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Times & Entry Stats

The Maryland Horse Trials II

Adamstown, MD

7/10/2020 to 7/12/2020

Signatures: Be sure you are using the NEW 2020 USEF Waiver and the new USEF Entry Agreement. These are two separate documents.

Waiver: This is the NEW 2020 Loch Moy Farm Waiver.

Missing Items: The event is confirmed! Any outstanding payments are due by closing date. Missing paperwork and association numbers will be due by Sunday, July 5 to avoid the Missing Items Fee.

INCOMPLETE ENTRIES WILL NOT RECEIVE RIDE TIMES! No Exceptions. Your entry must be complete by Wednesday, July 8. Your times will not be released until we have all your items.

STABLING: Everyone who requested a stall at Loch Moy now has one on site. Tentative stall charts will be posted July 8.

Entry Status as of 07/08/2020 06:08 PM

We have a lot of paperwork to input, so you entry may still show as incomplete. Don't forget, there are three (3) waivers! The USEF Waiver, the USEF Entry Agreement and the Loch Moy Farm Participant Agreement. See above for links.

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Abrams, Luba Huey BNR $0.00   Complete  
Aharoni, Arielle Chumley YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Alexander, Darrah Shirsheen Du Carel OP $0.00   Complete Roosevelt and Sanger
Allen, Shannon KD Mac NR $0.00   Complete  
Almeida, Arianna Rhein Aflame PR $0.00   Complete  
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Star Fire ON $0.00   Complete  
Andrews, Caroline C V's Monster Man BNR $0.00   Complete  
Ansaldi, Paige Bombay Original NR $0.00   Complete  
Attick, Colton Operation Smile JON $0.00   Complete  
Baber, Tana Oakridge Star NR $0.00   Complete  
Bacino, Marissa Stretch Four NR $0.00   Complete  
Baker, Riley Diamond Rio BNR $0.00   Complete  
Ballhaus, Brooke Beverly's Bebop MOD $0.00   Complete  
Barnhard, Jennifer Winsome Maverick ON $0.00   Complete  
Baughman, Woods AJ's Little Man ON $0.00   Complete  
Bayley, Brooke Tactical Adventure OBN $250.00   Waitlist  
Bayley, Brooke CH Farms Teddy OBN $250.00   Waitlist  
Bayley, Brooke Unbroken PR $0.00   Complete  
Bayley, Brooke Lotos PR $0.00   Complete  
Beach, Dawn Master Magician OT $0.00   Complete  
Beach, Macy Chasing Moonlight PR $0.00   Complete  
Beamish, Julia True Blue ON $0.00   Complete  
Beddow, Isabella Stormin Jerry NR $0.00   Complete  
Beebe, Laura Dealt A Lucky Hand OBN $0.00   Complete  
Bernat, Sarah Inci's Sweet Vice JON $0.00   Complete  
Berreth, Lindsay Oh So Extreme NR $0.00   Complete  
Biddle, Jane Cadenza Aria JON $0.00   Complete  
Biggs-Penton, Jessalyn Winston NR $20.00   Complete  
Bomse, Emma Unexpected Moxie JBN $0.00   Complete  
Bortuzzo, Elzabeth Royal Archie OP $308.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Bortuzzo, Elzabeth Belongs to Teufer OI $308.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Borun, Amy Vitalis OP $0.00   Complete  
Bourke, Tim Excel Sol Quality ON $325.00
  • Coggins
Bourke, Tim Lennard OP $383.00
  • Coggins
Brady, Clare Goodness Gracious JON $0.00   Complete  
Broggini, Francesca Cooley High Flyer OT $0.00   Complete  
Broggini, Francesca Esuberanza OT $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Clarissa Aristocrat NR $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Amy HHS Tiger Lily ON $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Horse USEA
  • Waiver Form
Bryner, Matthew Nile Gold ON $89.50
  • Deposits
Bryner, Matthew Va Va Voom OI $50.00
  • Deposits
Buchanan, Cindy Fabby Abbey ON $0.00   Complete  
Buchanan, Cindy Rolling Rocker OT $0.00   Complete  
Buchanan, Audrey Dove NR $0.00   Complete  
Buchanan, Maggie 3,2,1, Blastoff TR $0.00   Complete  
