Times & Entry Stats

MDHT at Loch Moy Farm Classic BN3DE and HT

Adamstown, MD

10/11/2019 to 10/13/2019

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 10/10/2019 07:11 PM

ATTENTION NEH Competitors! Please remember that you are doing the YEH Four Year Old Championship Test. Click here to download. Dressage will be in the lower arena in Ring 4. The jumping test will be on the XC schooling course. You may hack or trailer up.

EVERYONE: PLEASE DO NOT HACK ON THE DRIVEWAY! There are hack paths on both sides of the property to take you up to the schooling course.

STABLING: Be prepared to unload at the barn and then drive your trailer to the satellite parking lot across the street. Only those who paid for camping or a hook-up will be able to park trailers at the barn. Cars and trucks may be parked at the barns. Saturday arrivals, please plan to arrive after 4pm if possible! Some stalls are double-booked from Friday.

BRIDGE CLOSURE: The Rt 28 bridge over the Monocacy River WILL be closed the weekend of the event, so if you are coming from the direction of Poolesville/Boyds or using the ferry from Leesburg, be prepared for a detour of 20-30 minutes. The bridge closes at 10 PM Friday and reopens at 5 AM Monday.

TIP NUMBERS: A list of TIP numbers is here. If you haven't submitted a TIP number, email horse, rider, division and number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.TIP Numbers are due Thursday, 10/10 at midnight.

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Abramcheck, Carla Perla Dubh NR-A Sun 11:24 am Sun 03:14 pm Sun 03:00 pm
Abrams, Luba Huey BNR Sat 02:06 pm Sat 04:58 pm Sat 04:44 pm
Agard, Rose Oberon Van Heiste ON-B Sun 02:00 pm Sun 04:42 pm Sun 04:28 pm
Almeida, Arianna Stella Artois OT-A Sun 10:42 am Sun 01:52 pm Sun 01:38 pm
Anderson-Blank, Cindy MHS Cooley Vegas OP Sat 10:12 am Sat 11:58 am Sat 11:44 am
Ansaldi, Paige Bombay Original OBN Sat 01:20 pm Sat 03:46 pm Sat 03:32 pm
Aurillo, Annelise Rasher OP Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:04 pm Sat 11:50 am
Ayre, Emma Shepard M-A Sat 10:48 am Sat 02:08 pm Sat 01:52 pm
Ayre, Emma My Jersey Boy OT-A Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:42 pm Sun 12:28 pm
Baber, Tana Oakridge Star BN3DE Fri 09:18 am Sat 09:24 am  
Bachman, Kristin Lonesome Irish Dawn OT-B Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:46 pm Sun 12:32 pm
Baierl, Grace Advantageous JBN Sat 12:42 pm Sat 04:00 pm Sat 03:46 pm
Baker, Edward Chesapeake Nightfall TR Sun 09:42 am Sun 01:08 pm Sun 12:54 pm
Baughman, Woods Truly Wiley OI Sat 08:24 am Sat 12:48 pm Sat 12:34 pm
Beamish, Julia Flame of Truth M-B Sat 11:08 am Sat 02:22 pm Sat 02:06 pm
Beamish, Julia True Blue ON-A Sun 12:00 pm Sun 03:16 pm Sun 03:02 pm
Beard, Isabel Leo's Sleek Rascal BN3DE Fri 09:36 am Sat 09:33 am  
Bernat, Sarah Inci's Sweet Vice JON Sun 01:30 pm Sun 03:50 pm Sun 03:36 pm
Berreth, Lindsay Oh So Extreme NR-B Sun 02:06 pm Sun 04:22 pm Sun 04:08 pm
Bezsylko, Anastasia Lunetta NR-B Sun 01:36 pm Sun 04:12 pm Sun 03:58 pm
Black, Maya Maks Mojo C OP Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:52 am Sat 10:38 am
Black, Maya Fe Chardonnay OP Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:48 am Sat 11:34 am
Bolyard, Miriam Quest in Time C JON Sun 01:48 pm Sun 03:56 pm Sun 03:42 pm
