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Recognized Events

The MD International Event

MD International CCI1* (unified) and CCI2*S, CCI3*S

To be held July 5-7 at The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm. Details will follow!

FEH/YEH/NEH Omnibus Listing

FEH/YEH/NEH Entry Form

View the Power Point:  "What Judges Look For"


Draw checks to Loch Moy Farm. No Foreign checks (U.S. dollars only).

Entry: YEH/NEH: $110 plus $10.00 USEA starter fee. FEH: $95.00 plus $10.00 USEA starter fee.
No grounds fee for competing horses; for non-compete $50.00.
POST Entry - Received in Hand after Closing Date - YEH/NEH: $135 plus $10.00 USEA starter fee; FEH: $120 plus $10.00 USEA starter fee
Stabling: $50.00 per night.
Muck Fee: $25.00 (separate check) stalls must be stripped + swept.
Late/Incomplete Fee: $25.00 (see post entry fee above).
Double Entries: Not accepted
Camping: $25.00; w/electric Hook up: $40.00/night.

Before C.D.-Less $25 non-refundable office fee; After C.D.-No refund on entry. Competition cancellation-No refund.
Refund Policy:
The USEA Starter fees ($10), are not subject to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.

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Guidelines for the New Event Horse Program

New Event Horse at Loch Moy Farm

General Omnibus

September 1Series Finale October 12

In 2018, Loch Moy Farm is promoting an overlooked but valuable USEA program – the New Event Horse (NEH) competition. Suitable for introducing both horses and riders to the sport of eventing, NEH has the potential to become integral to any trainer's program.

Students and horses will benefit from a low-pressure welcome to recognized competition. Trainers will have a new marketing tool for lower-level sales horses: a USEA-sanctioned competition record for a cost on par with many starter events. Horse owners will receive a professional evaluation of their horse's suitability for eventing. Loch Moy Farm's goal is to expand competition, learning and sales opportunities for the core of eventing: riders, horses and trainers involved in the most popular levels of the sport.

LINK: USEA Introduction:


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MDHT to Hold "Classic" Beginner Novice 3 Day Event This Fall!

MDHT is hosting a "Classic" Beginner Novice 3 Day Event* October 12 - 14, 2018.  Here is some information so you can prepare during the season for this exciting event:

IMPORTANT: Please note new requirements for BN3D Qualification beginning August 1, 2018. See details here:

Details will follow so keep an eye on our site and the USEA Classic page

* You will earn double USEA points for this event.

Omnibus Listing:

The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm (MDHT #3) and BN Classic 3 Day

evententries_logoEvent Date: Oct 12 - 14, 2018 Open Date: Aug 28 Close Date: Sep 25

Special Prizes: 1) High Point Series Award, awarded for points accumulated by Novice, Training, Prelim and Intermediate competitors entered in all3 MDHT 2018 Recognized USEA Events and Beginner Novice and Modified entered in 2 of the MDHT 2018 Recognized Events. For more information on series awards, 2) The Jockey Club T.I.P. High Point Thoroughbred Awards.3) We are offering an NEH (New Event Horse) season finale to any NEH competitors with a qualifying score of at least 72%. Ribbons & prizes will be given out at the season finale. 4) New for 2018: Maryland Thoroughbred Standardbred Eventing Series. See for details.


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