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Inclement Weather Announcement

SCHEDULE CHANGE: For the safety of everyone, because the snow and ice are unmanageable here as well as for travelers, the XDerby and dressage have been moved to February 27+28. The March 5/6 XDerby will run as scheduled with all new courses.

Starter HT/CT

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These videos will show you how to enter, change, scratch etc. (More to be uploaded as complete)

Twilight Eventing

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Mid-week Blues? Quick, fun, casual - never get bored at Twilight Eventing!

2021 Dates:  April 7, April 28, May 12, June 9,July 28, August 4, August 11, August 25

Twilight Eventing with all 3 disciplines, {M-Elem} Scheduling backwards from dusk: We will start as early as entries warrant.

We have an Elementary division, too, so bring the youngsters (4-legged and 2-legged)!

We will be running 3 dressage rings offering dressage tests, and CTs (Combined Test: Dressage and SJ only).  (No fix-a-tests this year, sorry!)

You can also come and just do a XC round.  Let us know which test/level you want (USDF Intro, USDF Training or BN - P/T) when you email us your waiver and coggins.


Elementary (2'-2'3" - USDF Intro C dressage test) - some Intro options on XC
BN (Beginner Novice Test A dressage)
Novice (Novice Test A dressage)
Training (Training Test A dressage)
Modified division (Modified Test A, small ring 20m x 40m), Prelim SJ offered only if we have at least 6 entries, some prelim options on XC.

- Preliminary is available as a Combined Test or stadium rounds only.

-You can request the alternate test for Elem through Training if desired

-No Ribbons given out

Enter via or email ( fax 866-533-2125, or upload Loch Moy Farm waiver and current coggins to the home page   Uploaded waivers and coggins are good for all of 2020 or until your coggins expires. All paperwork and payment must be in our hands before entry is scheduled. You can pay on the website.


  • Twilight HT - all 3 phases: $95
  • CT: $55
  • Dressage Test only: $35
  • Dressage Fix A test only: $50 (includes 2 tests)
  • SJ Round: $25
  • Cross Country Round: $55

There will be a $15 late fee on EACH entry if you enter after Friday at midnight. This includes INCOMPLETE entries.

Get your entries in and COMPLETE and ON TIME to avoid the $15 per entry late fee. (Email coggins and release to or fax to 866-533-2125

Please note: A rider MAY NOT enter more than ONE horse per level without prior approval from the secretary. 

April 7

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April 28

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May 12

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June 9

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July 28

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August 4

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August 11

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August 25

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Can't ride? Sign up to volunteer!! We love our volunteers! 

About The RBC Wealth Managment Twilight Eventing Series

  • Have ALL your gear required for the three phases and your horse.  You should be finished your entire event within 45 minutes of your dressage time.
  • After your warm up, proceed to your Dressage arena ready to start at your appointed time. Late arrivals will not be honored. Dressage is run and scored under the same rules as for USEA events.
  • Put on your horse's SJ boots, warm up over a few jumps in the warm up area and proceed to the SJ arena.
  • SJ is run and scored under the same rules as USEA events.
  • Change your horse's boots, put on your vest and proceed to the start of the cross-country course.
  • If riding multiple horses, bring a groom to handle your horses between rides. The compressed format makes it difficult to be on time for multiple rides without assistance.
  • You may ride your entire event (including dressage) in your XC attire (bridle, saddle, vest, boots etc.)

The cross country course is made up 14 to 18 jumps with a length up to 1700m with scoring being the same as USEA events.

*(Each XC Jump effort has a choice of Elementary (2'-2'3"), BN .79m (2'-7"), N  .90m (2'-11"),  T  1.0m (3'-3"), or P/T up to 1.1m (3'-7"). Choose any 1 of these at each jump number. A fall and you are eliminated.  If you are having trouble at a particular fence, and another rider is coming up, please move to the side to allow the other rider to continue. Riders may jump any obstacle including water, banks, ditches on their way to the next numbered jump.

  • You should have completed your whole event within 45 min of the start time.
  • Dress for all phases the same as you would for Cross-Country.
  • The course maps will be available at
  • The course will not be the same for each event
  • This is a schooling experience. No ribbons.

General Event Conditions & Information

  • Run under USEA eventing rules, except as noted above in "About Twilight Eventing"
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to restrict entries as necessary, alter classes and prize money as required and to refuse any entries without explanation.
  • Each rider may enter only ONE horse per level. To request special consideration, please email the secretary at Additional horses entered without permission will be waitlisted regardless of entry date or entry status.
  • Medical arms bands/bracelets are required for all jumping phases
  • Paper pinny #'s will be provided - please bring a pinny holder.
  • Entry status will be emailed to you and posted on the website.
  • No scores recorded in jumping phases. Final scores on dressage tests may not be calculated.

Special Event Conditions

  • Pay by credit card (on website), check or cash.
  • Payment must be received by Friday prior to the event to secure your place.
  • Refunds – Before closing, refunds less $15 office fee. After closing, refunds will only be given if someone fills your place from the wait list. If there is no Waitlist there will be NO REFUND after closing!
  • Timetable – to be run in a shortened eventing format as explained below. All day events start at 10 am, otherwise event starts at approximately 4:00 pm depending on # of entries.
  • Additional Dates for the Series may be announced. Check calendar at Space is limited.

Times are emailed or posted the Monday before the event. 

  • Scores will be posted on the website.
  • Once a class is full or you are a late entry, you may be wait listed until a scratch occurs.

Please note: A rider MAY NOT enter more than ONE horse per level without prior approval from the secretary. 

Sign Up Online at Evententries

Pay Online for XC Schooling $65

Pay Online for XC Schooling $65

Rider Name & Horse Name

Pay Onlne for Logo Wear (add $5)

Compete Easy


compete easy screenshot

These videos will show you how to enter, change, scratch etc. (More to be uploaded as complete)

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