2022 Co-Winners: Susanne Brammerts and Sandria Lherisse

Susanne Brammerts (right)

I grew up in Germany and took riding lessons only occasionally as a child. In ’99 I moved to Florida because of my job in the IT branche, but it wasn’t until I moved to Maryland when I realized that I lived in horse country, that I took up riding again. Years later, I not only witnessed, but attended the birth of my horse Wallstreet Triumph. There was simply no way I could imagine him belonging to anyone else…

Competing has not been a priority for me, but I enjoy scribing for dressage judges. I find it humbling, motivating, and encouraging at the same time, and I often leave with new insights that I can’t wait to try out.

I’ve been very active in dog rescue for a while, and I knew that finding volunteers is always tough. It still took me some time to realize that your chances of being allowed to scribe at shows grow exponentially if you let organizers know that you’re available. So when I saw a last minute call for scribing help on Facebook, I felt like I won the jackpot when I was ‘picked’.

And after scribing for several events, I consider Loch Moy as my scribing home base. The experience I have gained here earned me opportunities to scribe for some amazing judge personalities at other events, too, but Carolyn’s appreciation for Loch Moy volunteers is unrivaled in my book.

Sandria Lherisse (left)

I often joke that I stumbled into riding, having taken my first lesson through a county program which then led to my first horse and, ultimately, becoming a part of what has become an incredibly generous and supportive network of horse people. With a busy job and farm, horses are my therapy, and so I began scribing in hopes of learning a few things or two in between lessons and I haven’t looked back, learning way more than I could’ve ever imagined and meeting some great people along the way.