Borun, Amy Vitalis OI Sat 08:56 am Sat 12:56 pm Sat 12:42 pm
Bosley, Isabelle Cooley Greystones ON-B Sun 01:36 pm Sun 04:34 pm Sun 04:20 pm
Bower, Shannon Tale as Old As Time BNR Sat 12:54 pm Sat 04:08 pm Sat 03:54 pm
Bower, Shannon PL Quintessential NR-A Sun 11:12 am Sun 03:08 pm Sun 02:54 pm
Bowman, Jean Wahoo Legal PR Sat 08:42 am Sat 11:18 am Sat 11:04 am
Bradley, Stephen Belle De Reve OP Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:00 pm Sat 11:46 am
Broggini, Francesca Cooley High Flyer ON-A Sun 11:48 am Sun 03:06 pm Sun 02:52 pm
Brooks, Jocelyn Perpetual Optimism OBN Sat 02:26 pm Sat 04:52 pm Sat 04:38 pm
Brost, Shelby Bo Brown OP Sat 08:42 am Sat 11:04 am Sat 10:50 am
Brost, Shelby Crimson OI Sat 09:52 am Sat 01:10 pm Sat 12:56 pm
Burchianti, Brooke Eternal Hope OI Sat 08:16 am Sat 12:46 pm Sat 12:32 pm
Burchianti, Brooke Cooley Space Grey OBN Sat 02:08 pm Sat 04:34 pm Sat 04:20 pm
Burchianti, Westley Time to Rise OBN Sat 01:32 pm Sat 03:58 pm Sat 03:44 pm
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Hidden Heights OT-A Sun 10:18 am Sun 01:30 pm Sun 01:16 pm
Burns, Virginia Leo the Lion Hearted JON Sun 01:24 pm Sun 03:48 pm Sun 03:34 pm
Camp-Crowder, Bennett Sheeran PR Sat 08:36 am Sat 11:16 am Sat 11:02 am
Camp-Crowder, Bennett King of Versailles ON-B Sun 01:12 pm Sun 04:26 pm Sun 04:12 pm
Caramello, Dagmar Legal Deed OT-B Sun 10:36 am Sun 01:46 pm Sun 01:32 pm
Carlan, Benjamin Don's Grey Galvin JON Sun 01:06 pm Sun 03:42 pm Sun 03:28 pm
Carlson, Laura Kilkelly See The Difference BNR Sat 01:30 pm Sat 04:44 pm Sat 04:30 pm
Carroll, Aisling Asthore OT-B Sun 10:30 am Sun 01:40 pm Sun 01:26 pm
Cassou, Marina Castleturvin Mungo JBN Sat 01:18 pm Sat 04:30 pm Sat 04:16 pm
Catlett, Mary-Cooke Luck of the Draw JOT Sun 11:30 am Sun 02:10 pm Sun 01:56 pm
Cecere, Kimmy Carrowgar Crannagh Hugo M-A Sat 10:00 am Sat 01:52 pm Sat 01:36 pm
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Vegas Vision M-B Sat 11:44 am Sat 02:34 pm Sat 02:18 pm
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Jungle Gold OBN Sat 12:50 pm Sat 03:30 pm Sat 03:16 pm
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's ROC Steady ON-B Sun 01:30 pm Sun 04:32 pm Sun 04:18 pm
Centeno, Abbigail Andies Candies JBN Sat 12:06 pm Sat 03:42 pm Sat 03:28 pm
Clarke, Taylore Excel Star Challenge Accepted JOT Sun 12:06 pm Sun 02:22 pm Sun 02:08 pm
Coleman, Kate Tallawah ON-A Sun 11:42 am Sun 03:04 pm Sun 02:50 pm
Coleman, William Steam Engine OI Sat 08:00 am Sat 12:42 pm Sat 12:28 pm
Coleman, William Chin Tonic OI Sat 10:24 am Sat 01:31 pm Sat 01:17 pm
Colgan, Ainsley Ginobi JBN Sat 12:24 pm Sat 03:50 pm Sat 03:36 pm
Collier, Charlotte Celtic King OBN Sat 02:20 pm Sat 05:00 pm Sat 04:46 pm
Combs, Mimi Aristocrat TR Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:56 pm Sun 12:42 pm
Combs, Mimi Mindful ON-A Sun 11:12 am Sun 02:56 pm Sun 02:42 pm
Conn, Julia Poet TR Sun 09:36 am Sun 01:02 pm Sun 12:48 pm
Connelly, Denise Cat In The Hat ON-B Sun 01:24 pm Sun 04:30 pm Sun 04:16 pm
Coppage, Gary PICTURE PERFECT OBN Sat 01:38 pm Sat 04:04 pm Sat 03:50 pm
Coppersmith, Annabelle Zenani NR-A Sun 11:36 am Sun 03:22 pm Sun 03:08 pm
Cornue, Suzannah Karerra OBN Sat 01:50 pm Sat 04:16 pm Sat 04:02 pm
Cornue, Suzannah Clear Crossing OT-B Sun 09:00 am Sun 12:16 pm Sun 12:02 pm
