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Dear Competitors,

Thank you so much for signing up to compete this weekend.  The following are the rules and guidelines for this weekend.  Please read everything.  IF ANYONE IS FOUND IN NON-COMPLIANCE with the following rules, the competition will be stopped until that person complies or leaves the property!  Repeat offenders will be asked to leave and there will be no refunds given.
1.  Upon arrival, everyone in your vehicle will be scanned for temperatures and give a wristband upon passing.  If anyone in your vehicle has a temperature of 99.5 or higher, nobody in the vehicle will be allowed to enter. 
2. All non-competitors must sign two waivers upon arrival.  These waivers can be found here: 1) Loch Moy Farm Waiver  2) USEA Waiver.  You may fill out beforehand and have ready to drop in our waiver box before picking up your packet.  DO NOT EMAIL.  Each competitor is only allowed to have a Trainer, Groom and parent/guardian if under 18.  Absolutely no spectators or guests will be allowed.
3. Packets will be handed out before you come up the hill to the parking area.  Each packet will have a bridle # and three pinny #s.  One pinny number from each entry must be displayed on your dashboard.  
4.  You will be directed to parking.  You may end up in satellite parking which could mean a 15 minute hack, so plan ahead.
5.  Everyone on grounds must wear a mask when not mounted if they will be within 10 feet of another person.  Maintain a social distance of 6 feet whenever possible even when wearing a mask. Keep a mask with you at all times.  When walking your course, you do not have to wear a mask if more than 10 feet of another person outside your immediate group.  See USEF rules for details:
6. There will be hand washing washing stations and hand sanitizer throughout the property.  Please wash hands before and after using the porta potties.  Please also bring your own sanitizer.
7.  Follow all posted signs and directions in regards to traffic flow and social distancing.  
8.  DO NOT congregate anywhere, including the scoreboard, office, stabling, at the rail, etc.
9.  Pap Pap's Snack Shack (food truck) will be here offering the usual horse show fare. They are CASH ONLY.
10. Bring lots of water for you and your horse! The office wash stall and barn water/wash stalls will be on, but with four dressage rings going, there are going to be a lot of horses lining up for a hose-down. The more water you bring the better off you'll be.
11.  Review the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan to understand your responsibilities before and during the event:
12. Remember that even if you are in a low-risk group for the coronavirus, many of our officials, volunteers and staff are in a high-risk group, or have a high-risk family member at home. Your actions can impact their well-being. Please be considerate of others and help us keep each other safe. Also remember that the world is watching! Let's show everyone that we can conduct our sport in a socially responsible manner.
Thank you,
Loch Moy Farm

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