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Times & Entry Stats

MDHT October Starter

Adamstown, MD

10/9/2021 to 10/10/2021


  COVID-19 Protocols: We are following USEF covid protocols. As such, all fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks while outdoors. However, we are allowed to enforce stricter rules. Please wear a mask when coming up to the show office or speaking to the secretary.  No riders inside the office except for an emergency! Maintain social distancing – do not congregate at the scoreboard, on the rail, at the show office, other people’s trailers, etc.  

 CHECK-IN: Don't forget to download the Compete Easy app and use it to check in and out of the event. The check-in QR code will be on the table in front of the show office. Check in with office if you have no signal.

SCORING: All scoring will be on the Compete Easy app. Your dressage test will be emailed to you. Final scores will be posted on the MDHT website. If you don’t get your test via email by the time your results are posted, let us know!

FOOD: Lunch offerings, snacks and drinks will be available at Bob’s Grill. It is advised to bring your own water.

WATER for HORSES: The wash stall by the office will have at least one bay open. As always, we recommend bringing as much water as possible; in the event of a power outage, our water will turn off.

STABLING: Due to the small number of entries, there are no limits on trailer parking at stabling. Unless directed by staff, trailers should be parked on the mountain side with nose toward the barn, starting at the far end of the lot. The cross country side of the barn is reserved for electric hook-ups until staff direct otherwise.   Do not set up multiple seats or “chat areas” in the barn aisles or at the aisle or barn entrances. Do not tie unattended dogs in the aisles or elsewhere in and around the barn.

Speaking of DOGS: All dogs must be leashed AT ALL TIMES, even when walking cross country before competition begins. Do not leave dogs unattended at your trailer. There is a $100 fine for loose dogs.


 PINNY NUMBERS: (Update 10/7: We seem to be having another server issue. If we're not able to send pinny numbers or post them here, you will be able to get them at the show office.)  You will PRINT two copies of your pinny number for XC! For dressage, use an old bridle number or buy a reusable one if you don't want to wear a pinny. You can also attach your number to your saddle pad. CT riders should wear a pinny so we can identify you easily in stadium.

XC COURSE MAPS: Click here to download course maps. (SJ maps are at the beginning).

Check your show day and times!! Let us know immediately if there is a major conflict with your other horses or rides. All requests were accommodated as well as possible, and we're not able to make changes for coaching or trailering purposes.

Be sure you are riding on the day you wanted! Email immediately if you see a problem.

Saturday Divisions (divisions running both days have a T suffix): PM, M, T, NOVT,  BNT, (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions), CTs of any division running this day, DSG Test of Choice, Dressage Fix A Test, XC, SJ.

Sunday Divisions (divisions running both days have an S suffix): NOVS, BNS, ELM, INTRO (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions); CTs of any division running this day, DSG Test of Choice, Dressage Fix A Test.

TIP Numbers: If you haven't put your TIP number on your entry or emailed it to us, now's the time to do so! There will be a list of the TIP number we received at the show office; we'll accept TIP numbers up until your division's scores go into inquiry period! (But please don't wait that long).

 DRESSAGE TESTS: One dressage ring will use paper tests on Sunday. All other tests will be emailed. Refer back to this page on Friday to check which ring, or listen to PA announcements on Sunday. The ring number will also be posted with the check-in code at the show office deck.

DRESSAGE WARM UP: There will no longer be stewards at the dressage warm-up arenas. Look for the white board on the steward's hut at the entrance to the top warm-up to check your time and what ring you are in. If you've been here for Twilight Eventing or were at the September starter, you'll be familiar with this system. It is the rider's responsibility to get to the ring on time! If you miss your ride time, you will miss your ride.