Cousins, Sarah Sneaky Rascal OP Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:48 am Sat 10:34 am
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready OP Sat 08:48 am Sat 11:30 am Sat 11:16 am
Cousins, Sarah Herculon OI Sat 09:36 am Sat 01:06 pm Sat 12:52 pm
Cowen, Madison Skyscraper JBN Sat 01:30 pm Sat 04:42 pm Sat 04:28 pm
Craft, Isabella Marcato (Sam) BN3DE Fri 08:54 am Sat 09:12 am  
Crotty, Paige Excel Star Armina Z M-B Sat 11:32 am Sat 02:30 pm Sat 02:14 pm
Cunningham, Kaylyn Ollivander JOT Sun 11:24 am Sun 02:08 pm Sun 01:54 pm
Cutler, Mikayla Reverie M-A Sat 10:24 am Sat 02:00 pm Sat 01:44 pm
Dafonte, Gabrielle Dafonte's peak JBN Sat 01:12 pm Sat 04:24 pm Sat 04:10 pm
Davis, Katie Chico Gris OT-B Sun 09:48 am Sun 01:04 pm Sun 12:50 pm
Davis, Sarah Luckaun Cruising Quality ON-B Sun 02:12 pm Sun 04:46 pm Sun 04:32 pm
Davis, Stephanie Cooley Quality Q OT-B Sun 09:12 am Sun 12:24 pm Sun 12:10 pm
DeWitt, Annie Offshore Cooley BNR Sat 02:00 pm Sat 04:56 pm Sat 04:42 pm
Detwyler, Ella Atticus Finch PR Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:52 am Sat 11:38 am
Dickerson, Gabby Cherished Friend M-B Sat 11:38 am Sat 02:32 pm Sat 02:16 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Je Suis B OBN Sat 01:08 pm Sat 03:38 pm Sat 03:24 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Critical Alliance OT-A Sun 09:00 am Sun 12:14 pm Sun 12:00 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Cheeky Girl OT-B Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:34 pm Sun 01:20 pm
Dillard, Jackson Layla Q TR Sun 09:00 am Sun 12:28 pm Sun 12:14 pm
Dillard, Jackson Elmo TR Sun 10:42 am Sun 01:58 pm Sun 01:44 pm
Distler, Mallory Quality Start PR Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:40 am Sat 11:26 am
Doherty, Kathryn Warrior Spirit BN3DE Fri 08:48 am Sat 09:09 am  
Douzant, Martin Frame Shamrock M-A Sat 10:18 am Sat 01:58 pm Sat 01:42 pm
Dubrawski, Abby Cobble Creek M-A Sat 10:36 am Sat 02:04 pm Sat 01:48 pm
Dugan, Bevin Cape Cal M-B Sat 11:02 am Sat 02:20 pm Sat 02:04 pm
Dutton, Olivia Icabad Crane JOT Sun 11:54 am Sun 02:18 pm Sun 02:04 pm
Dutton, Olivia Iniesta JON Sun 01:00 pm Sun 03:40 pm Sun 03:26 pm
Dutton, Phillip Carlchen OI Sat 07:52 am Sat 12:40 pm Sat 12:26 pm
Dutton, Phillip Quasi Cool OP Sat 08:36 am Sat 11:00 am Sat 10:46 am
Dutton, Phillip California D'Horset OP Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:42 am Sat 11:28 am
Dutton, Phillip Ponti Premonition OT-A Sun 10:30 am Sun 01:42 pm Sun 01:28 pm
Ebzery, Jessica Absolut Cooley Quality TR Sun 10:12 am Sun 01:38 pm Sun 01:24 pm
Egan, Kim High Street BNR Sat 01:18 pm Sat 04:32 pm Sat 04:18 pm
Eldridge, Chelsea Celestial Bliss OT-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 12:30 pm Sun 12:16 pm
Ellis, Shannon Royal Alyance OT-A Sun 10:06 am Sun 01:18 pm Sun 01:04 pm
Evans, Therese Clover Joe OP Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:50 am Sat 10:36 am
Evans, Therese Beechfields Skyfall OP Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:44 am Sat 11:30 am
Faison, Amy Marco OT-B Sun 10:00 am Sun 01:16 pm Sun 01:02 pm
Favre, Leslie Remington ON-A Sun 11:54 am Sun 03:12 pm Sun 02:58 pm
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time NR-A Sun 12:00 pm Sun 03:32 pm Sun 03:18 pm
Febbo, Ally I'mBookin'It TR Sun 10:00 am Sun 01:26 pm Sun 01:12 pm
