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Twilight Eventing July 29

Adamstown, MD



Please CHECK YOUR DIVISION and make sure we have the level or test you requested. If something is missing, let us know. (The default dressage test for all levels is the A test, except for Elementary which does Intro C. If you are riding the default test, it is not listed.)
RIDE TIMES WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO INCOMPLETE ENTRIES! Submit any Missing Items ASAP. Ride times will be published on Tuesday morning for complete entries only. You will not receive ride times until your entry is complete.

Missing Items: The "Signatures" page in this case is our updated 2020 Loch Moy Farm waiver. Please follow this link to get and upload a waiver:  To upload a coggins: To pay missing fees:

SCHEDULE: We will go from low to high this week! That means Elementary starts us off and we'll be ending with Prelim combined tests and dressage. We're looking at a 2:30 start time for Elementary dressage, around 3:30 for BN, about 5:15 for Novice and about 6:15 for Training. We'll be running until about 8:00 pm.  If for some reason this order of levels doesn't work with your schedule, we can move you to August 12, which will go high to low again, but we need to know ASAP.
PINNY NUMBERS: You must print or write your own set of pinny numbers! Use a light colored 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper and a heavy, dark marker and large print. Remember that a cross country judge has to be able to read your number as you gallop by. If you are doing dressage only and have spare bridle numbers, you are welcome to write your number on one of those instead. All jumping riders (including stadium only) must have a pair of pinny numbers. Remember to make two!
COURSE MAP: The course map is posted at There will be a copy on the scoreboard for you to take a picture of, as well. We will not print maps.
DRESSAGE TESTS: Sanitize your hands before handling dressage tests. If you want your test mailed to you, bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to put in the red cooler at the office.
COVID-19 RULES: Be sure you are clear on our COVID-19 precautionary measures. Loch Moy Farm reserves the right to remove noncompliant individuals from the property. Remember that even if you are not in a high-risk group, volunteers, staff, other riders or their family members might be. Please do your part to help keep everyone healthy.
  • Please wear a mask when within 10 feet or less of another person, unless that person is in your immediate family group. Keep a mask with you at all times. Always put a mask on before coming up on the deck of the show office.
  • Do not enter the show office. Knock on the door if you need help.
  • There is a hand-washing station near the porta-potties by the wash stall. Be sure to wash hands before and after using the restroom, and after touching or handling anything that isn't your own.
  • Anyone joining you as a groom/grounds person must sign a Loch Moy Farm waiver. We will have these available at the office, or print and bring with you. Drop off at the office in the black Waiver bin.  Please do not email!
  • Limit guest/spectators! Only bring those who are absolutely necessary to help you. Remember that the state regulation on gatherings is still ten (10) people or fewer.
  • Do not congregate at the office, ringside/at the rail, warm-up areas, other people's trailers, etc.
  • Sanitize your hands before handling dressage tests.
  • Park at least 30 feet from the trailer next to you to avoid crowding in the parking lot.
  • There will be no food or drinks available on the grounds. Bring your own water.
  • Wash stall water is turned on, but bring as much water for your horse as possible to avoid lines/crowds at the wash stall.