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 10/07/2021 04:49 AM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
ALEXANDRA, WIKSTROM JOHN WANT REVENGE BNT-A Sat 11:06 am Sat 01:15 pm Sat 01:01 pm
Abigail, Dove Zippity Doo Dah JNOVS Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:04 am Sun 09:49 am
Abigail, Halsey IGETAKICKOUTOFYOU INTRO-B Sun 02:54 pm Sun 04:42 pm Sun 04:27 pm
Adam, Jones TOP SHELF BNS-D Sun 10:54 am Sun 12:52 pm Sun 12:37 pm
Addie, Reed AUTUMN JBNS-B Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:28 pm Sun 12:13 pm
Aidyn, Kenealy Madaket Sunset JBNS-A Sun 10:36 am Sun 12:32 pm Sun 12:17 pm
Ainslee, Myers Ballinglen Quality M Sat 09:12 am Sat 10:25 am Sat 10:11 am
Alex, Brake Coosas Special Impression ELM-A Sun 02:00 pm Sun 03:24 pm Sun 03:09 pm
Alex, Levering Frame Countdown ELM-B Sun 01:06 pm Sun 02:36 pm Sun 02:21 pm
Alexa, Hellenthal MAXIMUS INTRO-A Sun 02:54 pm Sun 04:36 pm Sun 04:21 pm
Alexandra, Antonicelli Battle Ready BNT-B Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:45 pm Sat 01:31 pm
Alexandra, Konstandinidis CINNAMON SASS JINTRO-B Sun 02:00 pm Sun 04:04 pm Sun 03:49 pm
Alexandria, Huber Every Step NOVT-A Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:09 pm Sat 11:55 am
Ali, Shipe BDF TITAN ELM-C Sun 01:30 pm Sun 02:58 pm Sun 02:43 pm
Ally, Sewell Tryon JELM-B Sun 11:42 am Sun 01:24 pm Sun 01:09 pm
Allyson, Armagost SHEER LUCK (SHAMMY) BNT-C Sat 11:42 am Sat 01:43 pm Sat 01:29 pm
Alyssa, Miller Devon Divine NOVT-B Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:49 am Sat 11:35 am
Alyssa, Schmitt Leelo ELM-D Sun 11:36 am Sun 02:16 pm Sun 02:01 pm
Alyssa, Schmitt Jocko 131 ELM-C Sun 12:48 pm Sun 02:48 pm Sun 02:33 pm
Alyssa, Schmitt Elric ELM-A Sun 01:24 pm Sun 03:30 pm Sun 03:15 pm
Amanda, Malloy Maybe Tomorrow BNS-A Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:02 pm Sun 11:47 am
Amanda, Malone Ironwood Turbo INTRO-B Sun 03:06 pm Sun 04:46 pm Sun 04:31 pm
Amanda, Morabito Tomke Black Splash ELM-D Sun 11:30 am Sun 01:26 pm Sun 01:11 pm
Amber, Lawrence Hope BNT-C Sat 12:18 pm Sat 02:11 pm Sat 01:57 pm
Amelia, Schellhaas BALOO JELM-A Sun 12:00 pm Sun 01:46 pm Sun 01:31 pm
Amina, Harouna Just Be JBNT-A Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:59 pm Sat 12:45 pm
Amy, Burkall Tamarindo NOVS-B Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:14 am Sun 09:59 am
Angel, Martin-Dias Silk Market T-A Sat 09:12 am Sat 11:07 am Sat 10:53 am
Angela, Freiberg Ben Nevis BNS-B Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:46 am Sun 11:31 am
Anna, Santacroce Grey Flannel Jacket JNOVT Sat 09:54 am Sat 12:15 pm Sat 12:01 pm
Anne, Hambleton Should Expect PCTT Sat 08:30 am   Sat 09:45 am
Ariana, Meriedy Zeus JELM-C Sun 12:24 pm Sun 02:02 pm Sun 01:47 pm
Ashley, Gross State of Lux T-B Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:01 am Sat 10:47 am
Ashley, Rhodes Infinity Baakiim BNT-C Sat 11:54 am Sat 01:55 pm Sat 01:41 pm
Audra, Conard Patuxent NCTT Sat 10:30 am   Sat 11:27 am
Audra, Conard Patuxent DSGLT Sat 12:36 pm    
Autumn, Hill Final Salute BNT-B Sat 11:42 am Sat 02:01 pm Sat 01:47 pm