Fleming, Janelle Big N Broad PR Sat 09:12 am Sat 11:28 am Sat 11:14 am
Flores-Kinney, Zara Elusive Dassett OT-A Sun 09:48 am Sun 01:00 pm Sun 12:46 pm
Fredrick, Leslie MTF High Tower M-CH Sat 11:12 am Sat 02:40 pm  
Frew, Gretel Union Commander BN3DE Fri 09:12 am Sat 09:21 am  
Fulton, Savannah Wild Orange OP Sat 09:12 am Sat 11:38 am Sat 11:24 am
Fulton, Savannah Broken Diplomacy OBN Sat 01:14 pm Sat 03:40 pm Sat 03:26 pm
Fulton, Savannah Anastasia OBN Sat 02:14 pm Sat 04:40 pm Sat 04:26 pm
Fulton, Savannah Wilton OT-B Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:34 pm Sun 12:20 pm
Fulton, Savannah High Seas ON-A Sun 11:18 am Sun 03:24 pm Sun 03:10 pm
Fulton, Savannah Sir Winsome ON-B Sun 02:06 pm Sun 04:44 pm Sun 04:30 pm
Gehris, Susan Watch Me NR-A Sun 11:18 am Sun 03:10 pm Sun 02:56 pm
Geier, Katrina Expialidocious BNR Sat 01:06 pm Sat 04:20 pm Sat 04:06 pm
Gibert, Malia Wave Acide aka Gracie JON Sun 01:18 pm Sun 03:46 pm Sun 03:32 pm
Gilley, Samantha Quite Frankly JBN Sat 01:24 pm Sat 04:36 pm Sat 04:22 pm
Grant, Rebecca Frankly True BN3DE Fri 09:06 am Sat 09:18 am  
Gray, Devon Harley D JOT Sun 11:18 am Sun 02:06 pm Sun 01:52 pm
Gray, Karleigh Rhumba BCF PR Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:24 am Sat 11:10 am
Gray, Karleigh BFF Spy Games OT-A Sun 10:12 am Sun 01:24 pm Sun 01:10 pm
Gray, Kristen Amoral ON-A Sun 12:06 pm Sun 03:20 pm Sun 03:06 pm
Greenway, Sarah LF Jagger OT-A Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:36 pm Sun 01:22 pm
Groves, Elaine Leviosa NR-A Sun 12:12 pm Sun 03:36 pm Sun 03:22 pm
Hannan, Lisa Lowenbrau BN3DE Fri 08:42 am Sat 09:06 am  
Hawe, Jocelyn Cadbury VT OT-A Sun 10:00 am Sun 01:12 pm Sun 12:58 pm
Hayworth, Ashlyn Funnel Cake DRF OT-A Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:54 pm Sun 12:40 pm
Heemskerk, Isabella R' Extraordinaire JOT Sun 12:00 pm Sun 02:20 pm Sun 02:06 pm
Hinze, Nicholas Capital Flight ON-A Sun 11:36 am Sun 03:02 pm Sun 02:48 pm
Hinze, Tracy Little Soup M-A Sat 10:54 am Sat 02:10 pm Sat 01:54 pm
Homeyer, Samantha Dora the Explorer BN3DE Fri 08:30 am Sat 09:00 am  
Horn, Alexis Doctor Jones BNR Sat 01:42 pm Sat 04:50 pm Sat 04:36 pm
Horner, Lexi A Perfect Sonnet NEH Fri 10:16 am Fri 11:35 am  
Ivandaeva, Dasha Kingcarra Cooley Diamond OP Sat 10:42 am Sat 12:08 pm Sat 11:54 am
Johnson, Alice Piedmont Sun BN3DE Fri 09:24 am Sat 09:27 am  
Johnson, Sallie Fernhill DiCaprio M-A Sat 10:42 am Sat 02:06 pm Sat 01:50 pm
Jones, Emma Union Jack OT-B Sun 10:12 am Sun 01:22 pm Sun 01:08 pm
Junko, Meredith Danielle Sinclair NR-B Sun 01:54 pm Sun 04:18 pm Sun 04:04 pm
Kahl, Brooke Nata Montada SCF BN3DE Fri 09:00 am Sat 09:15 am  
Kane, Sarah Koda NR-B Sun 02:12 pm Sun 04:24 pm Sun 04:10 pm
Kantorowski, Maia Kiltubrid Rebel OI Sat 08:48 am Sat 12:54 pm Sat 12:40 pm
Kantorowski, Mikaela Ringfort Swan Song OP Sat 10:48 am Sat 12:10 pm Sat 11:56 am
Keane, Kevin HH Ontario M-B Sat 10:56 am Sat 02:18 pm Sat 02:02 pm
Kieffer, Lauren I'll Have Another M-A Sat 10:12 am Sat 01:56 pm Sat 01:40 pm
Kieffer, Lauren HINDINE M-B Sat 11:56 am Sat 02:38 pm Sat 02:22 pm
Kilpatrick, Savannah FE Painted Black M-B Sat 11:20 am Sat 02:26 pm Sat 02:10 pm
Klein, Peyton Mizz Indy Cat ON-B Sun 01:54 pm Sun 04:40 pm Sun 04:26 pm
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z OP Sat 10:36 am Sat 12:06 pm Sat 11:52 am