Bull, Judy Manos de Piedra NR $0.00   Complete Michelle Bull : on ground sta
Bull, Michelle Eloise TR $0.00   Complete Stabling with Judy Bull/Perman
Burke, Jaclyn At First YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Liftoff OBN $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Hidden Heights PR $308.00   Waitlist  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Bellefleur Z OT $0.00   Complete  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Coolrock Wacko Jacko OT $0.00   Complete  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Royal Diamond II OT $0.00   Complete  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Capitol HIM OI $0.00   Complete  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Lukeswell OI $0.00   Complete  
Burnett, Hannah Sue Harbour Pilot OI $0.00   Complete  
Burns, Elizabeth Leo the Lion Hearted JBN $0.00   Complete  
Busse, Alexandra Ataraxia JBN $0.00   Complete  
Byyny, Jan Beautiful Storm ON $0.00   Complete  
Byyny, Jan Jinshallah (Gino) ON $0.00   Complete  
Callahan, Elizabeth Merlin MOD $0.00   Complete  
Campisi, Jessica Sonnythenavigator BNR -$75.00   Complete Pappler, Heljenek
Carroll, Aisling Asthore OP $0.00   Complete  
Carson, Aimee MHF Christine BNR $0.00   Complete  
Carspecken, Haley Capital Quality YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Carvalho, Kristen Bombero BNR $0.00   Complete  
Cassou, Marina Castleturvin Mungo JON $0.00   Complete  
Catallozzi, Trisha Asbury Park NEH $0.00   Complete  
Catallozzi, Trisha Asbury Park BNR $0.00   Complete  
Cecere, Kimmy Carbon Copy Z YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Moonstruck YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Jungle's Gold YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Cecere, Kimmy Bishop de Selah OI $0.00   Complete  
Chadderton, Kate Crazy For Calypso ON $25.00   Waitlist  
Chadderton, Kate FF Valour OP $25.00   Waitlist  
Chantler, Madeline Monster JBN $0.00   Complete  
Chinana, Maya POPSTAR ON $0.00   Complete  
Chumley, Lauren Atlanta B PR $0.00   Complete  
Chumley, Lauren Scheherazade OBN $0.00   Complete  
Church, Sharon Rose and Crown OP $0.00   Complete  
Clark, Grace Di Saronna MF BNR $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Tiraboschi ON $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Greenhall Master Cruise ON $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Butts Arthur YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Limelight LF YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel MW Gangster's Game OI $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Mastermind ON $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Greek Empire OI $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Sportsfield All Out ON $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Et Cetera ON $0.00   Complete  
Cochrane, Annemarie Where'd It Go NR $0.00   Complete Firefly Farm, Nancy Ligon, San
Coile, Kelly Soul Rebel OT $0.00   Waitlist  
Connelly, Morgan FireFly MOD $0.00   Complete  
Conrad, Alexander Malibu Preacher OP $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Incomplete Ashley MacVaugh and other hors
Cooper, Courtney R River Star OP $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Time to Shine OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Double Clover OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 YEH4 -$105.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Fair Play OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Renaissance YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Hunting Stars YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Tick Tock YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star First Class OT $0.00   Complete  