Autumn, Thomas Apollo BNS-C Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:42 am Sun 11:27 am
Bailey, kent Dubai JNOVS Sun 08:54 am Sun 10:48 am Sun 10:33 am
Brandy, Savarese FRANKIE PEARL ELM-A Sun 01:54 pm Sun 03:22 pm Sun 03:07 pm
Brianna, DiRocco-Toy SUMMIT COUNTY ELM-B Sun 12:54 pm Sun 02:24 pm Sun 02:09 pm
Brynn, Hawley DIE FLEDERMAUSE NOVT-A Sat 10:06 am Sat 12:03 pm Sat 11:49 am
Brynn, Miller Ace of Spades JBNS-B Sun 10:24 am Sun 12:22 pm Sun 12:07 pm
CYNTHIA, ANDERSON SHES ZO ANGELIC NOVS-A Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:24 am Sun 10:09 am
Caitlin, Martin SILVER DANCER NOVS-A Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:18 am Sun 10:03 am
Carlee, Klemkowski BLACK TIE AFFAIR JINTRO-A Sun 02:00 pm Sun 04:02 pm Sun 03:47 pm
Carol, Brickey Castaway NOVT-B Sat 10:12 am Sat 11:57 am Sat 11:43 am
Caroline, Andrews CV''S MONSTER MAN BNT-B Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:11 pm Sat 12:57 pm
Cassandra, Good Capable Entry BNS-B Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:52 am Sun 11:37 am
Catherine, Gallagher BOWIE (FRENCH LAWYER) BNCTS Sun 11:00 am   Sun 12:43 pm
Celeste, Watlington-Rexach GOING FOR GOLD INTRO-A Sun 02:30 pm Sun 04:28 pm Sun 04:13 pm
Charlotte, Beaumont Worth The Wait JBNT-B Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:13 pm Sat 12:59 pm
Charlotte, Eskeland Moves Like Jagger JELM-B Sun 12:12 pm Sun 01:54 pm Sun 01:39 pm
Charlotte, Milner Open Road JNOVT Sat 10:00 am Sat 12:17 pm Sat 12:03 pm
Chelsea, Todd KEEN LITTLE FIEND BNS-A Sun 09:42 am Sun 11:56 am Sun 11:41 am
Chloe, Pleune INDIANA JONES JNOVS Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:22 am Sun 10:07 am
Christina, Porter WINSTONTARIAT NOVS-B Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:44 am Sun 10:29 am
Christine, Raymer DOBBY IS A FREE ELF BNT-A Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:27 pm Sat 01:13 pm
Cierra, Miller Millie Bee BNT-A Sat 11:00 am Sat 01:29 pm Sat 01:15 pm
Cierra, Miller Cubic Sound BNT-C Sat 12:06 pm Sat 02:23 pm Sat 02:09 pm
Claire, McElwain Joker's Win NOVS-A Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:34 am Sun 10:19 am
Claire, McMillan Duncan C's Waterford JBNT-A Sat 10:48 am Sat 01:05 pm Sat 12:51 pm
Colleen, Kolenda A Dozen Roses JBNS-A Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:26 pm Sun 12:11 pm
Corey, Campion Carlos BNT-C Sat 12:00 pm Sat 01:59 pm Sat 01:45 pm
Courtney, Sendak DGE SWIPE RIGHT NOVS-B Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:20 am Sun 10:05 am
Cyndi, Hill My Big Comfy Couch BNS-B Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:04 pm Sun 11:49 am
Danielle, Thumma IVE GOT THE GOLD NOVS-B Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:26 am Sun 10:11 am
Debra, Illig Wicked Trickster ELM-B Sun 01:24 pm Sun 02:52 pm Sun 02:37 pm
Denise, Connelly Army Council BNT-B Sat 11:48 am Sat 02:05 pm Sat 01:51 pm
Diane, McCool The Doc Is In M Sat 09:06 am Sat 10:23 am Sat 10:09 am
Edward, Baker Reserves Slim DSGLS Sun 02:48 pm    
Edward, Baker Reserves Slim DSGLS Sun 02:58 pm    
Eleanor, Hilliker ZIGGY JELM-B Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:12 pm Sun 01:57 pm
Elissa, Ogburn LAND RUN BNT-B Sat 12:12 pm Sat 02:17 pm Sat 02:03 pm
