Sat 03:30 pm
Murphy, Tammy Killian ELM-C Sat 11:00 am Sat 01:16 pm Sat 01:04 pm
Myers, Betsy Sambuca ELM-A Sat 10:12 am Sat 12:50 pm Sat 12:38 pm
Myers, Lauren Rafikki JELM-B Sat 12:48 pm Sat 02:28 pm Sat 02:16 pm
Nalls, Raegan Mmm Possibilities JBNSA-A Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:22 am Sat 11:10 am
Neely, Meredith Cherokee CT-EL Sat 01:24 pm   Sat 02:28 pm
Nelson, Libby Autumn Oak JBNSA-A Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:06 pm Sat 11:54 am
Norton, Regan One way ticket JINTRO Sat 01:24 pm Sat 03:34 pm Sat 03:22 pm
Ochocki, Ashley Mighty Moe ELM-B Sat 11:42 am Sat 02:02 pm Sat 01:50 pm
Ong, Hannah CMA Pop Tarrt XC   Sat 10:00 am  
Paddack, Chloe Its Docs Sunny Gold JELM-B Sat 01:12 pm Sat 02:36 pm Sat 02:24 pm
Parks, Mackenzie MOJAVE MOON M Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:27 am Sun 10:15 am
Parks, Mackenzie Iron Will BN-B Sun 11:36 am Sun 02:03 pm Sun 01:51 pm
Parmelee, Brighid Shania CT-IN Sat 01:42 pm   Sat 03:34 pm
Parmelee, Mairead Shania CT-IN Sat 01:36 pm   Sat 03:32 pm
Parris, Kristen In The Mick of Time N-B Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:55 am Sun 11:43 am
Partigan, Kathryn Reve N-A Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:59 am Sun 11:47 am
Pate, Katerina Dekko JINTRO Sat 01:00 pm Sat 03:18 pm Sat 03:06 pm
Peterson, Alivia Midnight Encounter JBNSA-B Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:00 pm Sat 11:48 am
Pierson, Whitney Supernova BN-B Sun 11:24 am Sun 01:53 pm Sun 01:41 pm
Player, Glenda Millie on Air BNSA-B Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:26 am Sat 10:14 am
Pleasants , Amy Dear Darla BN-B Sun 11:06 am Sun 01:41 pm Sun 01:29 pm
Powers, Brooke Buck BNSA-C Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:52 am Sat 10:40 am
Ramirez-Haught, Jamie Alimony XC   Sat 12:12 pm  
Raymer, Christine Clayton BN-A Sun 10:54 am Sun 01:27 pm Sun 01:15 pm
Reid, Cassandra Braddock Street JELM-A Sat 11:06 am Sat 01:24 pm Sat 01:12 pm
Renzetti, Annie Luna N-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:53 am Sun 11:41 am
Renzetti, Annie Harry N-B Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:01 pm Sun 12:49 pm
Riley, Erin Truffles JELM-A Sat 11:54 am Sat 02:08 pm Sat 01:56 pm
Roae, Rachael Sunlight BN-A Sun 11:00 am Sun 01:31 pm Sun 01:19 pm
Roby, Mary Wily Trickster BNSA-A Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:02 am Sat 09:50 am
Roby, Mary Into the Night ELM-B Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:14 pm Sat 01:02 pm
Rose, Paula Lysander's Dream - Xander INTRO Sat 12:54 pm Sat 03:12 pm Sat 03:00 pm
Roy, Jennifer Cloud Atlas ELM-C Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:34 pm Sat 01:22 pm
Ruddle, Kristin Ezekiel BN-B Sun 11:00 am Sun 01:37 pm Sun 01:25 pm
Salvante, Madelyn Vinny JBN-B Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:23 pm Sun 02:11 pm
Santacroce, Antonia Grey Flannel Jacket JBNSA-B Sat 10:06 am Sat 11:52 am Sat 11:40 am
Scace, Anneke Educated Guess JBN-A Sun 01:00 pm Sun 02:41 pm Sun 02:29 pm
Scherschligt, Julia Fifteen Cents ELM-A Sat 10:00 am Sat 12:46 pm Sat 12:34 pm
Schofield, Hannah Fastidious T-A Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:15 am Sun 11:03 am
Shank, Riley Duncan C's Waterford JBNSA-B Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:24 am Sat 11:12 am
Shaughnessy, Helen Lacote N-C Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:21 pm Sun 12:09 pm
Shertzer, Emily Adagio BNSA-A Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:54 am Sat 10:42 am
Sill, Cassidy Morgan Run Mr. Moonbeam JINTRO Sat 12:54 pm Sat 03:14 pm Sat 03:02 pm
Simpson, Madison Wise Thinking JN Sun 10:54 am Sun 12:53 pm Sun 12:41 pm
Smith, Caitlin Crash McNamara BN-B Sun 11:48 am Sun 02:07 pm Sun 01:55 pm
Smith, Sarah FF Newbury Street INTRO Sat 01:06 pm Sat 03:20 pm Sat 03:08 pm
Spicknall, Cassidy Lyric JELM-B Sat 12:24 pm Sat 02:20 pm Sat 02:08 pm
Spicknall, Hayley Jumpin Jack Cash JELM-B Sat 01:18 pm Sat 02:38 pm Sat 02:26 pm
St. Jacques, Emily Pasture Bedtime N-B Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:13 pm Sun 12:01 pm
Stephenson, Elle Field Agent JN Sun 10:36 am Sun 12:47 pm Sun 12:35 pm
Subramanya, Ilana Harry JBN-B Sun 12:36 pm Sun 02:27 pm Sun 02:15 pm
Sumner, Lauren Voodoo Child BN-A Sun 11:12 am Sun 01:39 pm Sun 01:27 pm