Korey, Julia West Eighth Street NEH Fri 10:24 am Fri 11:45 am  
Korey, Julia Street Cruise M-CH Sat 11:42 am Sat 02:48 pm  
Kottra, Katrina Felicity Doll JBN Sat 12:30 pm Sat 03:54 pm Sat 03:40 pm
Kozauer, Maya Rhapsody in Red BN3DE Fri 09:30 am Sat 09:30 am  
Kozauer, Sophia Win a moon light JON Sun 01:36 pm Sun 03:52 pm Sun 03:38 pm
Kozlowski, Carol Cooley Surprise OBN Sat 01:26 pm Sat 03:52 pm Sat 03:38 pm
Kozumplik Murphy, Sara Otta B Quality OP Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:46 am Sat 10:32 am
Kozumplik Murphy, Sara Delta Queen OP Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:36 am Sat 11:22 am
Kozumplik Murphy, Sara We Were Kings OT-A Sun 09:06 am Sun 12:18 pm Sun 12:04 pm
Kratz, Lily Light It Up NR-A Sun 12:06 pm Sun 03:34 pm Sun 03:20 pm
Kreider, Karen Wapz Voodoo TR Sun 10:30 am Sun 01:54 pm Sun 01:40 pm
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Blueprint OT-A Sun 09:54 am Sun 01:06 pm Sun 12:52 pm
Kuczynski, Caitlin Betty Boop ON-A Sun 11:24 am Sun 02:58 pm Sun 02:44 pm
Lafleur-Lovegrove, Judith Ciao Bella BNR Sat 01:12 pm Sat 04:26 pm Sat 04:12 pm
Lauze, Corinne Caraway Gilly PR Sat 08:48 am Sat 11:20 am Sat 11:06 am
LeClair, Joanne Epona's Rose of Tralee NR-B Sun 01:06 pm Sun 04:02 pm Sun 03:48 pm
LeClair, Lance Missy Clare ON-A Sun 11:30 am Sun 03:00 pm Sun 02:46 pm
Levesque, Jenna Imagine That JBN Sat 12:12 pm Sat 03:44 pm Sat 03:30 pm
Lindamood , Jack Rivendell NR-B Sun 01:18 pm Sun 04:06 pm Sun 03:52 pm
Little, Marilyn RF Scandalous CT-A Fri 01:02 pm   Fri 02:08 pm
Loughnane, Megan Flamenco Ping OT-B Sun 09:24 am Sun 12:40 pm Sun 12:26 pm
Mackey, Cyndy Seattle Reign OBN Sat 01:56 pm Sat 04:22 pm Sat 04:08 pm
Mallo, Ali Super Power NR-B Sun 01:42 pm Sun 04:14 pm Sun 04:00 pm
Mannix, Lauren The Wolverine M-CH Sat 11:36 am Sat 02:46 pm  
Martin, Caitlin Silver Dancer TR Sun 09:54 am Sun 01:20 pm Sun 01:06 pm
Martin, Kurt Talbot County M-A Sat 10:06 am Sat 01:54 pm Sat 01:38 pm
Martin, Kurt Space Ranger M-B Sat 11:50 am Sat 02:36 pm Sat 02:20 pm
Martin-Dias, Angel Silk Market OT-A Sun 10:36 am Sun 01:48 pm Sun 01:34 pm
McGrain, Morgan More Than Likely PR Sat 08:18 am Sat 11:10 am Sat 10:56 am
McIntyre, Mariette Port Suez OBN Sat 02:02 pm Sat 04:28 pm Sat 04:14 pm
McKinney, Elle Superstitious FLF JBN Sat 01:00 pm Sat 04:12 pm Sat 03:58 pm
McMahon, Ellyn Copernicus M-A Sat 11:06 am Sat 02:14 pm Sat 01:58 pm
Meek, Mikayla East of Heaven BN3DE Fri 08:36 am Sat 09:03 am  
Miller, Cierra Lady of Mischief JBN Sat 12:00 pm Sat 03:36 pm Sat 03:22 pm
Miller, Cierra Denis the Menace JBN Sat 01:36 pm Sat 04:46 pm Sat 04:32 pm
Miller, Cierra Well Done Son JOT Sun 11:36 am Sun 02:12 pm Sun 01:58 pm
Miller, Victoria Like Magic OT-B Sun 10:18 am Sun 01:28 pm Sun 01:14 pm
Mintz, Leslie HSH Golden Boy NR-A Sun 11:48 am Sun 03:28 pm Sun 03:14 pm
Molde, Brooke Groundwork PR Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:46 am Sat 11:32 am
Montgomery, Justine Modern Art NR-A Sun 12:18 pm Sun 03:38 pm Sun 03:24 pm
Moravec, Cindi Holloway TR Sun 09:18 am Sun 12:44 pm Sun 12:30 pm
Morris, Heather Jane Jos UFO De Quidam NoC      
Morris, Heather Jane Anderboch Flier OP Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:02 pm Sat 11:48 am
Moseley, Kasey A Wild Run JBN Sat 12:54 pm Sat 04:06 pm Sat 03:52 pm
Mudd, Emilie Quite Nice 11 OI Sat 09:28 am Sat 01:04 pm Sat 12:50 pm