Elizabeth, Espinosa Benediction BNS-C Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:12 pm Sun 11:57 am
Ellen, Kelly LITTLE CHIEF ELM-D Sun 11:42 am Sun 01:32 pm Sun 01:17 pm
Ellie, Harris CHEX JINTRO-A Sun 02:36 pm Sun 04:26 pm Sun 04:11 pm
Emerson, Kasley Global Venture JBNT-B Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:25 pm Sat 01:11 pm
Emily, Galka BASCULE GEMSTONE BNS-D Sun 10:48 am Sun 12:48 pm Sun 12:33 pm
Emily, Peck Blue Suede Shoes INTRO-A Sun 02:48 pm Sun 04:34 pm Sun 04:19 pm
Emily, Sewell OVER VALAY NOVT-A Sat 09:42 am Sat 11:47 am Sat 11:33 am
Emma, Anderson Special Ops JNOVS Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:32 am Sun 10:17 am
Emma, Golus PAJAMA PARTY BNT-A Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:33 pm Sat 01:19 pm
Emma, Hinke CHARLIE MURRAY NOVS-A Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:00 am Sun 09:45 am
Emma, Kwasny ARYA JELM-A Sun 12:24 pm Sun 02:10 pm Sun 01:55 pm
Emmaline, Speis ANSWERED PRAYER JELM-A Sun 11:48 am Sun 01:34 pm Sun 01:19 pm
Enzo, Fiorentino Little Dragon JINTRO-B Sun 02:30 pm Sun 04:24 pm Sun 04:09 pm
Erica, Anhalt OLIVER''S ARTFUL DODGER BNS-C Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:24 am Sun 11:09 am
Erica, Gregg High Noon NOVS-B Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:08 am Sun 09:53 am
Erika, Offutt Touch of Gold BNS-D Sun 10:36 am Sun 12:36 pm Sun 12:21 pm
Evangeline, Rhodes DIAMOND RIO JELM-C Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:08 pm Sun 01:53 pm
Eve, Ackiewicz SMOKEY JELM-B Sun 11:54 am Sun 01:36 pm Sun 01:21 pm
Evy, Rubenight The Flying Dutchman JELM-A Sun 11:36 am Sun 01:22 pm Sun 01:07 pm
Farryn, Kuhn Tuck Tuck Goose JELM-C Sun 12:36 pm Sun 02:14 pm Sun 01:59 pm
Freya, Andrews Beacos Disco Pants BNS-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:32 am Sun 11:17 am
Gabby, Hamburg Twenty Hawks BNT-C Sat 12:12 pm Sat 02:03 pm Sat 01:49 pm
Gaby, Esquivel BIJOUX NOVS-A Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:12 am Sun 09:57 am
Grace, Cronin Dee JBNT-A Sat 10:42 am Sat 01:03 pm Sat 12:49 pm
Gretchen, Wolfe GRIZZLY JELM-B Sun 11:48 am Sun 01:30 pm Sun 01:15 pm
Gwen, Kriskie Isle of Wright SJ     Sat 12:07 pm
Gwen, Kriskie Isle of Wright XC   Sat 12:21 pm  
Hailey, Herd Captains Crossing JELM-A Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:18 pm Sun 02:03 pm
Hailey, Martin MIKEY LIKES IT BNS-B Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:34 am Sun 11:19 am
Hailey, Ogg Allen JBNT-B Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:35 pm Sat 01:21 pm
Hannah, Ong CMA Pop Tarrt T-B Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:15 am Sat 11:01 am
Hannah, Ong Pirate Captain BNT-C Sat 12:36 pm Sat 02:21 pm Sat 02:07 pm
Hannah, Schofield MSH Sliceoflife BNS-A Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:08 pm Sun 11:53 am
Hayley, Spicknall Jumpin Jack Cash JNOVS Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:42 am Sun 10:27 am
Isabella, Beaumont Days Buenos BNT-B Sat 11:36 am Sat 01:57 pm Sat 01:43 pm
Isabelle, Welch Windfall Vespa JINTRO-A Sun 02:18 pm Sun 04:14 pm Sun 03:59 pm