Remember to be on time for your rides! Twilight is a compressed schedule, and we have a LOT of rides to get through. Any unscheduled delays will cause problems for everyone.
Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusTest/Level
Adams, Hope Quality on Repeat BN $0.00   Complete  
Adams, Kelly Britain ELM $0.00   Complete  
Adriani, Jillian Lindyhop T $0.00   Complete  
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Lion Star N $0.00   Complete  
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Hydra BN $0.00   Complete  
Andrews, Caroline C V's Monster Man N $0.00   Complete  
Archambault, Kari Benny The Star N $0.00   Complete  
BISSON, LILY Zara ELM $0.00   Complete  
Benjida, Samia Sedona N $0.00   Complete  
Bolsteins, Laila Sabino Canyon N-CT $0.00   Complete  
Bolsteins, Laila Have You Seen My Mittens BN-CT $0.00   Complete  
Bortner, Alyssa Finer Things N-CT $0.00   Complete  
Bromley, Katie Shiner Dunit Smart N $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Liftoff XC $0.00   Complete  Novice
Byron, Ann Fail Better N $0.00   Complete  
Castro, Veronica Unlawful's Image N $0.00   Complete  
Chandra, Valerie Abaleen BN $0.00   Complete  
Christian, Strider Mickey D SJ $0.00   Complete  ELM
Christian, Strider Mickey D SJ $0.00   Complete  BN
Christian, Strider Mickey D XC $0.00   Complete  ELM
Christian, Strider Mickey D XC $0.00   Complete  BN
Cindric, Maddy Wall Street BN $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Limelight LF BN $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Elma ELM-CT $0.00   Complete  
Clasing, Daniel Opel TNE BN $0.00   Complete  
Cooley, Seth Ace BN $0.00   Complete  
Cooley, Seth Hoss DO $0.00   Complete  Intro A
Craft, Isabella Bentley ELM $0.00   Complete  
Cronin, Grace King of Cool BN $0.00   Complete  
Davis, Clark Ace of Windsor BN $0.00   Complete  
DeYoung, Ashley Solstice Knight BN $0.00   Complete  
Dierman, Addison Piano Man ELM-CT $0.00   Complete  
Dupont, Alexandra Paloleo N $0.00   Complete  
Eller, Evelyn SAS Mojo Rising N $0.00   Complete  
Etchberger, Rachel Thaddeus BN $0.00   Complete  
Faison, Amy Brambleridge Mithril ELM $0.00   Complete  
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time XC $0.00   Complete  Novice
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time SJ $0.00   Complete  Novice
Finnelle, Emily Grand Galloping Gala BN $98.00
  • Coggins
Firor, Nadya Ron Juan BN $0.00   Complete  
Fontana, Vera Proud Mary BN $0.00   Complete  
Furner, Michele Portman BN $0.00   Complete  
Gardner, Berkley Chillie N-CT $0.00   Complete  
Gibert, Malia Wave Acide aka Gracie SJ $0.00   Complete  Novice
Gibert, Malia Wave Acide aka Gracie SJ $0.00   Complete  Novice
Gray, Karleigh BFF ESPIONAGE T $0.00   Complete  
Harangozo, Sofie Coco Rosso P-CT $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Quality Beach T $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Autopilot WRF T $0.00   Complete  
Hebets, Brittany Stuck on Gold BN $0.00   Complete  
Hebets, Brittany Banks ELM-CT $0.00   Complete  
Hebets, Brittany Comet Chrome BN $0.00   Complete  
Hershey, London Dear Darla BN $0.00   Complete  
Iacono, Stacy Joint Strike ELM-CT $0.00
  • Signatures
Iacono, Stacy Joint Strike SJ $0.00
  • Signatures
Incomplete  ELM
Jones, Casey I gotta Guy BN $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Casey Idonis VZ BN $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Casey Winnie ELM $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Casey Murphy ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kalb, Hailey Saffy ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kasper, Avery Double Dutch N $0.00   Complete  
Kenna, Lindsay Sovereign Flag ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kilday, Caroline Coincidentally N $0.00   Complete  Novice B
Klein, Peyton Archimedes N $0.00   Complete  
Kline, Cheyenne Made Ya Look ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kohr, Steph Jessyalve N $0.00   Complete  
