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Twilight Eventing

April 7, 2021


EHV-1 PROCEDURES: While we are NOT requiring any health certificates for this event, please continue to follow the procedures below and adhere to all biosecurity best practices.

We encourage you to monitor your horse's temperature in the two days before the event, and check for other signs of illness (vitals, nasal discharge, lethargy, etc.) before loading up.

ON-SITE PROTOCOLS:  Please adhere to these strictly! (Our local outbreak seems to be winding down but let's not get complacent yet.)
1) BRING YOUR OWN WATER! The wash stalls will be closed. You MUST provide your own water for your horse.
2) Do not let horses from different barns greet or touch each other.
3) Do not share buckets, towels, lead ropes, halters, etc. between horses.
4) Contain your horse! Do your absolute best to make sure your horse does not come loose from your trailer.
5) WASH YOUR HANDS! Wash your hands after handling a horse or its equipment. Bring a spare coat or shirt in case a strange horse gets saliva or nasal discharge on your clothes.
6) Do not linger on the grounds after your ride.


COVID Protocols: You know the drill! Masks on at all times unless you are WELL away from other people. Do not congregate at the office, ringside, other people's trailers, etc. Practice social distancing even when masked, wash your hands often. NO SPECTATORS!

SCORING: All scoring except the second test of fix-a-test riders will be on the Compete Easy app. Your dressage test will be emailed to you. Final scores will be posted on the MDHT website.

PINNY NUMBERS: You will PRINT two copies of your pinny number! For DSG/FAT, use an old bridle number or stop in to the office. CT riders should wear a pinny so we can identify you easily in stadium. Pinny number emails will go out later Tuesday afternoon. Email if you don't get your pinny numbers by 6pm Tuesday.

THE WEATHER: There is a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon, so please stay on time so we can get wrapped up quickly and/or have wiggle room in case of a hold.

As always, email us ASAP at if there is a problem with your times or test.

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