James, Power Brambleridge Ponder the Truth JELM-A Sun 12:12 pm Sun 01:58 pm Sun 01:43 pm
Jamie, Furtado Imagine The Gold M Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:15 am Sat 10:01 am
Janelle, Stewart High Resolution BNS-D Sun 10:24 am Sun 12:24 pm Sun 12:09 pm
Janelle, Stewart Just right ELM-B Sun 01:30 pm Sun 02:56 pm Sun 02:41 pm
Jasmine, Lorenz EL CAPITAN (CAPTAIN) JBNS-B Sun 10:54 am Sun 12:50 pm Sun 12:35 pm
Jayden, Foote ZIPPER AL SHAZAAM AKA ZIPPER INTRO-B Sun 03:12 pm Sun 04:48 pm Sun 04:33 pm
Jenna, Zurenko COEUR D''OR BNS-A Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:26 am Sun 11:11 am
Jennifer, Barnhard WINSOME MAVERICK BNT-A Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:23 pm Sat 01:09 pm
Jennifer, Barnhard ARI GOLD ELM-D Sun 11:48 am Sun 01:38 pm Sun 01:23 pm
Jennifer, Cunningham Troycen BNS-B Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:22 am Sun 11:07 am
Jennifer, Hagan LASCADELL BNT-C Sat 12:24 pm Sat 02:15 pm Sat 02:01 pm
Jennifer, Williams HANNAH'S GIRL NOVS-B Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:30 am Sun 10:15 am
Jenny, Hagan Trionfo NOVT-B Sat 10:06 am Sat 11:53 am Sat 11:39 am
Jocelyn, Pierce DOES HER JUSTICE BNS-C Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:00 pm Sun 11:45 am
Joe, DeSantis Nuclear Code NOVS-B Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:50 am Sun 10:35 am
Joe, DeSantis Anglico BNS-A Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:44 am Sun 11:29 am
Jordan, Ward SILENT TALE (SILAS) JBNT-A Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:07 pm Sat 12:53 pm
Josephine, Pavis Ducati JINTRO-A Sun 02:24 pm Sun 04:18 pm Sun 04:03 pm
Josephine, Shaw RouletteVT NCTS Sun 08:48 am   Sun 10:39 am
Josey, Gudger Gilly T-A Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:11 am Sat 10:57 am
Judy, Clark Smoke on the Mountain BNCTT Sat 12:06 pm   Sat 02:13 pm
Julia, Glasser EXIT STRATEGY JELM-A Sun 12:06 pm Sun 01:52 pm Sun 01:37 pm
Karen, Conk Wild Rumpus BNT-C Sat 12:30 pm Sat 02:19 pm Sat 02:05 pm
Katherine, van der Rest PANDORAS NAVI CHILD M Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:17 am Sat 10:03 am
Kathryn, Hansen Social Code M Sat 09:00 am Sat 10:21 am Sat 10:07 am
Katie, Windham All Aboard T-B Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:05 am Sat 10:51 am
Katura, Harvey Captain Regan ELM-A Sun 01:42 pm Sun 03:18 pm Sun 03:03 pm
Keiko, Luke Saint Asher JBNT-B Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:39 pm Sat 01:25 pm
Kelsey, Youngman Bold As Love BNS-C Sun 09:42 am Sun 11:54 am Sun 11:39 am
Kelty, O'Donoghue Three Day Weekend BNT-C Sat 11:48 am Sat 01:51 pm Sat 01:37 pm
Kelty, O'Donoghue Tonedout BNS-C Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:30 am Sun 11:15 am
Kendall, Shires I love you a latte JINTRO-B Sun 02:18 pm Sun 04:16 pm Sun 04:01 pm
Kerri, Long MEMPHIS NOVT-A Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:55 am Sat 11:41 am
Kim, Brokaw Milton BNS-D Sun 11:00 am Sun 12:54 pm Sun 12:39 pm
Kirsten, Likins Smartee Jones T-A Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:51 am Sat 10:37 am
Kristen, Flowers PRESTIGE EMPIRE ELM-B Sun 01:00 pm Sun 02:30 pm Sun 02:15 pm