Cordell, Stephanie Codename Toby MOD $0.00   Complete  
Cornue, Suzannah Clear Crossing MOD $0.00   Complete  
Corun, Kaelyn Lion JBN $0.00   Complete  
Cosenza, Ashley Mason's Dream JBN $0.00   Complete  
Cousins, Sarah Wizard OI $0.00   Complete  
Cousins, Sarah Truly Wiley OI $0.00   Complete  
Coutley, Raymond Navier Stokes TR $0.00   Complete  
Coutley, Raymond Quebracho Z NR $0.00   Complete  
Covey, Holly Tully Cross Hamish TR $0.00   Complete  
Craft, Isabella WallE's World JBN $0.00   Complete  
Curry, Laurel Little Miss Memphis JON $0.00   Complete  
Custer, Angela Calle MOD $0.00   Complete Aiken Bach Event Team, Mikki K
Cutler, Mikayla Reverie PR $0.00   Complete  
Dafonte, Gabrielle Dafonte's Peak JBN $0.00   Complete  
Darr, Elizabeth Penelope NR $0.00   Complete  
Davenport, Lindy Allie PR $0.00   Complete  
Davis, Elisabeth Glendale's Katie Belle JBN $0.00   Complete Firefly Nancy Ligon
Davis, Josephine Brick Haus JON $0.00   Complete Firefly Nancy Ligon
DeSantis, Joe Frame D'Arenberg NEH $0.00   Complete  
DeWitt, Annie Offshore Cooley NR $0.00   Complete  
Dean, Jillian Launch JOT $0.00   Complete  
Decker, Skyler HHS Iris OP $0.00   Complete  
Depoe, Charlotte Suspended Moon JBN $0.00   Complete  
Devening, Olivia Maximus JON $0.00   Complete  
Dickerson, Gabby Kayan OT $250.00
  • Coggins
Dickerson, Gabby Kwibus OT $250.00
  • Coggins
Dickerson, Gabby Leviosa OT $250.00
  • Coggins
Dickerson, Gabby Antrax 5 MOD $308.00
  • Coggins
Dionisio, Julia The Last Call NR $0.00   Complete  
Diz, Suzanne Top Gun BNR $0.00   Complete  
Doherty, Kathryn Rocmaster JON $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Monart's Diamond Lad OT $250.00   Waitlist  
Douzant, Martin BSF Stratford NEH $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Daedalus WG FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Jaguar Valor WG FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Fotogenic FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Duggan, Josephine Kildares MHS Tampa OP $0.00   Complete in finemore tack stall
Dutton, Phillip Lincoln's Address YEH4 $123.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Eller, Evelyn SAS Mojo Rising NR $0.00   Complete  
Ellis, Shannon Royal Alyance MOD $0.00   Complete  
Englehardt, Will WEC Emperor of Hope TR $0.00   Complete  
Ennis, Jules Shars Dancer OT $0.00   Complete  
Ennis, Jules Cooley O OI $0.00   Complete  
Espada, Ivan Arden Janeway FEH1 $0.00   Complete  
Espada, Ivan Arden Calliope FEH2 $0.00   Complete  
Estep, Nicole Wilson ON $0.00   Complete  
Estes , Kelsey Shauna JON $0.00   Complete  
Faison, Amy Northern Trust ON $0.00   Complete  
Finemore, Isabel Heartbeat OP $0.00   Complete Isabel Finemore (other horse)
Finemore, Isabel Rutherglen OI -$75.00   Complete Booli Selmayr
Fisher, Hannah Ethan JON $0.00   Complete  
Fiss, Monica Don't Blink MOD $0.00   Complete  
Fiss, Monica Malibu Rock OI $0.00   Complete  
Fiss, Monica Utah Beach FEH1 $0.00   Complete  
Fitzhugh, Anna Loreto OP $0.00   Complete  
Fitzhugh, Anna Decision Time ON $0.00   Complete  
Fitzhugh, Anna Joker's Win OP $0.00   Complete  
Fitzhugh, Alice Sand Dollar BNR $0.00   Complete  
Fleming, Janelle Rizzo ON $0.00   Complete  
Follain, Kelly Rhythm and Blues NR $0.00   Complete  
Foltz, Abby Absolute Zero ON $0.00   Complete  
Forsyth, Micaela Southern Comfort NR $0.00   Complete  
Forsyth, Micaela Silver Surfer FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Fredrick, Leslie MTF High Tower MOD $0.00   Complete  
Frew, Gretel Union Commander JON $0.00   Complete  
Fulmer, Abigail State of Reverence NR $0.00   Complete  
Fulton, Stephen Raniki OBN $0.00   Complete  
Gallagher, Susan Chacco Chip TR $0.00   Complete  
Gardiner, Megan Red E. Freddy ON $200.00
  • Deposits