Krunkaitis, Monika Malabar ELM $0.00   Complete  
Lanier, Caitlyn Blue Bayeau BN $0.00   Complete  
Lavey, Shea Kip N $0.00   Complete  
Lenk, Izzy George 43 BN $0.00   Complete  BN Test B
Leo, Cailyn Syncopated Rhythm BN $0.00   Complete  
Lewis, Samantha Octavian ELM $0.00   Complete  
Lindner, Rylee Gryffin DO $0.00   Complete  Training Level 1
Lindner, Rylee Gryffin DO $0.00   Complete  Training Level 2
Lindner, Reagan Marley DO $0.00   Complete  Intro A
Lindner, Reagan Marley DO $0.00   Complete  Intro B
Lintereur, Azaree High Expectations BN $0.00   Complete  
Loehmann, Sofia Crusader BN $0.00   Complete  
Lopour, Jacqueline Quianna BN $0.00   Complete  
Lorusso, Emma Miss Marvelous BN $0.00   Complete  
Louketis , Amirah Mega BN $0.00   Complete  
Lounsberry, Syrina True Grit T $0.00
  • Signatures
Maxian, Jax Milo Diamond P-CT $0.00   Complete  
McCool, Diane The Doc Is In M $0.00   Complete  
McGrain, Megan Tito Tonight BN $0.00   Complete  
McGrain, Megan Future Quality T $0.00   Complete  
McGrain, Morgan Fear the Fire N $0.00   Complete  
McIntyre, Sarah Dreamgirl BN $0.00   Complete  
Miller Leary, Sara Flats and Sharps ELM $0.00   Complete  
Monninger, Natalie Not Just Any Rookie N $0.00   Complete  
Noyes, Rebecca Know Me Van Equinta SJ $0.00   Complete  Training
Noyes, Rebecca Know Me Van Equinta SJ $0.00   Complete  Training
Orem, Arielle Beorn DO $0.00   Complete  BN Test B
Orton, Kristen Peat Smoke BN $0.00   Complete  
Paladeau, Catherine Luckaun Quality SJ $25.00   Complete  Training
Panichella, Susan Susan Panichella SJ $0.00
  • Signatures
Incomplete  ???
Parker, Carolyn boomer SJ $0.00   Complete  ELM
Parker, Carolyn boomer SJ $0.00   Complete  BN
Parker, Carolyn boomer DO $0.00   Complete  BN Test A
Parker, Carolyn boomer DO $0.00   Complete  Novice Test A
Pease, Cami Vibrant N $0.00   Complete  Novice B
Pendleton , Yeardley Not Without Me DO $0.00   Complete  Modified A
Pendleton , Yeardley Rollin Smoke DO $0.00   Complete  Intro C
Prevett, Sophia Sansa ELM $0.00   Complete  
Reilly, Megan Fiddlesticks ELM $0.00   Complete  
Santacroce, Anna Grey Flannel Jacket N $0.00   Complete  
Savory, Kathy Annie T $0.00   Complete  
Sawanobori, Diane Mr. Sandman BN $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa Royal Denira BN $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa Buttons ELM $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa N'est-Pas RRS DO $0.00   Complete  Training 3
Schock, Michaela Lightning Moon ELM $98.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Schofield, Hannah Got To Get Out BN $0.00   Complete  
Selden, Sarah Deputy Cavalier N-CT $0.00   Complete  Novice B
Seybold, Nancy Eli XC $0.00   Complete  Novice
Seybold, Nancy Eli SJ $0.00   Complete  Novice
Sommers, Samantha Go Your Own Way BN $0.00   Complete  
Stephenson, Sherry Benjamin Brat N-CT $0.00   Complete  
Stewart, Janelle High Resolution BN $0.00   Complete  
Stone Bourke, Marley Qualitini N $0.00   Complete  
Stone Bourke, Marley LVS Dassett Charisma DO $0.00   Complete  FEI 3* Test A
Stonebridge, Tracey Southern Straights ELM $0.00   Complete  
Stroh, Dorothy Batteries Not Required ELM $0.00
  • Signatures
Stroh, Dorothy Finesse N $0.00
  • Signatures
Sutanto, Ariana So It Goes N $0.00   Complete  
Taggart, Mary Flynn River BN $0.00   Complete  
Takada, Lisa Monbeg Libertine DO $0.00   Complete  Prelim A
Talley, Chris Super Zim ELM-CT $0.00   Complete  
Talley, Chris Foileen N $0.00   Complete  
Talley, Chris Justfollowmylead T $0.00   Complete  
Vass, Makena Lily ELM $0.00   Complete  
Wagner, Kristin Sensotronic BN $0.00   Complete  
Weitzel, Yvonneke Scarlet Sunrise BN $0.00   Complete  
Wetcher, Sutton Good JuJu ELM $0.00   Complete  
Wiggins, Taralyn PL Zeiss BN $0.00   Complete  
Yates, Madison Cooper BN $0.00   Complete  

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