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Form your own teams of 3 or 4 horse and rider combinations to compete for prizes and medals to be awarded following the Final Starter Championship competition. Points from the three highest scoring team members will be added together to determine the total number of points at each event. Teams can be made up of horse and rider combinations from various levels. Points awarded for top 8 placings as follows:

1st place = 10 points; 2nd place = 8 points; 3rd place = 6 points; 4th place = 5 points; 5th place = 4 points; 6th place = 3 points; 7th place = 2 points; 8th place = 1 point

Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.

Additional Rules:

  • Each rider must keep the same horse for the whole season.
  • Elimination of one rider at an event does not eliminate the team.
  • A rider/horse combination is eligible for points at a given event even if the rest of the team does not participate in that event.
  • Combined Tests do not count toward team points.

Visit the Starter HT Page for details on the event.


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