Incomplete away frm other Gardiner horses
Gardiner, Amanda Miller's Law JON $200.00
  • Deposits
Gardiner, Amanda Prinz S.W. JOT $0.00   Complete  
Gardner, Berkley Chillie NR $0.00   Complete  
Gehris, Susan Watch Me NR $0.00   Complete  
Gendal, Lila Reginald McDougal OT $0.00
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
Incomplete hartosck
Genkinger, Faith Soup of the Day BNR $0.00   Complete  
Gentry, Jocelyn Ballyengland Crafty ON $20.00
  • Coggins
Incomplete Gentry Sport Horses/Jebb Simps
Ghadban, Mary Ann Capture the Spirit NR $0.00   Complete  
Gilley, Samantha Senatro BNR $0.00   Complete  
Gingerich, Ashley Consider It Done YEH4 -$25.00   Complete  
Goldfarb, Margo Gusto ON $0.00   Complete  
Goodall, David Indian Creek Queen JON $0.00   Complete  
Graeser, Emily Puff Piece OBN $0.00   Complete  
Grant-Olsson, Monique Warpath JON $0.00   Complete  
Grassie Fay, Maisy Celtic Murmuration FEH2 $0.00   Complete  
Grassie Fay, Maisy Irish Roadie MOD $0.00   Waitlist  
Green, Jennifer Rebel Yell BNR $0.00   Complete  
Greene, Sunny Flinders Chase OT $0.00   Complete  
Greenleaf, Holly Jenn's Bellaboo TR $0.00   Complete  
Grice, Rachael Killer Queen BNR $0.00   Complete  
Gross, Ashley State of Lux NR $0.00   Complete  
Hambleton, Anne Should Expect PR $0.00   Complete A. Conrad/Malibu Preacher
Hannan, Lisa Lowenbrau ON $0.00   Complete  
Hansen, Kathryn Social Code MOD $0.00   Complete  
Harper, Abigail McKinley NR $0.00   Complete  
Hart, Danielle Legendary Man OT $325.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
Hartsock, Madeline Tullabeg Tango PR $0.00   Complete  
Hartsock, Madeline Global Innocenzo DHI MOD $0.00   Complete  
Haspel-Soares, Tzur Ronin JBN $0.00   Complete megan kepferle
Hatcher, Matthew Rudy NR $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Mr Magic Man OT -$58.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Quality Beach YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Hayes, Jessie FMF Liesl OBN $0.00   Complete  
Hayes, Jessie Rivendell ON $0.00   Complete  
Hayes, Jessie Rivendell TR $250.00   Waitlist  
Heard, Lillian Cooley Gentleman OP $0.00   Complete  
Heard, Lillian Dassett Olympus OI $0.00   Complete  
Heard, Lillian Cooley Greystones OT $0.00   Complete  
Heljenek, Kaleigh Political Courage BNR -$60.00   Complete Campisi, Pappler
Hiener, Leah Old Fashioned Love Song JOT $0.00   Complete  
Hogan, Madison OKE Ruby R OP $0.00   Complete  
Hogan, Mallory Clarissa Purisima OI $0.00   Complete  
Hoiness, Kelsey Boom Boom Billy MOD $0.00   Complete  
Holden, Sandra Cano Cristales MOD $0.00   Complete Mikki Kuchta/Aiken Bach Farm/C
Holden, Sandra Sir Samuel ON $525.00
  • Deposits
  • Coggins
Waitlist holden, rosenberg
Hollberg, Matthias Carsonstown OT $0.00   Complete  
Hollis, Brooke Colenomer ON $0.00   Complete  
Hope, Mary Virginia Texaco OBN $0.00   Complete  
Horah, Ellie Et toi OT $20.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Hornbeck, Olivia Tie My Bo JOT $0.00   Complete  
Horwith, Allison More Zen Ready TR $0.00   Complete  
Iacono, Stacy Madaket Road OT $0.00   Complete  
Iorio, Melissa Judge Well NR $0.00   Complete kepferle
Ireland, Christen Florida Bay ON $0.00   Complete  
Ivandaeva, Dasha Triple Crown OP $0.00   Complete  
Ivandaeva, Dasha Kingcarra Cooley Diamond MOD $0.00   Complete  
Ivandaeva, Dasha MHS Instant Karma MOD $0.00   Complete  
Jaeger, Amelia Live a Little JBN $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Kerra Star Quality PR $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Kerra Detailed in Diamonds ON $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Kerra Fly High Quality MOD $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Alice Piedmont Sun BNR $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Kara Olive BNR $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Casey Main Stay JON $0.00   Complete  