Taft, Caitlin Thomas BNSA-B Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:02 am Sat 10:50 am
Taliaferro, Piper Mimosa JBN-B Sun 12:42 pm Sun 02:31 pm Sun 02:19 pm
Tamayo, Sofia Kenlake Resort BN-B Sun 11:30 am Sun 01:59 pm Sun 01:47 pm
Thomassen, Kim Ella INTRO Sat 01:00 pm Sat 03:16 pm Sat 03:04 pm
Todd, Chelsea Keen Little Fiend ELM-B Sat 11:54 am Sat 02:10 pm Sat 01:58 pm
Tucker, Sonja Gustav BNSA-A Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:04 am Sat 09:52 am
Turner, Zoey Ballerina Girl JELM-A Sat 11:48 am Sat 02:04 pm Sat 01:52 pm
Venetsanos, Marcelle Micro Rocky N-C Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:57 am Sun 11:45 am
Wasser, Merrill Socks for Dobby BNSA-B Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:56 am Sat 10:44 am
Waters, George Scott An American Girl N-B Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:19 pm Sun 12:07 pm
Wegner, Sarah Kissin Bobbi BNSA-B Sat 08:36 am Sat 10:38 am Sat 10:26 am
White, Kathleen Chillax BNSA-A Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:10 am Sat 09:58 am
Wimmer, Becca Martini JELM-B Sat 12:30 pm Sat 02:22 pm Sat 02:10 pm
Wise, Nancy Monarts Diamond Lad N-C Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:27 pm Sun 12:15 pm
Wolf, Judi Willow JELM-A Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:48 pm Sat 01:36 pm
Wolfkill, Kara Wild Blue Savannah JN Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:03 pm Sun 12:51 pm
Yates, Claudia Tarquin INTRO Sat 01:18 pm Sat 03:28 pm Sat 03:16 pm
Yudt, Jennifer Che Bella JBNSA-A Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:30 am Sat 11:18 am
Zerbo, Tamara Yosemite (Chivo) BNSA-C Sat 09:00 am Sat 10:42 am Sat 10:30 am
Zolet, Caitlin Trace of Gunsmoke ELM-C Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:46 pm Sat 01:34 pm
Zolet, Caitlin Kynynmont's Cassidy T-B Sun 08:42 am Sun 11:11 am Sun 10:59 am


Sunday September 15: Starter Horse Trial #4
Monday September 16: Show Jumping Clinic with 5* Rider Jan Byyny
Saturday September 21: PYT Dressage Show/Jackpot Jumpers
Saturday September 21: Max Corcoran Clinic
Friday September 27: FEH Qualifier/Jump Chute Clinic
Friday September 27: Jump Chute Clinic with Martin Douzant
Saturday September 28: FEH East Coast Championship
Saturday September 28: FEH East Coast Championship
Friday October 11: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Friday October 11: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Friday October 11: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Saturday October 19: Starter Horse Trial #5
Sunday October 20: Starter Horse Trial #5
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Saturday November 2: Starter Horse Trial #6 & Championship
Sunday November 3: Starter Horse Trial #6 & Championship
Saturday December 7: Donation Derby
Saturday December 7: Donation Derby
Saturday January 4: Cross Derby
Saturday February 1: Cross Derby
Saturday March 7: Cross Derby
Saturday March 7: Cross Derby
Saturday March 21: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday March 21: Starter Horse Trial
Wednesday April 1: Twilight Eventing
Saturday April 11: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday April 11: Starter Horse Trial
Wednesday April 29: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday May 13: Twilight Eventing
Saturday May 23: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday May 23: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday May 30: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 1
Sunday May 31: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 2
Wednesday June 3: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday June 17: PYT/PYT Dressage + Jack Pot Jumpers
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 10: Jump Chute Clinic
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Wednesday July 22: Twilight Eventing
Saturday July 25: PYT/PYT Dressage + Jack Pot Jumpers
Saturday August 1: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 3
Sunday August 2: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 4
Wednesday August 19: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday August 26: Twilight Eventing
Saturday September 12: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday September 12: Starter Horse Trial

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