Kristen, Parris Untouchable NOVS-A Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:06 am Sun 09:51 am
Kylie, Carter JINX JBNS-B Sun 10:42 am Sun 12:40 pm Sun 12:25 pm
Laila, Griffis Hit the Jackpot (Jack) ELCT Sun 01:42 pm   Sun 02:51 pm
Lainie, Taxay ONE IN A MILLION JELM-C Sun 12:42 pm Sun 02:22 pm Sun 02:07 pm
Larissa, Dragulescu Withers Larue JNOVS Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:16 am Sun 10:01 am
Laura, Dionne Best Available NOVS-B Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:36 am Sun 10:21 am
Lauren, Fagan DUTCH DEVINE NOVT-B Sat 10:30 am Sat 12:11 pm Sat 11:57 am
Lauren, Mccullah MIA JBNS-A Sun 10:48 am Sun 12:44 pm Sun 12:29 pm
Lauren, Spiegel Three Socks Rox BNT-B Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:49 pm Sat 01:35 pm
Lauren, Sumner CF Pepe! NOVS-A Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:40 am Sun 10:25 am
Leah, Brittin SECOND CHANCE BNS-A Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:16 pm Sun 12:01 pm
Leigh, Boyd Champlain Shakespeare NOVT-A Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:59 am Sat 11:45 am
Leila, Riazi Royal Heist INTRO-B Sun 03:00 pm Sun 04:44 pm Sun 04:29 pm
Lela, Steele DANCER WITH COLOUR JELM-B Sun 12:24 pm Sun 02:06 pm Sun 01:51 pm
Lillian, Gallagher Ahearn Junior JINTRO-A Sun 02:30 pm Sun 04:22 pm Sun 04:07 pm
Lilly, Baer Chocolate Pearl JBNT-A Sat 10:36 am Sat 01:01 pm Sat 12:47 pm
Lily, Bisson Sedona ELM-C Sun 01:00 pm Sun 02:34 pm Sun 02:19 pm
Lily, Mutzig Playing with Fire T-B Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:17 am Sat 11:03 am
Lindsey, Groves NORMANDY JBNS-B Sun 10:36 am Sun 12:34 pm Sun 12:19 pm
Lindsey, Heggans TWO2TANGO JINTRO-B Sun 02:12 pm Sun 04:12 pm Sun 03:57 pm
Lisa, Bauman Banana Thief ELM-B Sun 12:48 pm Sun 02:20 pm Sun 02:05 pm
Lizzie, Hummel Oliver (Our Half) FATSS Sun 03:12 pm    
Maddie, Guthier Raven JELM-A Sun 11:54 am Sun 01:40 pm Sun 01:25 pm
Maddie, Moy RUMMY JNOVT Sat 09:48 am Sat 12:13 pm Sat 11:59 am
Madeline, Cracknell Galway Empire BNS-B Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:40 am Sun 11:25 am
Madison, Gombos My Spring Fling JBNT-B Sat 11:06 am Sat 01:21 pm Sat 01:07 pm
Madison, Neil The Gambler (Vinny) JINTRO-A Sun 02:06 pm Sun 04:06 pm Sun 03:51 pm
Madison, Studds Andies Candies JBNS-A Sun 10:54 am Sat 01:09 pm Sat 12:55 pm
Madison, Yates WHINNIE BNCTT Sat 12:12 pm   Sat 02:17 pm
Maggie, Hines Glenfiddich ELM-D Sun 11:54 am Sun 01:44 pm Sun 01:29 pm
Maggie, Lively JED TENNESSEE BNS-A Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:20 am Sun 11:05 am
Mahala, Holland RAZZMATAZZ JINTRO-B Sun 02:06 pm Sun 04:08 pm Sun 03:53 pm
Mallory, Distler Quality Addiction BNS-D Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:30 pm Sun 12:15 pm
Mallory, Distler CHESAPEAKE ELM-C Sun 01:42 pm Sun 03:02 pm Sun 02:47 pm
Margaret, Dugan King Arthur INTRO-B Sun 02:48 pm Sun 04:40 pm Sun 04:25 pm
Maria, Barrett ALADDIN''S LAMP BNS-A Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:50 am Sun 11:35 am
Marley, Bourke Electric Quality NOVT-B Sat 10:18 am Sat 12:01 pm Sat 11:47 am
Mary, Kruger Kingston Flyer BNS-B Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:10 pm Sun 11:55 am