Jonsdottir, Alicia My Man Thirsty JBN $0.00   Complete J Gentry
Kager, Lillian Avogadro's Constant JON $0.00   Complete  
Kager, Sophia Little Miss JOT $0.00   Complete  
Kanara, Erin Game On MOD $308.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Kanara, Erin Plouescat Gold OP $25.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Kane, Sarah Knight Lion TR $250.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Kearney, Meredith Lady Rosita NR $0.00   Complete  
Keefe, Rumsey Rock Rabbit YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Keefe, Ryan Jump For Sally YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Keefe, Carlin Hoodwink JOT $0.00   Complete  
Keller, Hannah Cavalier OT $25.00   Waitlist  
Kelly, Marnie Campground TR $0.00   Complete  
Kepferle, Megan Anakin OI $0.00   Complete  
Kiff, Laura Hunter OBN $0.00   Complete  
Kilday, Caroline Coincidentally NR $0.00   Complete  
Kinnamon, Molly Faralli Flame ON $0.00   Complete  
Klemanski, Hayden Tidal Waves NR $0.00   Complete  
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z OI $0.00   Complete  
Knowles, Maya Junebug JON $0.00   Complete  
Koch, Molly Lowhill Toome Diamond NR $0.00   Complete  
Kohr, Steph Jessyalve ON $0.00   Complete  
Korey, Julia Street Cruise MOD $0.00   Complete  
Kottra, Katrina Felicity Doll JBN $0.00   Complete  
Kratz, Lily Light It Up JON $0.00   Complete  
Kuchta, Mikki Special Reserve MOD $0.00   Complete Aiken Bach farm, Next to Bridg
Kuczynski, Caitlin VH De la Noche FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Kuczynski, Caitlin VH St. Kohltrane YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Boogie Shoes YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Kujawa, Domenica Nica's Last Laugh OP $308.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Rider USEF
  • Horse USEA
  • Waiver Form
Lafleur-Lovegrove, Judith Ciao Bella BNR $0.00   Complete  
Lawson, Anna My Amelia OT $0.00   Complete  
Layfield-Insley, Daryl Galway YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Ledyard, Sidnee cocktail Z OBN $20.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
Lee, Rebecca Bradley Cooper OP $0.00   Complete  
Lenk, Izzy George 43 JBN $0.00   Complete  
Leuenberger, Jamie Tough and Groovy PR $0.00   Complete  
Leuenberger, Jamie N'Chantress FEH2 $0.00   Complete  
Levesque, Jenna Imagine That JON $20.00
  • Signatures
Lichten, Katie Sapphire Blue B OI $0.00
  • Signatures
Lichten, Katie RF Luminati OI $0.00
  • Signatures
Ligon, Nicole Lightning Stone TR -$58.00   Complete  
Likins, Kirsten Smartee Jones JON $0.00   Complete  
Lopour, Jacqueline Quianna BNR $0.00   Complete  
Lortie, Dana Excel Star Midas Touch TR -$58.00   Complete  
Louis, Maxwell Wicked Elegance JON $0.00   Complete  
MacMillin, Keira Stella Artois JON $0.00   Complete  
MacVaugh, Ashley Latino H OI $0.00   Complete Alex Conrad
MacVaugh, Ashley Reuben Rialto OI $0.00   Complete Alex Conrad
Malavasi, Chelsie Tridium BNR $0.00   Complete  
Malinoski, Lulu Coulson JON $0.00   Complete  
Marquardt, Michelle My Son Ernie BNR $0.00   Complete  
Marrinan, Julia some horse OBN $325.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Rider USEA
  • Horse USEA
  • Waiver Form
Martin, Gillian Top Dollar JBN $0.00   Complete Please stable with Schroeder e
Martin, Boyd Penhill Celtic OP $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Boyd Blackfoot Mystery OI $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Boyd Fernhill Prezley OI $0.00   Complete  
Masemer, Wendy Cruze By OP $0.00   Complete  
Masi, Trinity Exit zero TR $0.00   Complete  