Myers, Payton Tekkenistic JON Sun 01:42 pm Sun 03:54 pm Sun 03:40 pm
Nielsen, Adriana Duke of Denver JON Sun 01:54 pm Sun 03:58 pm Sun 03:44 pm
North, Rachael Be Quick Don't Hurry OT-B Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:52 pm Sun 12:38 pm
O'Donoghue, Meghan Kilcannon Kandy Kid M-B Sat 10:50 am Sat 01:50 pm Sat 01:34 pm
O'Donoghue, Meghan Fashionable Man M-CH Sat 11:24 am Sat 02:16 pm  
O'Donoghue, Meghan Lazaretto M-CH Sat 12:00 pm Sat 02:54 pm  
O'Donoghue, Meghan Furst Klasse Fiona ON-A Sun 11:06 am Sun 02:54 pm Sun 02:40 pm
O'Donoghue, Meghan Faldeus ON-B Sun 01:18 pm Sun 04:28 pm Sun 04:14 pm
Ong, Hannah Pirate Captain NEH Fri 10:00 am Fri 11:15 am  
Owen, Sophia Georgia's Sacred Heart JBN Sat 12:18 pm Sat 03:48 pm Sat 03:34 pm
Pappalardo, Silvio He's My Rock TR Sun 10:18 am Sun 01:44 pm Sun 01:30 pm
Parks, Mackenzie MOJAVE MOON PR Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:34 am Sat 11:20 am
Paul, Saskia Colby JOT Sun 11:48 am Sun 02:16 pm Sun 02:02 pm
Peterson, Alyssa R-Perfect Storm FHPD Fri 02:44 pm    
Pitts, Laura Aragon NR-B Sun 01:12 pm Sun 04:04 pm Sun 03:50 pm
Poole, Lyndsay Celtic Forte PR Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:56 am Sat 10:42 am
Potter, Hannah Rolex TR Sun 10:48 am Sun 02:00 pm Sun 01:46 pm
Potts, Jodie Wapiti Byrd OI Sat 09:12 am Sat 01:00 pm Sat 12:46 pm
Potts, Samantha Leonero 54 NR-A Sun 11:30 am Sun 03:18 pm Sun 03:04 pm
Pride, Valerie Favian CT-A Fri 01:10 pm   Fri 02:13 pm
Quinn, Kelsey Ann Dandy Longlegs PR Sat 08:54 am Sat 11:22 am Sat 11:08 am
Redman, Ashley Flying Colors JBN Sat 01:06 pm Sat 04:18 pm Sat 04:04 pm
Risso, Erin Sportsfield Enquiry OI Sat 09:04 am Sat 12:58 pm Sat 12:44 pm
Rizkowski, Dana Free Admission TR Sun 09:06 am Sun 12:32 pm Sun 12:18 pm
Roae, Rachael Alecaura BNR Sat 01:54 pm Sat 04:54 pm Sat 04:40 pm
Rowsell, Leeci Dot Com JBN Sat 12:48 pm Sat 04:02 pm Sat 03:48 pm
Ruane, Amanda Castle's Boy OT-A Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:48 pm Sun 12:34 pm
Rutledge, Cassandra Connect the Dots JOT Sun 11:12 am Sun 02:04 pm Sun 01:50 pm
Rutledge, Ciana Daybreak JON Sun 01:12 pm Sun 03:44 pm Sun 03:30 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Castaway OP Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:58 am Sat 10:44 am
Rutledge, Colleen Confidence Game OI Sat 09:44 am Sat 01:08 pm Sat 12:54 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Global Absolute M-CH Sat 11:54 am Sat 02:52 pm  
Rutledge, Colleen Coherence OT-A Sun 09:24 am Sun 12:36 pm Sun 12:22 pm
Samuels, Kate Felix Felicis OT-B Sun 09:18 am Sun 12:26 pm Sun 12:12 pm
Sargent, Michele Channel of Dreams NR-A Sun 11:54 am Sun 03:30 pm Sun 03:16 pm
Sarnoff, Claudia Papa Pablo OBN Sat 12:56 pm Sat 03:32 pm Sat 03:18 pm
Savory, Kathy Annie TR Sun 09:24 am Sun 12:50 pm Sun 12:36 pm
Scherrer, Nikki ItsJustAGame NR-B Sun 01:30 pm Sun 04:10 pm Sun 03:56 pm
Schliemann, Ann Salt Air Swagger NEH Fri 10:08 am Fri 11:25 am  
Schliemann, Ann Salt Air Swagger BNR Sat 01:36 pm Sat 04:48 pm Sat 04:34 pm
Schofield, Hannah Fastidious TR Sun 10:06 am Sun 01:32 pm Sun 01:18 pm
Schooley, Elizabeth Queen of Spades NR-B Sun 01:24 pm Sun 04:08 pm Sun 03:54 pm
Schumaker, Nanette La Cosa Nostra TR Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:50 pm Sun 01:36 pm