Mary, Olcott Color Me Blue ‘Dolly’ BNT-A Sat 11:12 am Sat 01:19 pm Sat 01:05 pm
Mason, Maticic SCOTCH JELM-C Sun 12:48 pm Sun 02:26 pm Sun 02:11 pm
Megan, Mikulsky ROYAL CANDIDATE BNS-C Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:36 am Sun 11:21 am
Meghan, Corbitt Watch Me BNS-B Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:28 am Sun 11:13 am
Mekenzie, Strate Under the Radar ELM-A Sun 01:36 pm Sun 03:16 pm Sun 03:01 pm
Melinda, McCullah MAESTRO ELM-B Sun 01:18 pm Sun 02:46 pm Sun 02:31 pm
Melissa, Fox Tito Tonight NOVS-B Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:02 am Sun 09:47 am
Meredith, Ingram FOSTER ELCT Sun 01:36 pm   Sun 02:49 pm
Michael, Alway Graf Galant T-B Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:57 am Sat 10:43 am
Michael, Alway JETHRO BNCTT Sat 11:54 am   Sat 02:15 pm
Michael, Alway MOMHEEMO DSGLT Sat 12:46 pm    
Michaela, Yowaiski Minus Two T-A Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:13 am Sat 10:59 am
Michelle, Cole Delvin ELM-A Sun 02:06 pm Sun 03:26 pm Sun 03:11 pm
Michelle, Girvan Cassidy Rabbit SJ     Sat 02:19 pm
Michelle, Girvan Cassidy Rabbit BNCTT Sat 12:00 pm   Sat 02:11 pm
Molly, Kushner RIPTIDE ELM-C Sun 12:54 pm Sun 02:28 pm Sun 02:13 pm
Monica, Fiss Sweet Talkin Woman NOVS-A Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:52 am Sun 10:37 am
Monica, Fiss High and Mighty BNS-C Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:48 am Sun 11:33 am
Nadya, Firor Risk It JNOVS Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:10 am Sun 09:55 am
Natasha, Kaplan RED CLOUD NOVT-B Sat 09:48 am Sat 12:19 pm Sat 12:05 pm
Natasha, Kaplan MAXS PAINTED MOON BNT-A Sat 10:54 am Sat 01:37 pm Sat 01:23 pm
Nicole, Doering Worth the Whiskey ELM-C Sun 01:24 pm Sun 02:54 pm Sun 02:39 pm
Nicole, Smith Sam Sonic ELM-C Sun 01:18 pm Sun 02:50 pm Sun 02:35 pm
Nikki, Smith SHARS DANCER BNS-D Sun 11:06 am Sun 12:56 pm Sun 12:41 pm
Olivia, Alminde FOREIGN AFFAIRE T-B Sat 09:12 am Sat 11:09 am Sat 10:55 am
Olivia, Harris WISH ME LUCK JBNS-A Sun 10:42 am Sun 12:38 pm Sun 12:23 pm
Pamela, Hornbeck Silver Lido BNT-A Sat 11:42 am Sat 01:47 pm Sat 01:33 pm
Pascale, Melloni MARTINI SNS BNT-B Sat 12:06 pm Sat 02:13 pm Sat 01:59 pm
Peri, Nelson Tap the Moment T-A Sat 09:00 am Sat 10:59 am Sat 10:45 am
Portia, Spence Manhunt ELM-A Sun 01:30 pm Sun 03:14 pm Sun 02:59 pm
Rachel, McDonough HEAVEN MADE NOVT-A Sat 10:12 am Sat 12:05 pm Sat 11:51 am
Rachel, Namrow ICE COLD TAP JNOVS Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:46 am Sun 10:31 am
Randi, Turner Two Eyes On Bonanza ELM-B Sun 01:12 pm Sun 02:42 pm Sun 02:27 pm
Reese, Guthier Shaylee JELM-B Sun 12:06 pm Sun 01:48 pm Sun 01:33 pm
Robin, King SPLASH OF SASS BNT-B Sat 11:30 am Sat 01:53 pm Sat 01:39 pm
Rose, McGrath Lovely Ladybug JBNT-B Sat 11:00 am Sat 01:17 pm Sat 01:03 pm
Ryleigh, Schofield Gimme A Chance JINTRO-A Sun 02:12 pm Sun 04:10 pm Sun 03:55 pm
Sally, Cousins Candy Cigarette T-A Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:55 am Sat 10:41 am
Sally, Cousins FireCall BNT-B Sat 12:00 pm Sat 02:09 pm Sat 01:55 pm
Sally, McFarlane Drunk in Manhattan BNS-A Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:38 am Sun 11:23 am