Mattern, Meghan Goose BNR $0.00   Complete  
McCarthy-Orta, Colleen Jackson Maine OBN $0.00   Complete  
McElhone, Erin Mamoobil BNR $0.00   Complete  
McGuirk, Amelia Virginia Peach FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
McKinney, Elle Superstitious FLF JON $0.00   Complete  
Meistrich, Annaliese SharpNPretty JON $0.00   Complete  
Mellwig, Juliet Fernhill Hustler JON $0.00   Complete  
Melville, Greer Sandy Prince PR $0.00   Complete  
Merle-Smith, Nicolette Raven Sky FEH4 $130.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Merle-Smith, Nicolette Attila FEH1 $130.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Merle-Smith, Nicolette Blue Highway FEH3 $130.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Merle-Smith, Nicolette Fortune Cookie OBN $350.00   Waitlist  
Merriken, Rebecca Zippity Doodah BNR $0.00   Complete  
Middlebrook, Sophia Leo Distinction OT $0.00   Complete  
Middlebrook, Sophia Candy Jane OI $0.00   Complete  
Middlebrook, Sophia Monbeg Oddesey OT $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Lara Dancer's Edge OBN $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Cierra Denis the Menace ON $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Rachael Affaires D'etat OBN $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Victoria Hard to Believe OBN $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Victoria Like Magic TR $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Cierra CV's Jackpot NEH -$20.00   Complete  
Mintz, Leslie HSH Golden Boy NR $0.00   Complete  
Mohn, Madeline Stuck on You JBN $0.00   Complete  
Mohr, Taylor Cooley High Water MOD $0.00   Complete  
Molde, Brooke Groundwork PR $0.00   Complete  
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Clueso PR $0.00   Complete  
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Get Even MOD $0.00   Complete  
Moore , Logan Cooley Jet Set ON $25.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Moseley, Kasey A Wild Run NR $0.00   Complete  
Moy, Madison Savannah JBN $0.00   Complete  
Moyer, Britt Rune Stone OP $0.00   Complete  
Mras, Elizabeth Holycowits Patrick OBN $0.00   Complete  
Murphy, Devlin Ideal Concerto NR $0.00   Complete Stable with Pferde Farm (Caitl
Myers, Lauren Fernhill Rodger That JBN $0.00   Complete Madison Simpson
Myers, Lauren Rafikki JBN $0.00   Complete Madison Simpson
Myers, Betsy Sambuca BNR $0.00   Complete Madison Simpson
Nagle, Charlotte Life In The Fast Lane PR $0.00   Complete Mikki Kuchta, Bridgette Miller
Namoglu, Esin Splish Splash NR $0.00   Complete nicole ligon
Nelson, Lucy Second Chance JOT $0.00   Complete  
Nelson, Peri Fiametta NEH $0.00   Complete  
Nicholson, Lauren Hindine OP $0.00   Complete  
Nicholson, Lauren Landmark's Monte Carlo OI $0.00   Complete  
Nicholson, Lauren Avalon Realta ON $0.00   Complete  
Nicholson, Lauren I'll Have Another MOD $0.00   Complete  
Nicholson, Lauren Get Gaudi OI $383.00
  • Coggins
Nielsen, Adriana Duke of Denver TR $0.00   Complete  
Niles, Abigail Carrick Finest Lad OI $0.00   Complete  
Nitzenberger , Kerri Mine Would Be You ON $0.00   Complete  
O'Donoghue, Meghan Fashionable Man OP $0.00   Complete  
O'Neill, McKenna Kenneth Street MOD $0.00   Complete  
Olmstead, Courtney Douce OT $0.00   Complete  
Olmstead, Courtney McAlistair ON $0.00   Complete  
Ong, Hannah Pirate Captain OBN $0.00   Complete  
Orem, Arielle Beorn BNR $0.00   Complete  
Papke, Jane Norman OI $0.00   Complete  
Papke, Jane Tully Cross Discrete ON $0.00   Complete Jane Papke / Lock and Key Eque
Papke, Jane ROBINSTOWN BALLIVOR ON $0.00   Complete Jane Papke
Patel, Ingrid Ruby Redbird OT $325.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
Paul, Saskia Pekin JBN $0.00   Complete  
Paul, Saskia Colby JOT $0.00   Complete  
