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Starter HT & CT

MDHT Fall Starter Horse Trials

Fall Starter HT #1 OPEN NOW!

Compete at all 3 Fall Starter Horse Trials (September 1/2, October 20/21, November 3/4) and be eligible to win cash and prizes for the top 3 finishers!!  Winners will be calculated by the following criteria:

  • 1 point for completing the competition
  • 1 point for going clean XC
  • 1 point for clear SJ round
  • 1 point for placing in the ribbons
  • 1 point for dressage score of less than 35
  • ties are broken based on the highest average placing across all three events.

All new tracks including an expanded Intro/Elem course! 

The starter courses at Loch Moy Farm will be a progressive series with the first event being the easiest and the last event being the most difficult. Each starter will build from the previous one offering questions for those looking to prepare for recognized events while still offering options for those wanting a more "starter" feel. We encourage riders to use XC watches to time their rounds;  however, because of the limited number of volunteers, we will not be timing the courses. These are great courses for those looking to move up a level or get ready for recognized events.

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Twilight Eventing

Starter Horse Trials, Combined Tests, Fix a Tests, Cross Derby, and other unrecognized schooling events at Loch Moy Farm give competitors many opportunities.

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