Samantha, Cecil Akome NCTT Sat 10:24 am   Sat 11:25 am
Sandra, McCormack Raiin Colony NOVT-B Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:45 am Sat 11:31 am
Sarah, Clyatt La Ferrari JBNS-B Sun 10:48 am Sun 12:46 pm Sun 12:31 pm
Sarah, McIntyre DREAMGIRL ELM-C Sun 01:12 pm Sun 02:44 pm Sun 02:29 pm
Sarah, Zapisochnaya WOODY JELM-A Sun 12:18 pm Sun 02:04 pm Sun 01:49 pm
Saskia, Paul Pekin JNOVS Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:28 am Sun 10:13 am
Savannah, Brunkow Luckisback JELM-C Sun 12:54 pm Sun 02:32 pm Sun 02:17 pm
Savannah, Burnett Willoughby Wallaby Woo JELM-B Sun 12:18 pm Sun 02:00 pm Sun 01:45 pm
Savannah, Taylor PAINT MISBEHAVIN JELM-A Sun 11:42 am Sun 01:28 pm Sun 01:13 pm
Seth, Cooley Matteo 1077 ELM-D Sun 12:00 pm Sun 01:50 pm Sun 01:35 pm
Shaina, Querry CUVEE ROUGE BNS-D Sun 10:42 am Sun 12:42 pm Sun 12:27 pm
Sheri, Sanders ROXIE INTRO-A Sun 02:36 pm Sun 04:30 pm Sun 04:15 pm
Sophia, Mccarthy CHASE JELM-C Sun 01:00 pm Sun 02:38 pm Sun 02:23 pm
Sophie, Nelson Gabriel’s Gift JELM-B Sun 12:00 pm Sun 01:42 pm Sun 01:27 pm
Stacia, Drape Hadassa BNS-C Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:06 pm Sun 11:51 am
Stefanie E., Hession RAZZ NOVT-A Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:43 am Sat 11:29 am
Stephanie, Davis Caleidoscope BNT-A Sat 11:36 am Sat 01:41 pm Sat 01:27 pm
Stevie, LeCain I'm The Game BNS-D Sun 10:18 am Sun 12:18 pm Sun 12:03 pm
Susan, Gehris Steddy Eddy M Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:19 am Sat 10:05 am
Sutton, Wetcher Bay Runner JBNT-A Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:57 pm Sat 12:43 pm
Tamara, Zerbo WHATS HAPPENING INTRO-A Sun 03:00 pm Sun 04:38 pm Sun 04:23 pm
Tara, McShane Miss Greta BNT-B Sat 11:54 am Sat 02:07 pm Sat 01:53 pm
Tatiana, Perez Calling Prince Charming NOVT-B Sat 10:24 am Sat 12:07 pm Sat 11:53 am
Tiffany, Andrews CROWN ROYAL T-B Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:53 am Sat 10:39 am
Tracey, Stonebridge Southern Straits BNS-A Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:14 pm Sun 11:59 am
Trenton, Morgan The Art of War ELM-A Sun 01:48 pm Sun 03:20 pm Sun 03:05 pm
Tyler, Warman Saint Barnabas ELM-A Sun 02:12 pm Sun 03:28 pm Sun 03:13 pm
Veronica, Castro Bluegrass Fox Trot T-A Sat 09:06 am Sat 11:03 am Sat 10:49 am
Veronica, Castro Wind Chimes BNS-B Sun 09:42 am Sun 11:58 am Sun 11:43 am
Vivian, Aubel REEF JINTRO-B Sun 02:24 pm Sun 04:20 pm Sun 04:05 pm
Wendy, Jones DALWHINNIE INTRO-A Sun 02:42 pm Sun 04:32 pm Sun 04:17 pm
Wendy, Masemer Casper NOVT-A Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:51 am Sat 11:37 am
Yve, Sturman DOBBY ELM-C Sun 01:06 pm Sun 02:40 pm Sun 02:25 pm
Z, dZ Clayton ELM-D Sun 12:06 pm Sun 01:56 pm Sun 01:41 pm
Zoe, Cavalcanti Trixster JBNT-B Sat 11:18 am Sat 01:31 pm Sat 01:17 pm
Zoe, Davenport Cocoa Bean JBNS-A Sun 10:24 am Sun 12:20 pm Sun 12:05 pm
kathleen, atkinson JONAMAC ELM-C Sun 01:36 pm Sun 03:00 pm Sun 02:45 pm
kelly, bahrs BS BUNDLE OF JOY JNOVS Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:38 am Sun 10:23 am

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