Pellegrini, Meg Cici Top JOT $0.00   Complete  
Pellegrino, Kristiane White Oaks Joyride ON $0.00   Complete  
Pendleton, Yeardley Not Without Me OI $0.00   Complete  
Penland, Alexandra A Twist of Twyla JBN $0.00   Complete  
Perry, Mary Cozmos NR $0.00   Complete  
Peterson, Alexandra Gaya OT $0.00   Waitlist  
Phifer, Sadie Gusty Day NR $0.00   Complete  
Phillippy, Ella Passport BNR $0.00   Complete  
Phillips, Lainey Netherfield Park JOT $0.00   Complete Christina Henriksen
Piazza, Hannah One Tuff Beau BNR $0.00   Complete  
Pifer, Julie HRH Judgemental PR $0.00   Complete  
Pitts, Laura Aragon NR $0.00   Complete  
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music TR $0.00   Complete  
Poe, Casey Waterline JOT $0.00   Complete  
Potter, Hannah Rolex TR $0.00   Complete  
Potts, Jodie Cat's Confetti FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Potts, Jodie Agent M FEH3 $0.00   Complete  
Przybocki, Jemma Mercedes JON $0.00   Complete  
Rae, Autumn Saphira OT $0.00   Complete  
Rae, Autumn Luz De La Luna OP $0.00   Complete  
Ramsey, Paige Emyra V JBN $0.00   Complete  
Randall, Amy Baus OT $0.00   Complete  
Ratliff, Merrilyn Koda BNR $0.00   Complete  
Rayner, Carroll Amazing Grace BNR $0.00   Complete Kuchta/Holden
Rhodes, Lila Whoop Whoop De Do JBN $0.00   Complete  
Ringley, Bridgette Doc NR $0.00   Complete  
Rizkowski, Dana Free Admission MOD $0.00   Complete  
Rodriguez, Antonio Kyanite NR $0.00   Complete  
Roosevelt, Alice Get it Together OI $0.00   Complete Darrah Alexander
Rosenberg, Hayley Evil Munchkin OI $0.00   Complete holden, kuchta
Ross, Dawn Icy Blue OBN $0.00   Complete  
Russell, Ashley Hail Yeah BNR $0.00   Complete  
Russell, Ashley Fulleigh Armed BNR $0.00   Complete  
Rutledge, Colleen Global Absolute OP $0.00   Complete  
Rutledge, Colleen Coherence MOD $0.00   Complete  
Sanger, Cassie Ultra Violet MOD $0.00   Complete D. Alexander/A. Roosevelt
Sanger, Cassie Redfield Fyre JOT $0.00   Complete D. Alexander/A. Roosevelt
Sarnoff, Claudia Papa Pablo ON $0.00   Complete  
Sarro, Lydia Cornmill Bob OT $75.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Incomplete aiken bach farm
Savory, Kathy Annie NR $0.00   Complete  
Scherrer, Nikki Itsjustagame NR $0.00   Complete  
Scherrer, Nikki Bold Tiger MOD $308.00
  • Coggins
  • Rider USEF
  • Horse USEA
Schliemann, Ann Salt Air Swagger BNR $0.00   Complete Stable with Caroline Teich
Schmitt, Kaitlyn Backlash NR $0.00   Complete  
Schofield, Hannah Fastidious MOD $0.00   Complete  
Schramm, Jimmie Eclaire OP $0.00   Complete  
Selden, Sarah Deputy Cavalier TR -$15.00   Complete  
Sendak, Courtney DGE Kiss Prints OI $0.00   Complete  
Sendak, Courtney Dare to Encounter MOD $0.00   Complete  
Sherman, Molly Winsome MOD $0.00   Complete  
Shilling, Emily Bandi OBN $0.00   Complete  
Shilling, Emily Enchanting Class PR $16.74   Complete  
Shotwell, Alise Cambell JON $0.00   Complete  
Silliman, Caitlin Quality Gambler’s Girl OT $325.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Horse USEA
  • Waiver Form
Simpson, Jebb Matisse OT $0.00   Complete Gentry
Simpson, Madison Call Me Classy JON $450.00
  • Deposits
Incomplete myers
Simpson, Curran RF Cosmos ON $0.00   Complete  
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan's Countess TR -$70.00   Complete  
Smith, Nicole Royal United's Chancellor PR $0.00   Complete  
Smith, Allison Great Red Dragon ON $0.00   Complete  
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR $250.00   Waitlist  
Speck, Braden BSF Liam MOD $0.00   Complete  
Speck, Kaelen Charmed Victory OP $0.00   Complete  
Springle, Madison Captain Morgan JON $0.00   Complete Stable with Kerra Johnson.
Springle, Madison Andante JBN $0.00   Complete Stable with Kerra Johnson.