Schwartz, Samantha Pretty in Pink JBN Sat 12:36 pm Sat 03:56 pm Sat 03:42 pm
Severson, Kim One Plan OP Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:54 am Sat 11:40 am
Severson, Kim Arden Juju OBN Sat 01:02 pm Sat 03:34 pm Sat 03:20 pm
Severson, Kim Cooley Criminal Mind OT-A Sun 09:12 am Sun 12:22 pm Sun 12:08 pm
Shilling, Emily Enchanting Class PR Sat 08:30 am Sat 11:14 am Sat 11:00 am
Sigsbee, Joa K-Cosimo SE PR Sat 08:24 am Sat 11:12 am Sat 10:58 am
Simmons, Hannah Ducati III PR Sat 08:06 am Sat 11:02 am Sat 10:48 am
Simpson, Curran RF Cosmos ON-B Sun 01:48 pm Sun 04:38 pm Sun 04:24 pm
Smalley, Jenny Love Affair OT-B Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:58 pm Sun 12:44 pm
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan's Countess JOT Sun 11:42 am Sun 02:14 pm Sun 02:00 pm
Smith, Nicole Royal United's Chancellor PR Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:26 am Sat 11:12 am
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C FHPD Fri 02:36 pm    
Solomon, Sydney Qui Luma CBF OI Sat 08:40 am Sat 12:52 pm Sat 12:38 pm
Speck, Braden BSF Liam JOT Sun 11:06 am Sun 02:02 pm Sun 01:48 pm
Speck, Kaelen Sweet Rebellion OI Sat 09:20 am Sat 01:02 pm Sat 12:48 pm
Speck, Kaelen Charmed Victory OT-B Sun 09:06 am Sun 12:20 pm Sun 12:06 pm
Stalter, Kelly Sammy Jo NR-B Sun 02:00 pm Sun 04:20 pm Sun 04:06 pm
Stewart, Camille Winning Vow TR Sun 09:48 am Sun 01:14 pm Sun 01:00 pm
Stewart, Elizabeth Innsbruck VDO M-CH Sat 11:18 am Sat 02:42 pm  
Stone Bourke, Marley LVS Dassett Charisma FHPD Fri 02:04 pm    
Stone Bourke, Marley LVS Dassett Charisma FHPD Fri 02:28 pm    
Sugarman, Sissy Carmani M-B Sat 11:26 am Sat 02:28 pm Sat 02:12 pm
Sumner, Lauren Voodoo Child OBN Sat 01:44 pm Sat 04:10 pm Sat 03:56 pm
Sylvester, Erin Captivate OP Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:32 am Sat 11:18 am
Sylvester, Erin Game On OI Sat 10:08 am Sat 01:14 pm Sat 01:00 pm
Symansky, Lynn Under Suspection CT-A Fri 12:38 pm   Fri 01:58 pm
Symansky, Lynn RF Cool Play CT-A Fri 01:26 pm   Fri 02:22 pm
Symansky, Lynn SpectraVET Tempranillo FHPD Fri 03:00 pm    
Symansky, Lynn Global Cassero 3 OI Sat 10:16 am Sat 01:16 pm Sat 01:02 pm
Takada, Lisa Monbeg Libertine OP Sat 08:54 am Sat 11:08 am Sat 10:54 am
Takada, Lisa Wishbone OI Sat 10:00 am Sat 01:12 pm Sat 12:58 pm
Tardiff, Megan Vindakova PR Sat 08:12 am Sat 11:06 am Sat 10:52 am
Toms, Francesca Top Secret TR Sun 10:36 am Sun 01:56 pm Sun 01:42 pm
Tracy, Kendyl Bobbie Burns M-CH Sat 11:30 am Sat 02:44 pm  
Trier, Ashley Quality Vintage M-A Sat 10:30 am Sat 02:02 pm Sat 01:46 pm
Trier, Ashley Flight of Fancy M-CH Sat 11:48 am Sat 02:50 pm  
Tuit, Emma Rapid Romero KV BNR Sat 01:00 pm Sat 04:14 pm Sat 04:00 pm
Wandy, Tiffany Andromeda OP Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:54 am Sat 10:40 am
Wandy, Tiffany CV Outlaw OP Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:50 am Sat 11:36 am
Waters, George An American Girl NR-A Sun 11:42 am Sun 03:26 pm Sun 03:12 pm
White, Sharon Cooley On Show OI Sat 08:08 am Sat 12:44 pm Sat 12:30 pm
Whitten, Mandolin Mudville M-B Sat 11:14 am Sat 02:24 pm Sat 02:08 pm
Wildasin, Arden IL VICI CT-A Fri 12:46 pm   Fri 01:30 pm
Wildasin, Arden Apogee CT-I Fri 02:12 pm   Fri 03:40 pm
Wildasin, Arden KINEO CT-I Fri 03:08 pm   Fri 03:58 pm
Wlodarczyk, Carolyn Limited Edition NR-B Sun 01:00 pm Sun 04:00 pm Sun 03:46 pm
