Fri., Jul. 19, 2024


MDHT Competition Course
Loch Moy Farm

Join Brittany Hebets-Miller for a cross-country clinic on MDHT’s COMPETITION COURSE during their annual Week with the Pros! Lessons will be small group sessions.

Volunteer during the MDHT International and receive a FREE schooling pass to use for this clinic: (These are the ONLY schooling passes accepted for the competition course.)

Brittany Hebets-Miller is a rising star in both the avenues of eventing and dressage. She has competed through the CCI2* level of eventing and has obtained both her USDF Bronze and Silver medals. In addition to her competition experience, Brittany possesses a remarkable talent for bringing along young horses and aiding in the training of “trickier” horses. Brittany’s dedication to her horsemanship along with her capability to think outside the box has helped those wishing to improve their relationship with their horse while also instilling confidence in riders and their horses at competitions.