About the Event

The event offers FEI levels CCI-S 1,2,3,4*. (FEI stands for Fédération Equestre Internationale, or the International Equestrian Federation, and it is the governing body of international equestrian sport). National divisions from Training through the Advanced level are also offered.

The renowned 5* course designer Ian Stark has created exciting courses for all levels, as well as new terrain features that include a triple bank complex at the water, new coffin, and leaf pit track. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness current and past Olympians competing at the Maryland International.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone! You can attend even if you have never seen a horse in-person. Families can spend time in the picturesque rolling hills of Frederick county with mountain views on a summer day.

If you are an avid equestrian, it’s a destination for your summer calendar. With food, spectacular views, competition, and horses, there is something for everyone at the Maryland International!

More information coming soon!

Join the Highland Club for premier viewing, sponsorships and more during this prestigious event!

Boyd Martin at MDHT off Bank
Erin Gilmore Photo
bank jump md international
Erin Gilmore Photo

About Loch Moy Farm

Discover the ideal venue for horse shows and thrilling community events at Loch Moy Farm. With the picturesque Monocacy River and stunning views of Sugarloaf Mountain, our beautiful setting creates a captivating atmosphere. Situated near Buckeystown, Maryland, we enjoy a prime location just outside Frederick, a convenient 30-minute drive from Leesburg, VA, and only 50 minutes away from both DC and Baltimore.

Maryland International Equestrian Foundation 

The MIEF is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to support equestrian sports at all levels and provide funding for the development of dedicated riders from diverse backgrounds to compete at the top levels of our sport.

MIEF has given out several scholarships to up-and-coming riders that will enable them to compete at the Maryland International this summer.

2024 MIEF scholarship winners. See more at Maryland International Equestrian Foundation:

1*: Bridget O’Rourke
2*: Annabelle Sprague
3*: Margo Goldfarb
4*: Maya Clarkson

For International Eventing to stay in Maryland, we need to support the sport by attending events like the Maryland International!


If you have questions about the event or are interested in being a sponsor, contact [email protected].