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Times & Entry Stats


Twilight Eventing July 22

Adamstown, MD

7/22/2020 to 7/22/2020

Entry Status as of 07/20/2020 01:30 PM



Missing Items: The "Signatures" page in this case is our updated 2020 Loch Moy Farm waiver. Please follow this link to get and upload a waiver:  To upload a coggins: To pay missing fees:

PINNY NUMBERS: We will ask you to write or print your own set of pinny numbers. Bridle numbers will not be issued, even for dressage-only rides. Please use a full size (8.5x11) white or very light colored sheet of paper and a heavy, dark marker. Pinny numbers will be posted with the ride times.

COVID-19 Rules and Procedures

  • Please wear a mask when within 10 feet or less of another person, unless that person is in your immediate family group. Keep a mask with you at all times.
  • There is a hand-washing station near the porta-potties by the wash stall. Be sure to wash hands before and after using the restroom, and after touching or handling anything that isn't your own.
  • Anyone joining you as a groom/grounds person must sign a Loch Moy Farm waiver. We will have these available at the office, or print and bring with you. Please do not email!
  • Limit guest/spectators! Only bring those who are absolutely necessary to help you. Remember that the state regulation on gatherings is still ten (10) people or fewer.
  • Do not congregate at the office, ringside/at the rail, warm-up areas, other people's trailers, etc.
  • Sanitize your hands before handling dressage tests.
  • Park at least 30 feet from the trailer next to you to avoid crowding in the parking lot.
  • There will be no food or drinks available on the grounds. Bring your own water.
  • Wash stall water is turned on, but bring as much water for your horse as possible to avoid lines/crowds at the wash stall.

Ride times will be available late on Monday afternoon (to complete entries only!)


Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusLevel/Test
Adams, Kelly Britain ELM $0.00   Complete  
Adriani, Jilllian Lindyhop N $0.00   Complete  
Bailey, Angela Sir W Bentley BN $0.00   Complete  
Barry, Lisa SS Slim Shady T $0.00   Complete  
Barry, Lisa Rosie's Aventadora SJ $25.00   Incomplete  Intermediate
Barry, Lisa Rosie's Aventadora SJ $0.00   Complete  Intermediate
Barry, Lisa Guilietta SJ $25.00   Incomplete  Training
Barry, Lisa Guilietta SJ $0.00   Complete  Training
Barry, Lisa The Natural E SJ $25.00   Incomplete  Intermediate
Barry, Lisa The Natural E SJ $0.00   Complete  Intermediate
Bienemann, Tracey Reg the Ledge T $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Gabrielle Bonnie After Dark BN $0.00   Complete  
Cooley, Seth Ace ELM $0.00   Complete  
Copper, Charles Stardust BN $0.00   Complete  
Covert, Kristine Professor Zoom BN $0.00   Complete  
Drape, Stacia Hadassah ELM $0.00   Complete  
Esquivel, Gaby Bijoux N $0.00   Complete  
Faison, Amy Northern Trust T $0.00   Complete  
Fontana, Vera Proud Mary BN $0.00   Complete  
Franks, April Just Carlos BN $0.00   Complete  
Frascione, Nikki Shenandoah Trix ELM $0.00   Complete  
French, Jenavieve Stevie Woods ELM $0.00   Complete  
Garagusi, Charlotte Mountain Blues BN $0.00   Complete  
Haynie, Samantha Wingardium Leviosa N $0.00   Complete  
Hutchings-Sebring, Juli Simply Charming BN $0.00   Complete  
Jenkins, Stephanie Primitive Promise T $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Kayla Rhythm ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kalb, Hailey Saffy ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kelahan, Caroline Inevitable N-CT $0.00   Complete  
Lak, Hillary Blitzkrieg Bop N $0.00   Complete  
Larsen, Gaia Phoenix T $0.00   Complete  
Lenk, Izzy George 43 DO $0.00   Complete  BN Test B
Ligon, Nicole Lionheart BN $0.00   Complete  
Ligon, Nicole Rosalind BN $0.00   Complete  
Lorenzen, Katherine Strawberry muffin BN $0.00   Complete  
McGuirk, Emmy Dance With Sandy T $0.00   Complete  
Norman , Madison Emma's Delite BN $0.00   Complete  
Parks, MacKenzie Mr. McGoey N $0.00   Complete  
Pettigrew, Elizabeth License to Chill/ Dice ELM $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Reilly, Megan Fiddlesticks ELM $0.00   Complete  
Savory, Kathy Annie T $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa Royal Denira BN $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa N'est-Pas RRS DO $0.00   Complete  Training Test 3
Schmitt, Alyssa Buttons ELM $0.00   Complete  
Schneider, Kate Fireball ELM $0.00   Complete  
Sestak, Jaden Iron Will BN $0.00   Complete  
Seybold, Nancy Eli XC $0.00   Complete  Novice
Seybold, Nancy Eli SJ $0.00   Complete  Novice
Solomon, Shera Wall Street DO $0.00   Complete  Training Test 2
Solomon, Shera Wall Street DO $0.00   Complete  Training Test 3
Sommers, Samantha Glenords Scarborough Fair BN $0.00   Complete  
Sowden, Allison Read The Will N $0.00   Complete  
Taggart, Mary Ellen Flynn River BN $0.00   Complete  
Takada, Lisa a horse DO $0.00   Complete  Preliminary A
Teetor, Alison cracker jack N $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kaila Fantast Tate ELM-CT $0.00   Complete  
Thumma, Danielle Relatively Ryker N $0.00   Complete  
Verill, Julia Pudding At Risk BN $0.00   Complete  
Verill, Meghan Romantic Endeavor N $0.00   Complete  
Weitzel, Yvonneke Scarlet Sunrise BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Wimmer, Becca Martini ELM $0.00   Complete  
Woodville, Louisa Empress T $0.00   Complete  
Wunder, Martha Honest Smile N $0.00   Complete  
van der Merwe, Charmaine Allaboutpeaches BN $0.00   Complete  

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