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For the 2019 Starter Series, we are going to have a Championship on the November 2-3 Starter dates.  There will be a championship division and regular divisions for each level at the November starter.  In order to qualify for the Championship division, you must have competed in at least 3 starters throughout the year and you must have placed 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the starters. There will be year end awards for each division.

All new tracks including an expanded Intro/Elem course! 

The starter courses at Loch Moy Farm will be a progressive series with the first event being the easiest and the last event being the most difficult. Each starter will build from the previous one offering questions for those looking to prepare for recognized events while still offering options for those wanting a more "starter" feel. We encourage riders to use XC watches to time their rounds;  however, because of the limited number of volunteers, we will not be timing the courses. These are great courses for those looking to move up a level or get ready for recognized events.

Date: On-line Entry
March 23-24 event entries
April 13-14 event entries
May 25-26 event entries
Sep 14-15 event entries
Oct 19-20 event entries
Nov 2-3 event entries



Jumping Efforts

Dressage Test

Entry Fee: Starter Trials


18" - 2'

USDF 2019 Intro TEST A
Small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot)



2' - 2'3"

USDF 2019 Intro Test C
Small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot, and Canter)


Beg. Novice


USEF 2018 BN Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)




USEF 2018 Novice Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)




USEF 2018 Training Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)




USEF 2018 Modified TEST A
Small arena (20m x 40m)


Preliminary  3'7" USEF 2018 Preliminary Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m) – Combined Test Only

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