2022/2023 Donation XDerby and March XDerby Team Competition

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 MDHT XDerby Team Champions – The Boogie Woogies!!!

Team members include Gretchen Wolfe on Grizzly, Chloe Pleune on Indiana Jones, Reagan Gallagher on Ferocious Storm and Addie Reed on Cast a Stone.

This team finished up with a whopping 754 points! They will each receive a $100 gift certificate to use at Loch Moy Farm, some fabulous logo wear, a wine glass full of horse treats, and their names engraved on our Perpetual XDerby team trophy, which will remain with them until the 2023-24 MDHT Xderby season begins next December.

Results as of March 23, 2023:

2022-2023 MDHT XDerby Team Champions – The Boogie Woogies
Team Photo
Logs/Crossrails – not included          
Subtract Penalties from 100          
Riders must ride in 2 XDerbies (can do diff divisions; only 1 round per show)         
Drop Low Score          
Team Name/Team MembersHorse NameDonation XDerby PlaceDonation XDerby PointsJanuary XDerby PlaceJanuary XDerby PointsFebruary XDerby PlaceFebruary XDerby Points March XDerby PlaceMarch XDerby PointsTeam Total
Destination’s 3 Baystards and a Patchy Twat          
Taylor CusakCV’s Eventing Rebellion199       
Robyn StixVampa70280     
Sequoia EmersonMax’s Painted Moon110882     
Milla KleymanJustacallaway274367     
   174 229 0  403
Destination Damage Control          
Lara MillerDancer’s Edge         
Anna Ranson Kevin IRL286  297   
Katelyn Ogburn Mister Amigo ERA194572     
Brynn MillerAce of Spades         
   180 72 97  349
Destination If I Fall Off Keep Filming          
Caroline AndrewsCV’s Monster Man90    30 
Sydney RorkeReal Rhythm622110     
Lara SchwartzRule 329080  80 
Kate HillBijoux Bay         
   22 0    22
The Cowgirls          
Erin KidwellSorry Not Sorry581       
Peyton TravisThe Honey Badger386       
Avery KitchenWill You Remember MeRet0       
Allyson ArmogostButtons100       
   167      167
Chesapeake Bays          
Josephine LongPrim Not Proper60198 E168 
Ashley HelmsHarley471480476   
Nicole MillerYou Know Who672478  376 
Caroline HarmonWish You Were Beer3937080   
   236 256 76 144712
Boogie Woogies          
Chloe PleuneIndiana Jones1100882   E 
Gretchen WolfeGrizzly296294  496 
Reagan GallagherFerocious Storm198390  298 
Addie ReedCast A Stone10290     
   294 266   194754
Cirque De Sore Legs          
Isabella BeaumontCara’s Huntsman1100       
Charlotte BeaumontWorth the Wait193       
Lillian GallagherDun by LawEllim        
Teagan WilsonCornbread         
   193      193
Chicks with Sticks          
Sophie HornBlue Dust528195     
Wendy MasemerCenter Lane2941140  282 
Katie MeekVegas8070     
Wendy MasemerCasper293       
   215 135   82432
Tranquility Farm           
Shannon MahoneyUno  35729470 
Deirdre MahoneyLightening  198729272 
Kieley BakerGus  52429440 
Addyson HerdrichJackie or Jackpot  36132280 
     216 217  433
Rockin Rollies          
Emily HessLangley  60     
Juliet BurnsMisty  40     
Noah van der MerweEvie  50     
     0    0
Hedgerow Farm           
Emma WhitakerBentleyElim080     
Kendal FanslerCharlotte392644     
   92 44    136
Wild Heart          
Annika SypoltFreckles   582  90 
Makendra BurnsNugget   772  395 
Ally MyersPeaches   582     
Ainsley RiddleMurphy  484  296 
     248   197445
Team Horseplay          
Leslie Frederick MYF Hightower    297180 
Betsy LaskinArnold The Terminator     110040 
Leslie Frederick Kiltealy Toss UP    199134 
Katie Cleveland Rough Heart      548 
       296 162458
Team Tumblestone          
Gabrielle McDanielMy Lucky Copper Penny  393  182 
Kerri LongMemphis  5941100   
Emiy Golden WallE540    190 
Issac DelaHousayeBaloo/Phineus  390     
   40 277 100 172589