Stanlaske, Noah Chesterland JOT $0.00   Complete  
Steck, Allie Storm Warning NR $0.00   Complete  
Steinberg, Abigail Infinity JOT $0.00   Complete hartsock
Stewart, Elizabeth Juvigne VDO ON $0.00   Complete  
Stewart, Elizabeth Innsbruck VDO OT -$58.00   Complete  
Stone Bourke, Marley Kung Fu Quality YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Stone Bourke, Marley Qualitini YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Strawbridge, Julia Balmoral Oakey OT $0.00   Complete  
Stremple, Sophie Ann Amber Coast NR $0.00   Complete  
Strobel, Tracy Quality Stock TR $0.00   Complete  
Sumner, Lauren Crossfire OI $0.00   Complete  
Sunstein, Stella Quite Quality YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Symansky, Lynn Bounce 6 OT $0.00   Complete  
Symansky, Lynn Global Cassero 3 OI $0.00   Complete  
Symansky, Lynn RF Cool Play OP $308.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
Takada, Lisa Quality Collusion YEH4 $0.00   Complete  
Takada, Lisa Monbeg Libertine OP $0.00   Complete  
Tardiff, Megan Vindakova PR $0.00   Complete Outside stall if possible plea
Teich, Caroline Cremoir ON $0.00   Complete  
Teich, Caroline Cremoir YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Dr. Diamond OT $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Exel Star Royal Trend ON $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Astra OBN $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Napoleon OBN $0.00   Complete  
Thomas, Jill Bon Vivant OT -$58.00   Complete  
Thomas, Autumn Minus Two BNR $0.00   Complete  
Tompkins, Sarah Hypnotiq MOD $0.00   Complete Alex Conrad
Tracy, Kendyl Bobbie Burns OP $0.00   Complete  
Trautmann, Jennifer Norman NR $0.00   Complete  
Treacy, Jennifer Bene TR -$58.00   Complete  
Treacy, Jennifer Severious OBN $0.00   Complete  
Trier, Ashley Quality Vintage MOD $0.00   Complete  
Trier, Ashley LNJ Encyclopedia ON $0.00   Complete  
Tuit, Emma Rapid Romero KV NR $0.00   Complete  
Vasconez Egred, Christian CID Donnie D PR $0.00   Complete  
Verill, Julia Pudding At Risk JBN $0.00   Complete  
Verill, Meghan Romantic Endeavour JON $0.00   Complete  
Volpe, Ashleigh Overwork OBN $0.00   Complete  
Wahl, Gloria District 12 JBN $0.00   Complete  
Wales, Natalie Bonefish PR $0.00   Complete  
Waltz, Sandra Dunduckety's Declan TR $0.00   Complete nancy ligon
Waters, Kelly Excel Star Independence OBN $0.00   Complete  
Waters, George S. An American Girl NR $0.00   Complete  
Weaver, Robyn Broadway Act OT $0.00   Complete  
Weiss, Cathrin Pegasus Black Gold BNR $0.00   Complete  
Wells, Emily Max's Painted Moon BNR $0.00   Complete  
Wheeler, Claire Mary Alice Brown JBN $0.00   Complete  
White, Sharon Midnight Flight MOD $0.00   Complete  
White, Nancy Wild Eyed And Wicked BNR $0.00   Complete gillian martin
White, Sharon Silvia 70 MOD $19.00   Complete  
Wicas, Drew Killernan Prince MOD $20.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Wick, Emma Astaire To The Future JON $0.00   Complete  
Wiesman, Linden Clifton's Patriot ON $0.00   Complete  
Wiesman, Linden Layla Q OT $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden UDI-LA OP $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Southern Sun OP $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Page Six YEH5 $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Sunday Times OP $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Apogee OI $0.00   Complete  
Wiles, Sammie Circulate JON $0.00   Complete  
Wlodarczyk, Carolyn Limited Edition NR $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Cooley Continental ON $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Bellavista OT $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Confidence Level ON $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Cooley Flight OP $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Cooley Shutterfly Cruise ON $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Leigh Dollar Mountain BNR $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Kirsten Goldship JBN $0.00   Complete  
Woods, Lindsay QLE Positron TR $0.00   Complete  
Yoest, Nicole Fergus Maximus BNR $0.00   Complete  
Zerbo, Tamara Yosemite (Chivo) OBN $0.00   Complete  
Zolet, Caitlin Trace of Gunsmoke ON -$25.00   Complete  
Zolet, Caitlin Kynynmont's Cassidy TR $253.00   Waitlist  

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