Wolman, Margot Ron Juan NR-B Sun 01:48 pm Sun 04:16 pm Sun 04:02 pm
Wood, Ryan Rembrandt CT-A Fri 12:30 pm   Fri 01:55 pm
Wood, Ryan Powell CT-A Fri 01:18 pm   Fri 02:18 pm
Woodville, Louisa Thibaut ON-B Sun 01:42 pm Sun 04:36 pm Sun 04:22 pm
Zielinski, Beth BSF Ducati 696 BNR Sat 01:24 pm Sat 04:38 pm Sat 04:24 pm


Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Wednesday October 16: Week with the Pros - STEPHEN BRADLEY
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Thursday October 17: Week with the Pros - KELLEY WILLIAMS
Thursday October 17: Week with the Pros - MARTIN DOUZANT
Monday October 14: Week with the Pros
Friday October 18: Week with the Pros - CAITI KUCZYNSKI
Saturday October 19: Starter Horse Trial #5
Sunday October 20: Starter Horse Trial #5
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Tuesday October 22: Colleen Rutledge Cross Country Clinic
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Monday October 21: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Saturday November 2: Starter Horse Trial #6 & Championship
Sunday November 3: Starter Horse Trial #6 & Championship
Saturday December 7: Donation Derby
Saturday December 7: Donation Derby
Saturday January 4: Cross Derby
Saturday February 1: Cross Derby
Saturday March 7: Cross Derby
Saturday March 7: Cross Derby
Saturday March 21: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday March 21: Starter Horse Trial
Wednesday April 1: Twilight Eventing
Saturday April 11: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday April 11: Starter Horse Trial
Wednesday April 29: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday May 13: Twilight Eventing
Saturday May 23: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday May 23: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday May 30: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 1
Sunday May 31: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 2
Wednesday June 3: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday June 17: PYT/PYT Dressage + Jack Pot Jumpers
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 3: USEA MDHT #1/Maryland International
Friday July 10: Jump Chute Clinic
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Friday July 10: USEA MDHT #2 / FEH YEH NEH Qualifier
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Monday July 13: XC Schooling on Competition Course
Wednesday July 22: Twilight Eventing
Saturday July 25: PYT/PYT Dressage + Jack Pot Jumpers
Saturday August 1: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 3
Sunday August 2: USDF LMF Dressage Festival 4
Wednesday August 19: Twilight Eventing
Wednesday August 26: Twilight Eventing
Saturday September 12: Starter Horse Trial
Saturday September 12: Starter Horse Trial
Friday September 18: USEA/FEH Qualifier
Saturday September 19: USEA/FEH East Coast Champs
Saturday September 19: USEA/FEH East Coast Champs
Friday October 9: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Friday October 9: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Friday October 9: MDHT #3 +BN3DE
Monday October 12: Week with the Pros
Monday October 12: Week with the Pros
Monday October 12: Week with the Pros
Monday October 12: Week with the Pros

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