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LMF Scoring Test Event


Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 05/19/2020 09:16 PM

We are testing a new online scoring system so there are no paper dressage tests and there is no scoreboard. All results will be available online after the event. Once road-tested, this system will offer online live scoring for dressage, stadium and cross country, as well as a PDF copy of your dressage test.


Please follow these closely, and help us demonstrate that eventing can proceed in a safe manner in our current environment.

-Bring only yourself, your horse and no more than one (1) other person (trainer, coach, or groom). Riders under 18 may bring one (1) additional person in the form of parent or guardian.

-In preparation for the requirements of our USEA/USEF events, we are encouraging everyone to wear a face covering when not mounted. (Face coverings will be required at USEF events).

-OBEY all signs and do not enter roped-off areas. There is a NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN for getting to the dressage arena. The walkway between the upper and lower dressage rings will be CLOSED. (The entrance to dressage warmup will be through large main arena past the scoreboard. Enter the ring and go left down ramp to warm up in the lower ring. The competition rings, #1 and #2 , will be clearly marked on your left. It is your responsibility to enter your ring on time. Turn left as you exit the ring and leave the warm-up arena to the left. Follow the exit signs. Do NOT go back up the ramp to exit.)

-Arrive at an appropriate time – not too early, not late. Give yourself enough time to walk your stadium course, groom and tack up, but DO NOT LINGER before or after your rides. Unless you trailered with someone else, leave ASAP after your ride.

-Park trailers about 30 feet apart. Maintain social distancing when walking between trailers.

-You shouldn’t have to come to the show office for anything, but if you need to speak to us, please be sure to wear a face covering! Most business can be handled over the phone; call Carolyn at 301-514-0111 or Gena at 240-388-2400.

-Order of Go will be posted on jump standards at each warm up arena, as during a Twilight Event. There are no ring stewards.

-You have about 30 to 40 minutes between dressage and stadium, depending on where in the division you ride. We encourage you to do this Twilight-style and ride dressage in your jumping tack. Please make sure to get to your ring on time so that the show can run smoothly.

-BRING WATER for your horse. The wash stall will not be available.

-There will be no event signs at the entrance gate.

-Scores (including dressage test scores and comments) will be emailed after the event.

PRINT or HAND-WRITE your PINNY NUMBER on two 8.5x11 sheets of paper, and don't forget your pinny holder!

Pinney # Last Name First Name Horse Division
1 Burke Jaclyn At First T-A
2 Bailey Angela Sir W Dudley T-A
3 Sherman Molly Winsome T-A
4 Cowen Madison Skyscraper T-A
5 Zolet Caitlin Kynymont Cassidy T-A
6 Smith Nicole Royal United's Chancellor T-A
7 Schofield Hannah Fastidious T-A
8 Hershey London Elektra BN-A
9 Monninger Natalie Not Just Any Rookie BN-A
10 Mullan Hanna Backlash BN-A
11 Senserini Stephanie Monbeg Icon BN-A
12 Secan John Potter BN-A
13 Pellegrino Kristiane Joyride BN-A
14 Wheeley Katherine Say No More BN-A
15 Smallwood Megan Kilronan's Countess T-B
15 Smallwood Megan Kilronan's Countess BN-B
16 Kuntz Brittany Heat Inndex T-B
17 Anderson-Blank Cindy Windchase Starfire T-B
18 Likins Kirsten Smartee Jones  T-B
19 Lawson Anna  Amelia T-B
20 Faison Amy Northern Trust T-B
21 Binkley Janice Gaelic Chieftain BN-B
22 Horner Lexi Vinny Gets Revenge BN-B
23 Cindric Madeline Sweet Soliloquy BN-B
25 Sumner Lauren Outbreak BN-B
26 Archambault Kari Benny the Star BN-B
27 Klugman Ema RF Redfern SJ-T
27 Klugman Ema RF Redfern DR-B
28 Wise Brendan Arwen DR-T
29 Rankin Haley Wings SJ-T
30 Ferrio-Wise Melanie Cosmo DR-T
31 Klugman Ema Bronte Beach Z DR-T
32 Wise Brendan Cosmo SJ-T


MISSING ITEMS - If you are on this list, you owe documents and your ride times are not posted. Submit ONLINE before arrival! No paper documents will be accepted.

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Binkley, Janice Gaelic Chieftain BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Kuntz, Brittany Heat Inndex T $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan's Countess T $0.00
  • Signatures
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan's Countess BN $0.00
  • Signatures


Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 05/19/2020 09:16 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageStadium
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Starfire T-B Wed 06:17 pm Wed 06:54 pm
Archambault, Kari Benny the Star BN-B Wed 07:37 pm Wed 08:11 pm
Bailey, Angela Sir W Dudley T-A Wed 06:01 pm Wed 06:36 pm
Burke, Jaclyn At First T-A Wed 05:53 pm Wed 06:30 pm
Cindric, Madeline Sweet Soliloquy BN-B Wed 07:13 pm Wed 07:53 pm
Cowen, Madison Skyscraper T-A Wed 06:17 pm Wed 06:57 pm
Faison, Amy Northern Trust T-B Wed 06:41 pm Wed 07:12 pm
Ferrio-Wise, Melanie Cosmo DR-T Wed 05:45 pm  
Hershey, London Elektra BN-A Wed 06:57 pm Wed 07:38 pm
Horner, Lexi Vinny Gets Revenge BN-B Wed 07:05 pm Wed 07:47 pm
Klugman, Ema RF Redfern SJ-T   Wed 06:45 pm
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z DR-T Wed 05:45 pm  
Klugman, Ema RF Redfern DR-B Wed 07:45 pm  
Lawson, Anna Amelia T-B Wed 06:33 pm Wed 07:06 pm
Likins, Kirsten Smartee Jones T-B Wed 06:25 pm Wed 07:00 pm
Monninger, Natalie Not Just Any Rookie BN-A Wed 07:05 pm Wed 07:44 pm
Mullan, Hanna Backlash BN-A Wed 07:13 pm Wed 07:50 pm
Pellegrino, Kristiane Joyride BN-A Wed 07:37 pm Wed 08:08 pm
Rankin, Haley Wings SJ-T   Wed 06:39 pm
Schofield, Hannah Fastidious T-A Wed 06:41 pm Wed 07:15 pm
Secan, John Potter BN-A Wed 07:29 pm Wed 08:02 pm
Senserini, Stephanie Monbeg Icon BN-A Wed 07:21 pm Wed 07:56 pm
Sherman, Molly Winsome T-A Wed 06:09 pm Wed 06:48 pm
Smith, Nicole Royal United's Chancellor T-A Wed 06:33 pm Wed 07:09 pm
Sumner, Lauren Outbreak BN-B Wed 07:29 pm Wed 08:05 pm
Wheeley, Katherine Say No More BN-A Wed 07:45 pm Wed 08:14 pm
Wise, Brendan Cosmo SJ-T   Wed 06:51 pm
Wise, Brendan Arwen DR-T Wed 05:53 pm  
Zolet, Caitlin Kynymont Cassidy T-A Wed 06:25 pm Wed 07:03 pm

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